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Roar And Kalvin Taking A Fuck Break
Next, Kalvin and Roar decide to take a break from studying. The two are on the sofa watching porn. They take their pants off and start fondling each other's cocks. Roar is slim, pale and smooth with a lithe body. Roar starts sucking Kalvin. Then Kalvin sucks Roar. Kalvin's cock is a grower not a shower and his body is average but his cock does plump nicely. Roar seems to have trouble staying hard when he's being sucked. Roar jacks his dick and gets hard again and Kalvin sucks him again. Finally, Roar mounts Kalvin's cock and rides cock while jacking his own dick. Roar gets up to speed and his little white ass gets quite a bouncing. Roar comes on Kalvin's stomach while riding his cock and then Kalvin jacks off.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Gunners First Fuck
In an attempt to redeem himself from the last scene, Gunner talks Roar into coming back and trying again for a little longer romp! Both boys start out naked and they get into their oral favors like lollipops are on sale! This time Gunner makes it past Roar's remarkable blow job skills in enough time to plow his ass. According to Gunner, this is the first time he's ever fucked a guy, and Roar's quite happy to be his first. Roar let's Gunner fuck him for awhile, and then climbs on top and gives Gunner a little more bang for his buck! Roar rides hard and then cums all over Gunner's chest with Gunner's finishing himself off right after.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Its Show Time
muscle hunk strips for the cam
01:26 min
30 months ago
Jeans Strip
sexy stripper
03:40 min
73 months ago
Strip On Couch
Boy gets naked
08:15 min
71 months ago
Fished Out Of His Shorts
Working his cock on cam
03:31 min
37 months ago
Cute Young Boyfriends
Really sexy stripping
02:18 min
37 months ago
Tough And Tattoos
Joshua wants to get off
04:02 min
24 months ago
Ethan Storm Tied And Tickled
Well *********** Mugs has decided to bring out the Dungeon for all of you. We have Ethan Storm back and he has been a naughty boy! *********** Mugs...
01:56 min
23 months ago
By: daddymugs
Two Twinks On The Beach
skinny dipping twinks massage
03:37 min
25 months ago
By: eastboys
Andy - Bubble Bath Blues
Andy Lee strips naked and has a soak in the bath. Angry Dad puts him over his knee for a sound bare ass spanking!
01:22 min
21 months ago
They All Cum On His Face
So they're all sitting around (naked) watching porn, when Kenny decides that his needs his big fat cock sucked. Jordan is way to eager to oblige and takes every bit of the rod in his mouth. As Kenny returns the favor, Jordan fingers his ass and
01:30 min
26 months ago
Do You Like My Tattoos
heavily inked hotty
03:30 min
24 months ago
Sexy Amateur Strip Teasing
Me Horny before the shower.. enjoy! I was dancing around like a little twink :D
00:50 min
20 months ago
Exposing His Chest
Has to get his tongue all over those muscles
01:25 min
37 months ago
Curtis And Torque - Feelin Good
Curtis and Torque strike a convincing skater pose, dragging in the boards and porn. Both work up nice bulges, as they get a little comfortable. When they strip off their sweaty shirts, Curtis admires Torque's tats. When Curtis is the first down to his boxers, Torque helpfully strips them off before taking Curtis still soft cock into his mouth.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Old Memories, New Moves
Thiago is walking home from the gym when he recognizes an old fuck buddy he hasn't seen for a long time. Lenin is surprised to see him and hangs up and the two buddies head to Thiago's place to re-live some old bareback fucking memories.
05:00 min
26 months ago
Rodd And Jamie Blowin Loads
When Rodd met his cousin's new friend Jaime, he knew he just HAD to see him naked! Once he was able to get him alone, Rodd was more than surprised when Jaime offered to show him a thing or two! The boys take turns swapin' spit on each other's knobs, getting them all nice and wet before letting go of their hot man flow!
01:30 min
26 months ago
Straight Boys Strip
Devon is a return visitor here at Broke Straight Boys and he is here because the money is short and the bills are all due at once he needed a quick...
05:55 min
22 months ago
Skinny Boy In Balloons
Strips down naked
03:36 min
38 months ago
Apollo And Tag - Gay 4 Pay
Apollo and Tag watch some porn, and Apollo leans over to give Tag some head. Tag jerks off Apollo ... it looks like this straight boy wants to give Apollo some head, but instead he just licks Apollo's cock while jerking him off. Apollo gives Tag a rim job, and Tag eventually gives in to his curiousity. He sucks Apollo's cock.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Amateur Cycles Around Showing Off
European amateur rides down the street proudly displaying his cock and balls. Did you catch a glimpse?
