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Hunk Seeks Blow Job
Smooth fit muscled stud wants someone to suck his hard cock. Grabs a hot Brazilian guy and pushes him down to service his big dick.
02:18 min
15 months ago
Luke Desmond Solo
Water falling from the ceiling and cascading on Luke Desmond's foggy brain is a hell of a sharp morning wake up call. Finding hes alone and in an abandoned room with just a mattress and a camera pointing right at him. He hears the distorted voice of his boyfriend (Ashley Ryder) over the speakers and what follows is a twisted game of let see how much his hot young pink boy pussy can take. Luke is told by Ashley to take a toy and starting with the smallest he is made to get bigger and bigger until he stretches his hole over the largest of the equipment and swallows half of the massive toy.
03:46 min
18 months ago
Hot Stud Fucking After A Work
These two really hot gym hunks have just finished an intense workout and want nothing more than to get nasty! Watch them fuck long and hard, until they both cum!
04:27 min
8 months ago
By: suite703
Muscled Guy Tiny Tool
Wish his cock was bigger
04:58 min
43 months ago
Wild And Hot Brazillian Fine Ass-banging
Horny brazilian twink bends over and slams his huge fat cock into his bare ass and doing him doggy
02:41 min
16 months ago
Bulldog Pit's Snatched Behind The Scenes Interviews
Check out some behind the scene footage from the making of Snatched. Plus all the cast interviews where Ashley Ryder probes deep into what goes on in the minds of one of the hottest porn casts to date.
04:04 min
18 months ago
Buff Black Hottie Gets His Tight Ass Stuffed With Cock
These beefy hotties are in the mood to fuck. The bottom is really eager for some hard cock in his ass, and after sucking on a BBC, bends over and spreads his ass nice and wide for the monster dick.
05:02 min
13 months ago
By: beefy
Chris And Leo
Huge beefcakes
05:00 min
43 months ago
Horny Bears Hook Up For Sex
ass licking mature bears
01:41 min
28 months ago
Horny Janitor Caught Fucking In Public Toilet
They were finishing the cleaning and the decoration, and they got too horny. Check out the mean burly boss test the new toilet and demand some perverse oral service from the obedient worker who had to eat his cock and ass not to be sacked. Serving as hard as he could, the man did everything including some foot worship, and had to handle lots of deep ass plowing. When the boss was ready to discharge, the employee opened his hungry mouth.
01:54 min
16 months ago
Jace Tyler And Jake Bolton
Boyfriends Jake and Jace are asleep its Saturday morning and it's a well-deserved lie in but not for Jake who loves to run. Waking up he jumps into the shower makes a coffee for his sleeping beauty and sets off round the park for his regular morning run. When the sweat starts to drip down his big muscled hairy body he decides it's about time to head home and see his man. Finding Jace awake and sipping on the cup he left for him he jumps on the bed to get undressed but Jace never could resist the sweet smell of Jake's sweaty muscular body after he has lapped the park. Ripping of Jake's sportswear he goes down on his boyfriend's thick cock. Tasting every drop of his sweat of his glistening balls and dick. Jake takes his man and returns the favour and sucks on Jace's boy meat. Out of control, Jace gives Jake his hole and with his big wet tongue sticks it deep into his pink ring until it is wet enough to take his man cock. Jake fucks him deep the sweat dripping down his body and onto Jace. Just when his ass is giving into to his cock and starts to open Jake puts on a glove and opens it up wider with his fingers, stretching it till Jace can't take any more of his boyfriend's big manly hands. He turns around and shoots his creamy load over Jake's hairy chest. Jake shoots and covers his own chest in in cum mixing it among the hair with his best boy's seed.
