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Description: This black guy likes to get fucked really hard when he is on top.
Duration: 05:24
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Date: 77 months ago
Tags: Interracial
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blankuser 6325naval - 42 months ago OMG!! That is how to fuck a man. If he fucked me that hard and that long he could cum in my mouth and after I would love to rim his asshole. 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser Eddie - 46 months ago These guys know what to do. 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' & 'YOUSEF' - 50 months ago "You like it, eh, bebee..?" "You know I can't stay away, Yousef.." The music played, as Vago watched, while Kissie and Yousef made out, kissing, long and deep.. Yousef, stripped to the waist, slid his hand inside the robe Kissie was wearing, showing his willingness to be the femm, the 'girl', when they made gay love.. "Take me, Yousef," sighed Kissie; "Use me..!" Vago grinned lewdly, as they stood up, and Yousef stripped Kissie.. Stripped naked, Kissie danced about, with his big, really long, black dick on the hard.. "Ahh, I love you," Yousef murmured, who was also naked, embraced Kissie.. Vago felt himself really getting hard, seeing their black and white, sexually aroused, naked bodies merge.. "Ya like to get screwed, Kissie..?" Yousef murmured; "Ya l 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' & 'RUBE' - 50 months ago "Sit on it..!' 'OOHH..!" 'Ahh, yea..Ya big bitch..!""It's better when you're on top..Ooohh, Daddeh..!" "Gonna fuck ya, babeh.. Gon' fuck ya in th' ass..!" Ohh, babeh..! Lawd.. OOOHH, LAWD..!" "Yer my bitch! Ain'tcha, bebeh..?" "Oh, yea, Daddeh! Ooohh, do it to me, honeh..!" Yea, I was nekkid in th' bed, fuckin' that sweet, black ass..! I love m' big he-bitch..! Fuckin' 'im, bebeh.. Fuckin' 'im in th' ass..! Lawd, that white man was fuckin' me, honeh.. Made a big he-bitch outa me.. An' I'm jus' lovin' it, honeh chile..! "Fuck me..!" "Yea, bebeh..!""Fuck me..!" "Yea, bebeh..! Aww, bebeh, it's good..!" "Ohh, Daddeh, fuck me..! Use me..!" "Yer my bitch, bebeh..? Hmm..?" "Ohh..! Ohh, Daddeh..!" "Yea, git them purty legs up.. Ahh, ya nellie bitch..!" "Was i 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 50 months ago "Stop it, 'Nacho'! Stop it!" Lawd! That 'Nacho'..! I'm tryin' to keep my damn robe on, 'Nacho', he tryin' to git me..! "I wanna fuck ya," he said, backing me into the bedroom; "Ilove that cute, black ass..!" "Oh, 'Nacho'," I said, after we kissed; "I'm 'Tiger''s femme..!" Why was 'Nacho' being so bold? 'Tiger', along with 'Krelenku', had to do some things, and I don't know why they left 'Nacho' behind.. I know.. I had been teasing 'Nacho', wearing pants that showed off my ass and my big dick.. Me an' some of them other 'African Queens' who're my friends, like to do that, baby.. And, yea, I did let 'Nacho' git me, 'cause 'Tiger' made me cry, when I came home, an' him an' 'Bonita' was in th' bed, butt nekkid, chile.. An' he was on top, fuckin' that black h 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 50 months ago "Hello, boys..," I said, with my hand on hips, an' wigglin' my black ass.. 'Tiger' had some guys over t play cards, and I dressed up for it, honeh chile.. Yea, I was wearin' tight shorts, an' a short-sleeved shirt, when 'Yousef', Krelenku, an' 'Mustafa', arrived.. "We're gonna play some cards, baby," said 'Tiger', while he feelin' my ass.. "Oh, don't be too long, 'Daddeh'", I says to him, reachin' down, an' feelin' that big, hard dick.. An', I knows they's listenin', baby.. Yea, I can ee ol' Krelenku, an', 'Mustafa', an' 'Yousef', all wanna jus' git me.. I know I'm queer, an' so's they, baby.. "Tell me what you an' 'Kissie' be doin'", I says, when 'Yousef' be comin' on to me.. Yea, he be wantin' t' fuck me in th' ass, honeh.. An' suck his big ol' dick, chi 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' - 50 months ago "C'mon, sit on it, ya big bitch..!" I said I wouldn't see 'Tiger', after his black he-bitch caught us in bed together.. We was butt nekkid, an' 'Tiger' was fuckin' my black, girlie ass.. An', it was good, honeh chile..! 