00:52 min
19 months ago
Picked Up In The Park
we picked this boy up off a park bench and got him naked
07:17 min
29 months ago
By: japanboyz
Wake Up Wank - Cum For Breakfast
Nick wakes up to find Christian whacking off on his bed right next to him. Not to miss out on an opportunity to jerk it with his friend, Nick drops his pants and starts beating it as well. The two get their hands on each other's dicks, helping each other to get off. They laugh and comment at the porn they are watching while you watch Nick's balls bouncing up and down with each stroke of his hand over his thick cock. Christian shoots a big load all over his abs and chest while Nick looks on. Then while Christian continues to wank his meat, Nick explodes all over his cock and hand. Being the clean (or is it dirty?) boy that he is, he licks all the cum off his fingers before turning over and falling back asleep.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Sixty-nine Is Much More Fun
Chase and Jason take their shirts off and kiss while going for each other's dicks. Jason starts to go down on Chase's pink cock, but a 69 is so much more fun. Jason sucks Chase's balls while he jerks his dicl. They continue kissing and blowing each other until Jason gets on his back and Chase enters his friend's ass, fucking him slow then hard and fast. Chase pulls out and cums on Jason's face and shoulder.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Straight Boys Sure Can Suck
Side by side these hoodlums are stroking to some straight porn on the tv. Casper notices Richard's cast hand and learns that Richard was hit by a car as he was riding his motorcycle. Happy to help Richard take his mind off of his injury, Casper is quick to offer quick conversation or oral sex! These straight boys sure can suck! And that's not all they can do? Casper finds himself on his back and Richard dives right into his waiting hole! Richard digs in and gives Casper a good pounding until he sprays his chest with his juicy white nutt!
01:30 min
26 months ago
Skater Boys Table Fuck
Waiting their turn for the shower, Kyle and Brett manage to kill some time making out (obviously still horny from CRAVING THE SPUNK). Wet kissing soon leads to wet sucking, with Brett first to service his buddy Kyle. While Brett is chowing down on Kyle's appetizing meat, you'll have some time to notice just how tight and lean Kyle looks, before noticing that he's having a surprisingly hard time getting hard, despite some experienced and affectionate head from Brett. Brett doesn't mind giving head, observing matter-of-factly, that
01:30 min
26 months ago
Jake Gets A Facial
Johnny B. welcomes us into his world with his familiar sneer and snicker, and a little trash talk with his new pal Jake about the
01:30 min
26 months ago
Trent And Tag Suck And Cum
Trent can't wait to get Tag in his mouth. The boys strip down, and Trent buries his nose in Tag's lap. Tag returns the favor, but it isn't long before Trent is sucking his cock again. Tag shoots a load all over Trent's mouth. Then, Trent gets on his back and shoots a load on his tight little tummy.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Christian Fucks Rock
While they watch a porno on the tube Rock & Christian swap some spit and undress. Rock goes down on Christian and gets his cock hard and Christian reciprocates. They sixty-nine on the floor and after some serious oral service Rock lets Christian fuck him up the ass. Rock is the first to blow then Christian follows with his own load.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Swallowing Timmy
Three may be a crowd, but this is a friendly crowd. After coaxing Aaron and Ryan to strip, Timmy strips himself. Aaron is first to throw some wood, and gets a little encouragement and help from Timmy. Encouraged by the friendly response he is getting, Timmy bends over and swallows-ALL of Aaron's formidable wood. Tugging off his knit cap, Timmy looks hotter and hornier. Ryan, new to this scene, has a little trouble getting hard and so he concentrates v-e-r-y hard. Feeling sorry for his new bud, Timmy gets a little goofy and offers Ryan a manual
01:30 min
26 months ago
College Boy Physicals - Damien
uncut fat dick gets shown off in exam room 1
04:32 min
26 months ago
Shane Face Fucks Trent
Hottie skater Shane is ready to leave for the store and asks his clean-cut friend Trent Knight if he needs anything. But the only thing Trent needs is Shane's juicy thick cock in his mouth!! Watch as Shane face fucks Trent with his luscious member and Trent takes it all in. Trent's pouty lips caress Shane's dick with such urgency you would think there's an emergency! Shane's white cum looks delicious as he sprays on Trent's face and Trent takes every drop he can get. Bet that wasn't on the grocery list!
01:30 min
26 months ago
Tattooed Freak
01:49 min
73 months ago
Skateboard Wanker
Jayden drops his skateboard, pulls off his shorts and lubes up his boner. After giving his cock a good wanking Jayden pumps out a huge load onto his board.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Coated In Cum
After a particularly rough day of finals, Torque comes home to find a living room full of hot guys ready to help him relax! After stripping off his clothes, his friends gather around him and stroke their dicks in unison until they coat Torque in creamy white man paste! One by one these hotties let loose until Torque is left alone to finish himself off in one explosive shot. Final? What final?
01:30 min
26 months ago
Tapper And Matthew Cum Like Rockets
Relaxing on a couch, these horny skaters introduce themselves, promising a
01:30 min
26 months ago
My Big Bubble Ass
spreading my ass
01:49 min
15 months ago
A Week's Worth Of Cum
The camera stumbles upon Vincenzo just as he is about to burst out a weeks worth of nut! There's a porn on, and he's already have naked, so why not? Vincenzo gets right to it, making that trouser snake stand up at attention. He strokes and strokes until he just can't hold back and he shoots his load all over the side of his face and makes sure to clean himself up.
01:30 min
26 months ago
Ultimate Str8 Guy Match-up
This first scene is fast, but it's fun! Defiant Exclusive Shane pairs up with new friend Blake Storm in what seems to be the ultimate straight guy match up! The boys take their clothes off and spend a little solo time before Shane leans down to give Blake a little oral action. Blake is excited to give his first blowjob and gets right down on Shane's waiting knob. He pulls back to take his hat off, and when he gets back to lick Shane's stick, Shane tells him to be careful, that he's close and then lets his splooge spray his face, shoulder and chest!
01:30 min
26 months ago
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