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71% - 93 Votes

Description: Various naked muscular men posing naked
Duration: 06:16
Views: 132873
Date: 49 months ago
Tags: Muscle
Uploader: Anonymous


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blankuser realguy - 3 months ago they sure do like to look at their own asses a lot. 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser davidw - 43 months ago what's the name of the guys and where i can get mor vids of them! 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser George Marcy - 47 months ago Yes, they are a couple and they are fabulous. Their videos are exceptional. I could watch them 24/7. They do it right. They are the best. 3 thumbsdown 5 flag reply Reply

blankuser lilcuban - 49 months ago its the same two guys. they are a couple and do a lot of these vids. 3 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

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