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Billy Baval And Juan Lopez
In the darkened room of the bathhouse where men can view porn while jerking off openly, Billy Baval awaits to see if anything happens. When Juan Lopez cruises him, Billy follows. They find a semi-secluded but brightly lit spot where they immediately start making out. Soon, the two men are going at each other, licking and chewing nipples before Juan winds up on his knees, getting his face and throat fucked. He takes the large, uncut Brazilian cock, servicing it like a champ while Billy grabs hold of his head and pumps away, filling Juan with his upward curved piece of meat. After a while, Billy returns the favor, taking as much of the big brown cock as he can. Billy gags several times but doesn't stop giving a noisy, spit-filled blowjob as he tries to deepthroat Juan's downward curved throbbing shaft. As much as he enjoys sucking Juan, Billy's expertise is fucking ass and soon has his tongue buried in the slender Latino's hole. With his face buried in Juan's crack, Billy jerks off while giving Juan a good rim job. Then, after fucking Juan's face some more, Billy works his cock balls deep inside the cock hungry whore and starts slamming away. They get loud and boisterous as they fuck hard and rough. Billy keeps on going, slamming even deeper as a stranger walks up to them and jerks off as he watches them fuck. Juan delivers a fantastic, hands-free load of cum that splatters all over the bench and Billy rewards him by spraying his own load all over Juan's ass.

04:04 min
10 months ago

By: worldofmen
Bear Workout Becomes A Sucking Off And Fucking
See this ultra masculine hunk get himself ready for action relaxing in a bubbly bath playing with his needy meat. Checking his friend in the workout room he whipped out his veiny dick and stuffed his partner's hot throat with it. Taking turns sucking each other's meaty cocks the big boys got ready for some ass play. Watch as heated cocksucking and butt fingering evolves into a slow, skilful, sexy anal penetration accompanied by some beef stroking.

01:35 min
8 months ago

By: masculinebears
Mature Hunk Rides A Big Dick
These two really hot and horny daddies love to get nasty with each other. Watch them go wild as the bottom hottie gets stuffed with his partner's huge cock again and again until he shoots cum

05:26 min
6 weeks ago

Two Sexy Straight Boys Suck Cock At A Hotel
These two really hot and horny straight boys love sucking each other off! Watch them go wild, sucking dick in a hotel room until they both taste jizz!

19:23 min
4 weeks ago

Rick And Jimmy
In this real-life fantasy, two of the hottest studs in our stable, Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx, lay on the bed choosing one of two options.

02:00 min
21 months ago

By: cocksuremen
Htown Humpdown
I don't know what these boys have up their ass but here's another scene where halfway in the top spills a thick nut but keeps on ticking! Drae has been waiting a minute to get in Jaylen's ass, so he couldn't control creaming them cakes after a f

00:42 min
18 months ago

By: blackbreeders
Bent Over Stud Gets Pounded Hard
If this is your first time in Barcelona and you want to start your holidays with lots of sex and fun Metro Disco BCN is the place to be!!

02:05 min
16 months ago

By: nakedsword
Muscled Gay Fucking
Very hot and sexy muscular gays having good time then giving a hardcore anal sex licking all over the body and ass fucking. Enjoying anal sex with his lovers partner cumshot

05:00 min
15 months ago

By: beefy
Hairy Daddy Fucks His Masseur
How do you pay your masseur for a great massage ? you fuck his ass!

03:24 min
13 months ago

By: maturegaymovies
Fostter Riviera, Jace Tyler, Billy Rubens And Bruno Fox
Billy and Bruno are the head jocks for their collage team. Having spent a full days practice on the field they head back to the locker room to get changed. When the two boys hit the shower, Fostter snatches their dirty socks and jocks and is hard before he can really get a full lung of their man sweat. Bruno and Billy return and find Fostter messing with their kit, finding it funny they offer him the real deal and within seconds Fostter is pushed to his knees as these star players sword fight in his mouth. The pre cum flows and when they flip him onto the weights bench they take it in turns to fuck his hole making what was just a fantasy a horny reality for this super-hung super bottom! Seeing the size of the toy, they think it is only fair to get Fostter's hole well and truly worked over. Bruno pulls a glove out of his kit bag and encourages Billy to follow suit. When both players are gloved they fist his hole to the max! What happens next ends in torrents of cum, but not before Jace comes into the locker room to get his bag finding 2 of the star players 4 fingers deep in Fostter's hole, he joins them for a hot team tag session. Taking off the glove and grabbing Fostter's hefty cock, he takes him right down his neck, getting fully throat fucked! Once he has tasted what this boy is made of he offers his dick to Fostter and he eagerly takes the offer and swallows as much meat as he can down his tight throat. Jace having not felt Fostter's hole around his cock yet takes the opportunity now and flips him onto his back and drives his cock right to the balls in his smooth ass. Just when Fostter thinks things can't go on for much longer as how can his hole take much more? Jace pulls out another glove and offers his big jock hands for one last stretch. Consider it a warm down. Warming up his hole with 1-2-3-4-5 fingers as he stretches and fists Fostter till he blows a load on the underwear he was wearing.

03:58 min
12 months ago

By: bulldogpit
Horny Gay Seduces A Black Cock
Hot twink Ryan Starr suck Billy Long's big black cock before taking it all the way to his ass.

05:00 min
7 months ago

By: justgonegay
Jock Twinks Have Sex
Can you guess whose bedroom it is?