'Tiger' seen me in a gay bar.. I had on real tight jeans, an' 'Tiger', he had his hand in my shirt, playin' wit' my nipples, an' gittin' me hot.. "Ah, c'mon," he said, flicking his tongue in my ear; "Ya know ya like that big, white, Polack dick..Ya want me t' fuck ya, eh, baby..?" "Ooohh, 'Tiger'..! Stop..!" I see us in the mirror, kissin'.. He's right..! I loves when we's nekkid, an' he's fuckin' me..Usin' my ass like a pussy.. We's at his place, an' already, I'm butt nekkid, even before we get inside..! "'Tiger'..! Ooohh, 'Tiger', Dadd 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH', 'BONITA NEGRA', & 'MULATTA' - 51 months ago W had wild an' sexy time, at our 'Invasion' party..Me, 'Bonita', and 'Mulatta', was jus' queenin' it up, honeh..! Chile, we was wearin' tight jeans, hot pants, and, later on, we gits real nellie, when we gits 'invaded'.. Cile, they's comin t' git us..! An', 'Kissie'..? He say, he gon' let that 'Mustafa' git him, even if he's scared of him.. Mmm, he's such a bull of a man, jus' like that 'Krelenku', honeh.. I let's 'em in, an' they's all so butch, honeh.. Sometimes, it starts right away, baby.. M an' 'Antor', we's kissin', baby.. He jus' loves him some black ass, jus' like the rest of 'em, honeh.. I sees that 'mustafa' is real hot to git 'Kissie', 'cuz that black he-bitch was butt nekkid, when 'Mustafa' got 'im.. "Ooohh, 'Krelenku', honeh," I said, when 1 thumbsdown 4 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'MULATTA' - 51 months ago I'm over at 'Vago''s , an' I'm lookin' at 'Yousef' an' 'Kissie', both of 'em, butt nekkid, an' kissin', chile.. He knows I likes to watch, jus' like he does.. Lawd, 'Yousef' got 'Kissie' on th' bed, fuckin' him in th' ass..! Honeh, 'Yousef' had that long, tall, black he-bitch on th' bed, puttin' all that Turkish dick to him.. An', 'Vago', he jus' feelin' my ass, honeh.. An', I'm likin' it, too.. "Oh, 'Vago'," I sez, "Le's kiss.." "Eh-heh..You like that, huh..?" "Oohh, yea, " I sez, while 'Yousef' is on top, fuckin' 'Kissie' in th' ass.. "Ooohh, 'Vago', le's git nekkid..!" Now, 'Vago' got me in that bed, fuckin' me in th' ass, honeh..! I brings my legs up, jus' like I seen 'Kissie' do, an' 'Yousef', he be fuckin' that black, girlie ass.. So, here we are, me 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'MULATA' - 51 months ago I'm a light-skinned 'African Queen', with 'Kissie', 'sheba', an' 'Bonita', honey.. We're gay, and we just love it with white guys.. I was ten, just ten, when this man took me in the back of his store, and did it to me, chile..! Yea, he molested me, but, I went back again, 'cause Iliked it..! I would look in the mirror when I got out the bath, and, I'd dance, and wiggle my booty..! I know my momma an' daddy be screwin' an', I spied, an' seen one of my sisters and this other girl, a butch, on the bed, butt naked, honeh..! Well, next time, I went there again, and Whispered that I wanted to do it, him an' me-butt nekkid! I was twelve, an' I knew how to act like a femme, 'cuz I knew that turned him on.. Funny, he didn't have no wife.. Well, I'm on th' bed, an' w 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'PAPITO' - 51 months ago I firs' see him, when that fuckin' 'Rube' bring him 'round.. Ehh, he was tall an' slim, wearin' tight jeans, an' light shirt. 'Rube', I see him, fuckin' boys in th' ass, all'a time, wit it' his window open, where I kin' see 'im.. He want me to see, 'cuz, 'rube', he know I jack off, watchin' him.. I love to watch..! Ever since I fuck 'nother boy in th' ass, back in Mejico, I been queer.. I fuck this one black boy, an' he like it, man.. But, this one 'rube' got, man..! He get me to come over, an' do sumdin', I forget.. The, he come in, wid' nothin' but a white shrt, wigglin' that black ass, man.. An' I wanted it.. "Why, this here's m' 'wiife'," he say, knowin' that black 'pussy boy' is hot an' love t' git fucked.. I call 'im 'Bonita'.. Yea, Bonita Negra..! An 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'THE CONQUERED' - 51 months ago We had abeautiful, all-boy party, with me, 'Afro He-Bitch', 'Bonita Negra', and a few of us 'African Queens, and our 'Conquerers'., white butch guys, who love to fuck black gay men, especially 'African Queens', like us.. Most were European, and a few Asian guys who were really butch.. Once, we had this beautiful Native-American, with big, big muscles, who took down his black hair stripped naked, and said."don't hold back, baby.. Use us.. Use me..!" Baby, our 'conquerers' got us, and we just let 'em all our clothes off.. All kinds of slow music played, while we all danced in the nude.. Almost none of us drank, or smoked.. We all just wanted to make love, honey..! This one 'African Queen', who liked to be called 'Sheba', was a body builder, who just loved to 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 51 months ago Once, I got 'Tiger', my 'Honeh Daddeh', really sexually excited.. At first, we was kinda mad at each other, for cheatin' on each other.. 