04:00 min
18 months ago
Thug Bust A Nut
Jedi had been incarcerated for 3 months prior to being released just before Christmas...and his first stop is Uncle Vinnie's. The scene starts off with Jedi opening his presents from Vinnie, he loves the ''Thug Gear'' I bought for him and in the next 58 minutes Jedi shows us just how much! After some deep throat action Jedi tells me to take out Mr. Bill, then he starts massaging my balls, pullin my pud and rubbing our cocks together... I stand up and ask him to suck my dick - Jedi never has before - but takes the plunge after warning me not to bust in his mouth! When he licks the head of my cock and plays with my balls Jedi asks me if I like it - Duh! About halfway thru the scene Jedi wants me to eat his ass so I put him in position on all fours with his muscular ass in the air and start ''chompin''! He grinds his ass into my face and starts moaning so I start rubbing my cock against his asshole - that's when Jedi tells me he'll kick my ass if I try to ''stick it in'' (but he knows I want to FUCK that ass!). When I flip him over and start sucking his 10'' black cock Jedi tells me he wants to stand over me and bust on my face! Nice... He fucks my face hard and deep until he unloads a huge creamy white nut all over my face. Now it's Vinnie turn to sit in the ''infamous'' circle chair and get serviced by a Str8 black thug! Jedi kneels beside me, oils up my cock and gives me an awesome hand job. It's so hot to see a str8 boy the first time he goes ''all out'' with another guy!
01:30 min
31 months ago
Hairy Bodybuilder Gets His Balls Bashed
2 buddies play in my dungeon. The hairy bodybuilder is laying on a bed while his leather masked buddy sits above him and pounds and squeezes his...
02:08 min
26 months ago
A Spicy Brazilian Love Fuck
With just a hint of a mustache, Darien Leon is in bed when tightly compact Leon Pavia returns from school. It seems they love each other very much....
03:00 min
24 months ago
Noah Gets A Deep Anal Massage
I went over to Noah's condo in the Valley. He just got back from a long stressful business trip.
06:06 min
22 months ago
By: gayroom
Horny Hardcore Dilfs
Horny DILF John Marcus pulls out his hard cock to fuck his friend Dominik Rider
05:00 min
15 months ago
Jace Tyler And Fostter Rivera
Billy and Bruno leave to shower once more after getting covered in lube. Jace arrived at the end of the action and pushes Fostter back onto the bench as he tries to follow the other two. Taking of the glove and grabbing Fostter's cock he takes it right down his neck. Once he has tasted what this boy is made of he offers his dick to Fostter and the skinny chav eagerly swallows as much meat as he can down his tight throat. Jace, having not felt Fostter's hole around his cock yet, takes the opportunity now and flips him onto his back and drives his cock right to the balls. Just when Fostter thinks how can his hole take much more, Jace pulls out another glove and offers his big jock hands for one last stretch. Consider it a warm down. He stretches Fostter's hole till he blows a load the underwear he was wearing. Standing up Jace hits the 4-yard line with his load and touches down on Fostter's chest. Taking the underwear with the sticky treat, he leaves Fostter to pick up the pieces.
04:13 min
18 months ago
Groupsex Gay Hunks Assfuck And Suck Cock
Groupsex gay hunks assfuck and suck cock
06:00 min
12 months ago
By: men
Gay Cock Lovers
They love to suck cock & jerk each other off.
04:07 min
38 months ago
Beefy Military Bears Swallow Cock
When this bully saw his old friend in a naval form, he has no other decision but to give him a thorough ass-ride to celebrate their meeting. The only question was: how to do it - to seduce gently and profoundly or just to grasp the nettle and fuck hardcore. Well, this beefy bear was far from patient, so he just sat his friend down on the sofa, took off his naval pants and swallowed up his cock deep in his throat. No wonder that his mate was to much amazed and caught by emotions to say something against. And in short he took an active part in this rough rock'n'roll orgy. A visit one can hardly forget.
01:41 min
17 months ago
Gay Porn Bringing Hot Black Men Together
Hot muscular black men fuck for the first time but I bet it won't be the last time they are together.
05:27 min
5 months ago
Exposing His Chest
Has to get his tongue all over those muscles
01:25 min
40 months ago
Dilfs In Hard Sex
DILF stud Hytch Cawke enjoys fucking his buddy hard after getting his cock sucked.
