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Daddy And Kris Bareback
In this interracial daddy twink gay bareback fuck video, Daddy Mike and incredibly hot handsome Asian twink Kris get together for some incredible bareback fucking action. Daddy pounds Kris hard, just the way Kris loves it. Kris has the equipment to be a top, but this Asian boy loves getting fucked in the ass and his face shows the erotic pleasure he is in when he's getting pounded.
04:55 min
26 months ago
Hot Amateur Asian Masturbation
A hot clip from Aeroboi! cum see this sexy twink play with his fat cock
06:54 min
15 months ago
Stretch My Ass With Jake Long
This movie is non-stop Ass-Stretching fisting action! These hot and VERY HORNY GUYS will
03:02 min
13 months ago
Asians Like To Try New Things
Horny skinny Asians have nothing better to do on a Friday night then fumble their way around their dicks and asses in a weird threesome.
12:47 min
3 months ago
Daddy And Cyruz Bareback
Cyruz is back after 2 years so I couldn't miss the opportunity to fuck this gay asian cutie again, but this time it was bareback!?
04:59 min
26 months ago
Hardcore Gay Handballing
Now that's what I love to see. Being that this scene is part of a compilation of some of the best gay fisting films over the recent years, it was all hardcore handballing entertainment without the crap in between. It was just all about butt holes getting stretched out, balls getting squeezed dry of their cum, dildo's and arms reaching new depths, double fist fucking and machine gun butt punching. I got an adrenaline rush each time I saw that ass ring stretch out to near splitting point, or I heard the pigs moaning and grunting or that lovely 'slip-slop-slurp' sound of the greasy lube doing its job as fists fucked away.
02:33 min
13 months ago
Ninja Slut
asian ninja sneak attack
01:39 min
28 months ago
By: japanboyz
Daddy And Dave Bareback
This cute Asian gay boy Dave really turns me on, so I loved having gay bareback sex with this horny gay Asian twink. And me having such an insatiable male feet fetish, naturally I had to play with his absolutely perfect Asian boy feet for a while. Foot fetish is what I love to do as foreplay before I pound the sexy boy
04:58 min
26 months ago
Extreme Hardcore Double Fisting - Deeper & Wider
Now these man holes are lose. But they don't get that way overnight. It takes years of practice and sessions just like you get to see in this scene of Deeper & Wider. Your jaw will drop as you watch the asses stretch wider and the arms plunge deeper. Your ears will pique as you hear the manly grunts and groans from the bottoms slung up in the air for easy access. The leathered dungeon masters just don't work one fist, they get two in there. They stretch those ass holes so wide that if they had a third arm, it would fit. Just check out the close ups of those pliable ass rims dripping in grease.
02:30 min
13 months ago
Ronny Is Feather Ticklish
Oh so cute and oh so ticklish gay Asian twink Ronny makes his debut appearance on Laughing Asians in the usual fashion. This adorable 19 year old Asian boy is so delightfully ticklish. You're going to love his laughter as Ricky tickles him all over with feathers and fingers.
04:21 min
26 months ago
Holy Base Ball Bats Up The Bum Buttman!
When I'm surfing around for gay porn I cant help but take a look in the dungeons as I'm always impressed with the gay fisting action that I find. Those dungeon masters and pig bottoms blow my mind and turn me on in a way that isn't normal. I love it! For example, take this scene. For starters, I get turned on even at the sight of a pig strung up in the air, his legs spread wide, asshole pointing out, completely vulnerable and just hanging in anticipation of feeling a fist handball out his bowels. But then when the leathered up fisting masters grease up that pig and start inserting one fist, two fists, and even base ball bats, and I see them sink further and further into that stretching manhole, my stomach gets all jittery with excitement. The icing on the cake is hearing the pigs squeal...