'Tiger' was fuckin' 'Bonita Negra', an' I was gittin' fucked by Nacho', honeh chile..! Yea, honeh, them buttons flew all over th' place, when my 'Honeh Daddeh' tore it off me, strippin' me, butt nekkid, babeh..! My big ol' black dick jumped on th' bone, when 'Tiger' stripped me down nekkid.. Lawd, he done put me in that bed, an' jus' fucked me in my ass, honeh..! At first, I was actin' like I ain't gon' do it.. An', he say, "Bitch! Yer my sweet thing..!" Lawd..! He jus' got me on that bed, an' 'raped' my black ass, jus' usin' me, an' callin' me 'Tina Turner', babeh..! An' I jus' loves it, mmm, yea..! 'yer my 'wife', ya 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 51 months ago We were at a 'wedding', 'Tiger' an' me, along with several others, where 'Hadji' 'married' my friend, 'Kissie'.. Like me, 'Kissie' a tall, 'African Queen'.. 'Hadji' dressed 'Kissie' in a hot, white jumpsuit, while he wore a white shirt, and tight, black slacks.. It was all-guys, and we had fun, dancing.. We was bumpin' an' grindin', an' really gittin' down, honeh.. Soon, 'Kissie' did a slow striptease, slidin' out of that jumpsuit, an' was danci' 'round, butt nekkid, honeh..! "STRIP ME NEKKID!!",I said to 'Tiger'.. We was gittin' hot, watchin' 'Hadji', who was nekkid, screwin' 'Kissie' in th' ass.. Ooohh, 'Daddeh...Strip me down nekkid..!" Lwd, I thought ol' 'Tiger' was sho' 'nuf gon' rape me, when he got nekkid, me an' him.. Tha's when he used me, fuckin 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 52 months ago Lawd..! Every time I watches this, where he's got them legs up, an' fuckin' that ass, I gits all hot an' horny.. ! LAWD..! 'Tiger' comes home an' says "C'mere, ya black he-bitch..!" An' I says 'naw..' Hes's comin' t' git me, 'Tiger' is.. all I got on, is a pink fishtail shirt, an' my big ol' blck dick is on th' bone, chile.. An' when he said, 'Cmere, ya nellie bitch..!' Chile, all them buttons went flyin' off, when 'Tiger' tore that shirt off me.. Now, I acts like I was strugglin', honeh.. Honeh, ol' 'Tiger' jus' loves callin' me them girlie names, when he wanna fuck me in th' ass.. An', honeh, I jus' lay on that bed, n' jus' let him, chile..Yea, we's huggin' an' kissin', an' I'm suckin' his big, thick, white Polack dick... 'suck it!, y'big he-bitch..!', a 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' - 52 months ago I love to do a striptease, and dance nekkid for 'Papito', when I can get away.. I go down to the Super's apartment, and 'Papito' sits,in just his drawers, watchin' me strip down an' git nekkid, chile..! That big ol' Mexican dick gits on th' hard, when I'm dancin', an' wigglin' an' shakin' my black ass, jus' gittin' him all hot an' horny.."C'mere..!", 'Papito' say, pullin' off them drawers, an' comin' t' git me, wit' that big ol' hard dick..! He's nekkid, now, an' all th' nellie, black, he-bitch, coms out in me..! "C'mere to me, yabig, he-bich..!" Iscreams, an' he jus' hauls my long, tall, black ass in the bedroom.. We's on that bed, an' he's fuckin' me.. "J'ou's my bitch..!", he says, layin' on top, an' screwin' me in th' booty.. 'J'ou gon' be my 'wi 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser AFRO HE-BITCH - 52 months ago Tha's how my man, 'Tiger', does, when he's fuckin' my black, girlie ass, honeh..! We's 'married', now, an' I'm 'Tiger's 'wife'..I keeps house for him, 'cause he doesn't want me to work.. When he comes home, he takes my clothes off, real slow, while we's huggin' an' kissin', baby..Soon, we gits nekkid, an' I suck that big, thick, bone-hard, Polack dick, babehh..! Ooohh..!! An' tha's when he puts me in that bed, an' fucks me..! I loves when we go an' visit another gay couple, or, when we go to a gay bar, or an all-boy party, an' I turns outfor him.. Sometimes, me an' 'Tiger' gits so hot an' horny, he strips me nekkid, right out in the hall, an' I us' dances, an' wiggle my black ass for him.. Lawd, we gits inside, an' he jus' 'rapes' me, honeh..! An', I jus' 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser BONITA NEGRA.. - 52 months ago That's how my loveer fucks me, when we're alone.. Actually, ai'am sort of 'married'.. And, he just loves him some black ass, honey..! I'm his 'wife', and, I do cheat on him, with 'Papito', who just loves me, honey..! Both of them fuck me, and, I just loves it, honey..! Once, my man loked up all my things, except for some red and black panties, and I was home alone.. But, 'Papito' is the super, and he got in, and fucked me, for three whole days, while my man was out of town on business.. We did 69, and, 'Papito' just used me like a woman.. Ooohh..! I'm a big ol' 'African Queen', honey..! 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser Conrad Jones - 54 months ago WOw they need to email me now hunk9inch@hotmail.com 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

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