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Cute Twink Wants His Friend's Massive Cock
This really hot, young twink has a massive cock and loves to cum. He is jerking off on the couch with the help of his fleshjack, when all of a sudden his best friend comes in and starts jerking off too, eyeing his massive dick. It's not too long before the friend can't take it any more, and hops on top of his dick for a ride!

06:11 min
9 hours ago

Sexy Police Officer Fucks A New Recruit
This really hot and horny young police recruit has finished his first day at the academy, and caught the special attention of his muscular and sexy teacher. After class, he gets a hard introduction to the academy life, as his tight asshole is absolutely destroyed as he is fucked while being stuffed by a nightstick!

05:00 min
9 hours ago

Horny Studs Never Waste A Morning Hard On
These two really hot and muscular studs never like to waste the huge hard-ons they wake up with, and always fuck as soon as they wake up! They can't get enough of each others' dicks, going wild sucking each other off before one horny boy gets nailed hard with a big dildo!

08:01 min
9 hours ago

Two Hunks Get Hot And Heavy
These two really hot and hung, muscular studs can't wait to get their hands on each other. Watch the bottom get his tight ass absolutely hammered, the top slobbering all over it before beginning to pound long and hard

14:23 min

Hot Latino Boy Fucked Bareback
These two really horny young Latino hunks love getting nasty by the pool. They go really wild, the bottom sucking the top's big dick until he is ready to get fucked in the ass raw!

05:02 min

Horny Boy In Nylons Jerks Off
This really hot young stud has a serious fetish for nylon, and loves to jerk off while wearing it. Watch him put on pair of crotchless nylons and begin stroking his hard cock, masturbating with toys as well until he shoots out an absolutely massive load

05:54 min
3 days ago

By: nylonboys
Horny Country Boys Jerk Off Together
These two really hot young country boys are auditioning for porn together in this hot scene. They both have nice big cocks that they like stroking together, the sight of each other making them harder and harder

04:00 min
4 days ago

By: gaylifenetwork
Plugged In The Ass And Mouth
In this BDSM video, a leather-clad Master dominates his muscular sex-slave into submission by tying him up, gagging him, and shoving a butt-plug in him.  The Master wants his slave to submit on every level.  Master shows him some mercy by letting him suck his dick.  All is good so long as the Master controls when everyone cums!

17:18 min
12 days ago

Hotties Have Ana Amazing Threesome Outside
These three really horny Latino boys love getting nasty and fucking outside. Watch as they go wild, playing with dildos, fucking and sucking each other until all of them are covered in jizz

21:17 min
13 days ago

Hot Stud Get Nailed With A Dildo And Big Cock
This hot young hunk is staying with his friend and his dad, and thinks he's the only one home. He goes poking around his friend's dad's room, and finds a drawer full of dildos! He decides to start jerking off with them, and is caught by the dad, who punishes him by stuffing him full of cock!

24:37 min
14 days ago

Martin Mazza & Frank Valencia
Hitchhiker Martin jumps into a truck hoping to be taken to Madrid, but arrogant trucker has other plans for him. He'll have to suck a lot of cock and become a good sex toy if he wants to be home tonight.

02:29 min
4 weeks ago

By: jalifstudios
Mature Men Fucks A Cucumber
Watch this video compilation of mature men stretching their assholes wide with objects. They fuck cans of pop, cucumbers and huge dildos just to show off how wide they can go

08:27 min
5 weeks ago

By: menbucket
Mature Hunks Playing With Dildos
These really hot studs loves stuffing their asses with huge dildos. Watch as they sit down on massive dildos and stretch themselves wide, taking the big toys deep into their asses!

05:31 min
5 weeks ago

By: menbucket
Ivan And Simon
Welcome to our new sex toy tool, the new iPhone. It works as a superb communication tool but also as a fucking drill or as a square dildo. Our test candidate Ivan proofs. This iPhone works for every average asshole. When we have an additional extra large cock, as provided here by our horny guy Simon, the „Fuck-App“ is a big help to deliver the true qualities of this tool.

02:00 min
8 weeks ago

By: wurstfilmclub
Hot Amateurs Fuck Themselves With Dildos
These horny amateurs loves stuffing and stretching themselves with the biggest dildos they can. In this hot video a number of them shove themselves deep with a variety of dildos, all of them loving the feeling of being filled

05:35 min
3 months ago

By: menbucket
Hot Dildo Fucking Compilation
This hot compilation shows a bunch of horny guys and their very favourite dildos. Watch as they go wild with their dildos, fucking themselves from all angles, one stud even stuffing himself with two!