02:17 min
13 months ago
Cute Asian Twinks Fuck Bareback
These two really hot and horny Asian twinks are going wild in this amazing scene. Watch the top boy stuff the bottom with his rock hard, raw dick until they both cum
05:27 min
4 months ago
Javey's Tickle Torment
Javey is back for more Asian boy tickling fun in this first of it's kind video. This tickling video has all the elements of tickling anyone could want. Sensual feather tickling, bellybutton tickling, feathered feet, tickled feet with fingers close up, and for the first time ever, a fully animated feather seems to be
04:13 min
26 months ago
Berlin Dungeon Bonus
Don't you just love a bonus? Take another trip into the bowels of the Stahlrohr in Germany with the hardcore handballers who you've been impressed with so far. In this bonus clip the fisting pig warms up his shackled victim by parting his cheeks and putting his extra long tongue to work. He slurps, sucks and kisses that ass with relish. Once both men are right in the mood out comes gallons of lube and in comes one fist. The bottom breaths deep as his ass is probed deeper and deeper. The deeper the fist goes, the deeper his breath. But you'll hear moans as a second hand slides itself inside. As two hands sheath themselves inside their anal glove the bottom pig seems to be as happy as a pig in mud.
03:00 min
13 months ago
Boys In The Wild 1
Hot bareback action with hot twinks under the burning sun!
05:05 min
31 months ago
By: asiaboy
Tickle Heaven
Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asian twink Warren and our expert tickler Ricky. Jesse is truly one of the most ticklish Asian boys we've had here on Laughing Asians. His ticklish laughter is delightful and infectious to say the least. Warren starts it off with tickling Jesse's armpits with the feathers causing delightful giggling from Jesse. After Warren has had his fill, Ricky steps in and really gets Jesse hysterical. Ricky tickles his armpits, feet, crotch and his very ticklish rib cage until Jesse is completely exhausted and tickled out. And to finish him off, both Ricky and Warren attack him with 20 scribbling, poking, wiggling fingers all over his hot sexy ticklish naked body. Now this is tickle heaven!
04:47 min
26 months ago
Big Malay Guy
nothing to say
09:44 min
21 months ago
'daddy's Coming Home'
When ever I watch a fisting session I always admire the 'grit' of the bottom who is usually having his ass handballed to super human levels. The groans and twitches from his slung up body seem to be loaded with a mixture of extreme pleasure and pain as a fist or hand twists and expands up his anal passage. This scene from Fist Fest is no exception. And, keep in mind the fisting action here is still really only a warm-up! The chiseled fisting master derives a lot of pleasure from loosening his slung friends ass to extremes. His cock begins to grow with all the excitement and he has to give his cock a tug, all at the same time as helping 'daddy make it home'.
03:00 min
13 months ago
Lalo & Jordano Santoro
Lalo is looking to learn some
03:01 min
13 months ago
Amazing Asian Threeway
These three hot Asian twinks love fucking each other good and hard. Watch this amazingly hot threeway, all of them sucking cock and taking as much cock as they can handle before cumming all over the place!
05:17 min
4 months ago
Asian Takes 2
amateur asian taking two cocks in his face
14:46 min
28 months ago
By: seemybf
Tickle Boy Trio
Two str8 boys team tickle gay boy! Hot Asian hunk Jesse Rivera returns after 3 years to join up with our new little Asian boy hottie Niko to release a tickle typhoon on the adorable gay boy Warren. There's just something extra appealing about seeing a couple of hot masculine straight boys teaming up on a defenseless gay boy, tying him down on a bed and tickling the hell out of him. Warren has a great laugh and level of real ticklishness. Download the full 12 minute video in 1920x1080 Full HD
03:31 min
26 months ago
Gil Barebacks Kris After Rimming First
Versatile gay Asian boy Gil gets his chance at barebacking our well hung masculine bisexual hottie Kris. The two hot Asian twinks suck cock and do some nasty shit you'll just have to see!
05:05 min
16 months ago
Groan Along With Some Elbow Deep Fisting
Here's another scene from Fist Fest which was previously run by Red Hankies San Diego, so well known in the fisting community. The actor having his hole gouged out is an old pro. His ass is so lose that the fister can effortlessly slip his arm in right up to the elbow. A lot of gay fisting films just have guys getting it in past the wrist, but not this film. The bottom is constantly moaning and groaning as he has half a human arm swallowed up his ass. And when that arm gets to the elbow, he's almost ecstatic. The fisting master also has a bit of fun with punch fucking his pig, his interchanging arms rapidly plunging in and out that hungry, gaping manhole.
