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Description: Get an ‘All Access’ pass to the filming of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s Hard Friction Live web cam shows. The directors invite you behind the scenes for the production of four hot sexual encounters. Every angle, close up, and positions unseen during the Live show are now available in the fully edited HD versions of these scenes. Get a glimpse of what happens when Director, Steve Cruz rounds up eight sexy men to put on explicit shows for the viewers. The DVD includes special bonus footage captured when the studs couldn’t keep their hands off each other before the Live shows began. ‘All Access’ gets you up close and in the scene.
Duration: 02:25
Views: 10147
Date: 33 months ago
Tags: Fucking Machines


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blankuser Anonymous - 25 months ago Some hot new positions men! lucky-ass cameraman 0 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

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