05:01 min
16 months ago
Luke Desmond And Mark Coxx
Ashley is in the studio. He has asked a cameraman over to help him out with a project. Ashley tells him that he wants to play a game with one of the models. He's going to get them over make them pick one of two cards: if the model picks a blue card he can go and we have to look for another model but if he picks the red card the we tie him down to the red bench, blindfold him, then go out into central London to look for a top to take back to fuck him. Ashley Looks through his phone and finds Luke Desmond's number. He calls him and Luke comes over. He picks a red card. Luke is now tied to the bench and Ashley finds a guy called Mark outside the Tat Modern. Ashley tells Mark about Luke being tied up at the studio and invites Mark to fuck him. Mark takes no time in getting his cock out and plunging it deep into Luke's eager mouth. With some hot sucking and rimming, Mark plows his big hard cock up Luke's tight, eager hole. They are both covered in sweat. Mark makes Luke cum by wanking him as he's fucking him and then Mark shoots his hot load over Luke's back. Mark is told by Ashley that Luke played a game to be tied up and now it his turn; he offers Mark the two cards and he picks the red card and takes Luke's place.
04:00 min
18 months ago
Stay Focused On My Ass
No one can resist big Steve's huge body that he has been working on for 20 years.  Dudes just throw themselves at him.
05:27 min
7 months ago
Brought To You By Gay Porn Lovers
I really love when hot hunks get together and fuck hard.  It is the most beautiful type of anal to ever watch.
03:39 min
3 months ago
Bottom Boys Wanna Play In Leather
Sequel to
01:09 min
22 months ago
By: mancheck
Hairy Studs Suck And Fuck Each Other
Hairy DILFs Heictor Mota and Adriano Eder can't keep their hands off each other until they fuck each others ass.
05:00 min
16 months ago
Jed Atkinson
When you first get a look at Jed, you would think he is just another southern boy next door. But then he takes off his shirt and reveals that he has a hard body of a greek statue. Every muscle and ab are chiseled to perfection, every patch of skin smooth
03:20 min
17 months ago
By: randyblue
Hot Stud Getting His Big Dick Deep Throated
This really hot and muscular hunk has a big, hard cock, and loves getting blown. Watch him go wild in this hot scene, getting his cock deep throated and fucking his partner's horny mouth!
05:12 min
8 months ago
Sex On Sandy Beach
Great looking work out friends fuck on a beautiful coast line.
17:20 min
46 months ago
Nasty Fuckers
hairy bodybuilder takes price after winning a game of cards
02:00 min
32 months ago
When Muscle Bears Attack
hung dudes drive raw dicks in sloppy sticky seed holes
03:08 min
29 months ago
Hot Triplets Fucked By Studs
They play a game of chances as a form of seduction and foreplay. This night was hitting every sexual nerve of a gambling orgy and fulfilling the lustful desires of these horny sluts!
01:59 min
22 months ago
Zeb Fucks Gym Newbie At His Gym
I have a newbie gym client and he's excited to workout at my gym. Perhaps he wants to have big arms like mine so I flexed and showed it to him. He gets turned on with it and starts to kiss and caress me. We make out and fucks his curvy tight ass.
01:00 min
17 months ago
By: zebatlas
Andrew & Derek
Derek and Andrew are relaxing out in the park, snacking on fruit and catching some rays. Andrew rubs suntan lotion on Derek. He pays extra close attention to his chest, making sure it all gets soaked into his hard hairy pecs. As they pack up to leave, Der
05:08 min
17 months ago
By: randyblue
Mark Coxx Solo
Mark is left alone and he hears a voice that tells him he has to play a game and that there is someone in the room with him he can't see. The masked man touches Mark and starts to get his ass loose with his fingers. They take out some toys. Mark's hole is drilled harder, faster, deeper. He is then asked to pick a card: it's blue and he gets to control the toy action himself. The masked man unties him and allows Mark to sit on the toy. After Mark has really stretched his hole deep and wide he is asked if he wants to cum; he picks a card it's red. They tie his arms behind his back so he can't wank and the masked man edges him till he's about to cum. Pick a card. It's red. He is stopped from cumming and the masked man plays with his nipples. Then the wanking starts again. Each time Mark is asked to pick a card until he gets a blue one and is allowed to shoot.
04:27 min
18 months ago
Horny Hotties Fuck In The Forest - Damon Dogg
This horny inked hunk and his friend wander far into the forest to get some privacy, and then quickly get nasty. The inked stud gets his long hard cock sucked long and hard, moaning in pleasure as he is serviced
05:00 min
13 months ago
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