03:00 min
13 months ago
Ricky Tickles Julius
Laughing Asians Co-founder and very first Asian twink tickle boy Ricky is all goo goo over this new cutie Julius, and couldn't wait to put him through some expert tickle treatment. Julius turned out to be as delightfully ticklish as we had hoped, and Ricky took full advantage of his bound and helpless smooth Asian boy body, making Julius giggle, laugh, and scream for this entire session!
02:22 min
25 months ago
Asian Boys Piss And Fuck Raw
Horny Asian pissing twinks going crazy again! watch them bareback and shoot hot yellow man juice everywhere
05:04 min
16 months ago
Cute Twink Boy Bound Cum
Honest cute asian straight twink boy hands bondaged and stripped naked on bed, got handjob to get cum from gay man.
02:41 min
15 months ago
Bareback Japs
raw asian twink fuck
05:21 min
28 months ago
By: boykakke
Kaiser Tickle Tricks Vahn
Kaiser invites Vahn over for a sex date, and the two cute gay Asian boys head upstairs to the bedroom and the action begins with kissing and stripping off each other's clothes. They suck each other's cocks for a while then Kaiser asks Vahn if he can tie him down on the bed. Vahn says,
04:16 min
26 months ago
Asian Twinks Spooning And Riding On Cock
Asian twinks spooning and riding on cock
05:09 min
22 months ago
By: asiaboy
Warren Tickled And Sucked
Arby meets up with Warren for some naked tickle and blow job fun and Arby shows his exper
03:05 min
25 months ago
Male Tickling - Mateo
Ricky and Gil convince cute sexy gay Asian boy Mateo to let them tie him down to the bed to see if he can escape. But Ricky decides he wants to see how ticklish his feet are. So he sits down by his feet hanging over the edge, and takes off his shoe. He gives some tickles on his socked foot and gets a nice ticklish reaction. So Ricky peels off his sock to reveal his super soft soles. A few flicks of his fingers and recoil of Mateo's foot indicates ticklishness. This get's Ricky's tickle urge fired up, and begins to scribble and flick his talented tickling fingers delightfully up and down his sole, sending Mateo into fits of laughter. Ricky picks up the pace, and begins his evil sadistic laughter and begins to taunt Mateo with,
02:54 min
25 months ago
Horny Asian Guys Threesome
All hot Asian boys, all gay sex, all original content at Jetwang.com, Young hot Asian hunks and cute Asian boys sucking cocks and having hot gay sex. Get the full scenes at http://www.jetwang.com
01:58 min
22 months ago
By: jetwang
Asian Twink Fingering His Tight Asshole
Horny asian buds tickles and teases his asshole
00:35 min
13 months ago
Horny Young Asian Twink Fucked Bareback
This really hot young Asian boy is about to get nailed in his ass for the very first time. Watch him take his boyfriend's big cock, really enjoying the feeling as his asshole is stretched wide
06:02 min
4 months ago
Gang Tickling Vahn
Can't get enough of cute sexy Asian tickle boy Vahn? Well here he is again, looking as cute as always. He just looks best tied to a bed and tickled senseless. This time Willy and Kris get the honors as Ricky joins in the foot tickling near the end.
03:10 min
25 months ago
Nasty Asian Hot Affair
Nasty asian twink Kop began kissing Jay neck. he let Kop kiss him. Soon after
02:18 min
13 months ago
Tickling Lorenzo
This handsome gay Asian devil turned out to be so much fun to tickle. His laughter was infectious and his feet were so smooth and soft and ticklish. You'll love the way he wiggles and flails his feet around when we're tickling his feet. Even when Mike brought out the feathers, he shows them to him, and he gets this frightened dreadful expression on his face, then Mike starts feather tickling his soles and he goes into fits of hysterical laughter. There is really nothing more fun than when you get a guy with really ticklish feet!
02:14 min
25 months ago
Asian Twink Rubbing His Cock
Shy type asian
02:32 min
13 months ago
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