06:33 min
3 months ago

By: menbucket
Mature Dude Toying Himself Really Good
Video of a mature dude toying himself really good, posted by

04:36 min
3 months ago

By: menbucket
Horny Boy Makes Himself Cum Hands Free
This horny amateur wants to show off how he can cum without stroking his dick. Watch him fuck himself with his huge black dildo in this scene, getting harder and hornier until he shoots out a huge load of cum

06:26 min
4 months ago

Dirty Boy Jerks Off In His Roommates Bed
This really horny guy has been fantasizing about his roommate, and decides to jerk off in his bed in this hot video. He fucks himself with his roommate's night stick while jerking his cock, going hardcore until he gets out a big load of cum

00:36 min
4 months ago

Horny Boy Stretches His Ass With A Sailor Moon Doll
This horny amateur wanted to send this anime doll back to the moon. Watch as he shoves the whole thing up his tight ass, really giving a show

07:38 min
4 months ago

Sounding A Young Twinks Cock
This lusty doctor is sounding a young twinks cock. He fondles and strokes him first to get him hard, and then begins to stretch his urethra

03:03 min
4 months ago

By: crazydoctors
Horny Guy Pulls A Toy Out Of His Ass
Watch as this kinky boy plays with his favourite toy. He slowly pulls the beads out of his ass, teasing the camera with his tight little hole

02:21 min
4 months ago

Straight Boy Fucks A Blow Up Doll - Matthew Lucas
This really hot straight boy gives an amazing solo performance. Rather than just jacking off, he gets really deep in a blow up doll, fucking it like an animal

02:13 min
4 months ago

By: freshsx
Machine Fucked By Enormous Dildos
This guy was so horny and his was so hungry for cock that he attached his biggest dildos to his fucking machine. Watch as he is stretched wide and able to take the giant dildos all the way up his ass.

05:29 min
5 months ago

Horny Guy Rides A Dildo
This horny guy can't stop thinking about his sexy new friend, and needs to get off. He whips out his long and thick dildo and begins to ride it, fantasizing and getting really worked up.

06:55 min
5 months ago

Lusty Guy Pumps Himself With A Long Dildo
This horny guy has been craving a dick up his ass, but settles for one of his giant dildos. He lubes it up and then goes wild shoving it all the way up his gaping ass, making himself messy with lube and cum.

03:07 min
5 months ago

Intense Pain For Asian Twink
This cute Asian twink must give in to the needs of his master, and has his hands and feet bound. Then, his master brings out nipple clamps and attaches them, bring both pain and pleasure for the Asian twink

02:10 min
5 months ago

By: asian-slave-boy
Horny Guy Has Three Dildos To Choose From
This horny guy is going to fill his ass with a long thick dildo if he can choose which one to use first!

00:33 min
5 months ago

Horny Guy Fucks Himself With A Hammer
This horny guy uses a hammer as a dildo and fucks himself deep

00:27 min
5 months ago

Horny Guy Shows Off His Hole
This horny guy wants to show off and play with his asshole and his fucking machine

00:57 min
5 months ago

Prisoner # 05092014 Session Nine
Eagerly awaiting the next scene the prisoner passes the time in his usual manner by playing with his cock, he continues to jackoff after the scene.

02:06 min
5 months ago

By: ironlockup
Prison Fisting

02:06 min
6 months ago

By: ironlockup
Toned twink Richard does some sit-ups to show us his athleticism before getting his cock out for some jerk-off action. We love the big nipples on him too.

02:20 min
7 months ago

By: teensandtwinks
Alex Page
Some boys just stroke their cock until they cum, other boys like to really pleasure their shaft and work up a hot load of ball juice before licking up their semen for a tasty treat! I guess you can tell what Alex likes? We watch him really enjoying his dick in this solo, thrusting into a fleshlight and squirting his cum over a mirror before licking it off the glass!

05:01 min
7 months ago

By: jizzaddiction
I Am The Self Sucker
Derrick Manx is The Self Sucker. Watch him go down balls-deep on his cock while plugging his juicy man-hole, then finishing by eating his explosive cum off his face!

02:12 min
7 months ago

By: hotbarebacking
Fun With Abeardedboy
Oh abeardedboy, how much I love his piggy slutty self, a true man after my heart. I first had the pleasure of making his acquaintance when I went to Montreal with some buddies for 2013 New Years. I had been a huge fan of his tumblr for a while and was shocked that he actually responded to my message. Next thing you know I'm at his bar and he takes me down to his office and he's giving me some of the best dome of my life. A year almost passes by and I had enough funds to go back to Montreal so I asked him  if he would be down to do a video and he said yes! After months and months of waiting I finally knew what felt like to use his hole and have an all night fuck session, it was AMAZING.

02:11 min
7 months ago

By: deviantotter
Alex Allure
Arriving too late for the action, dark haired Alex is left with the stench of sex in the lair and not much else but used condoms and spunk soaked sweatpants. This doesn’t put him off though, quite the opposite as his whips out his solid dick, pulsating with the thought of what went on, and ready for the next time, he wets his shaft. Gently massing his head and length, our stubbled boy slaps his dick around as he plays with himself, showing himself to the camera and for our pleasure! When he pulls his legs up by his shoulders and exposes his smooth pink hole directly to us, we know we’re in for a good show, and it’s guaranteed when he sticks his fingers deep into his wet ass, slapping and pulling his cheeks apart. Keeping position and fingering himself as he uses a fleshjack on himself, the moment he rides up further and shoots his load in his own mouth and face will stay with you long after you’ve shot your own!

04:15 min
7 months ago

By: bulldogpit
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