05:01 min
35 months ago

By: twinks
Dream Hunk Spunk
drop dead gorgeous hunk fucking his flesh light

02:00 min
25 months ago

Dune Buddies
Fire Island Sex! This narrated gay sex film, from the 1970's when Hand-in-Hand and Jack Deveau were making the best in gay porn, stars Paul Hazzard

03:00 min
24 months ago

By: bijougaymovies
A Thai Twink Solo
The scene opens on a gorgeous hard Asian cock, then pans up to show the sexy and cute Asian boy face of the owner of that hot tool. He's stroking...

01:30 min
20 months ago

By: gayasiantwinkz
Hardcore Sex With Bdsm Twist!
muscle babes get real rough

01:59 min
20 months ago

By: boundgods
Fabian Gets His Hole Pounded
Chatting it up on my couch, we have super hot Danny the Viking and foxy Fabian. For the first time ever Fabian is actually nervous about what he is...

06:52 min
17 months ago

By: dirtytony
Muscular Guy Sucked By Twink
These pretty boys just know how to make a man hot! They're great at servicing cocks and making everyone horny

02:13 min
15 months ago

By: yelloweden
Public Sex Hunk
hunk dude fucking on a party giving his lover a blowjob and he waits until the cock of his lover gets hard after sucking he let his lover give him a anal sex until he give a cumshot

10:00 min
15 months ago

By: beefy
Show Off Jack Jerks It! - Jack
Jack is a real exhibitionist whose dick gets hard as soon as it's out in the open

02:35 min
7 months ago

By: joeschmoevideos
Theo Reid And Mark Coxx
Mark Coxx kneels down next to his bed and prays for strength from the lord only to ask for forgiveness almost immediately after he say amen. Mark gets out his thick throbbing cock and a copy of his latest wank material. Mark is obsessed with cock and once he shoots his load thinking about all the hot guys in the mag he blows out the candle and gets ready for a full nights sleep before he goes to confession the next day. Mark enters the confession booth and sits. The hatch slides open and we see the stunning young priest of Theo Reid. He greats mark with a comforting look and asked whats his confession. Mark tells Theo that is impure thoughts and that he has been wanking like mad thinking about them. Theo asks when he last confessed and Mark says last week. Suddenly, the situation changes. Has Mark come and seen Theo before? Was he the priest he confessed to last time? From what happens next we can see he surely has. Theo changes the subject and asks Mark about his home life. Frustrated more and more Mark begs for what he really wants the priest's cock. He had it last time and wants it again and Theo is more than willing to give the boy exactly what he requires in the name of the lord of course. Father Theo slides open a well concealed hatch in the dividing wall and presents mark with what he dreams of so much it hurts. Mark takes Theo's cock right down the back of his throat taking every bit of length that hung and thick Father Theo's cock gives. Theo ploughs his cock into marks throat till his cock it dripping with saliva and the pre-cum is running so much that ever time mark pulls away strands of pre-cum glisten from his lips to the tip of his cock head. Now wanting to return the gesture he takes Marks cock through the hole and sucks it like any good catholic. Right to the balls and not spilling a drop. Tasking the boy and feeling Marks cock grow bigger and bigger in his mouth Father Theo wants more and ask mark to turn around. With some deep rimming Father Theo gets Marks ass ready for a right religious fucking. Holding the tip and his cock next to the tight and peachy hole. Theo Pushes his cock deep into Mark's ass and with the groans muffled by the partition wall ploughs his Hole deeper and deeper till they both exploded thick white cum at each other through the hole. Mark now fully forgiven in the eyes of father Theo he runs along to carry the word of god close to him and the taste of Theo on his lips till he next needs to come to confession.

03:49 min
12 months ago

By: bulldogpit
Living The Dream
A couple of hot straight jocks know they aren't gay but like to jerk off together while talking dirty to each other.

10:08 min
7 days ago

Gay Brigade
Seriously? those uniforms are fucking insulting

14:07 min
40 months ago

Taking It Outside The Ring
Easy way to settle disputes

14:00 min
36 months ago

Pumping Iron And His Cock
Amateur video of a dude giving his whole body a workout

07:29 min
35 months ago

Legendary Bodies
Sexy beefy gay man shows his athletic muscles to the camera

02:01 min
31 months ago

By: coltstudiogroup
Hooooooooooooooot Jock!!!
broke stud jerking in a storage shed

03:32 min
25 months ago

By: brokestraightboys
Brenden Bangs Solo 1
He's young and full of cum, and his name's Brenden Bangs!

This guy's a total stud. We're sure you've seen on him on our other sites, getting...

02:00 min
18 months ago

By: nextdoormale
Side By Side Mutual Masturbation Cumshot
They share the Flesh Jack back and forth, getting each other off. They are ready to bring it on home, sitting side by side;

02:00 min
16 months ago

By: badpuppy
Hunky Black Stud Jerking
Lawson Kane is a 25 year old stud, who is a big time Real Estate Agent from the Motor City.  When he's not busy selling Detroit river front condo's, he likes to strip down and stroke off!

02:00 min
15 months ago

Andrew & Dean
Dean Skye blows, rims and fucks the incredibly sexy Andrew Jakk.

05:08 min
8 months ago

By: randyblue
Matt Hughes And Tommy Haine
Using his huge weapon on this little mixed race piece of fuck-bait, Matt shows him just what a huge straight dick can do to a tight young hole, be it male or female!! Getting rock hard watching straight porn, Matt teases Tommy with his massive cock and soon fucks his face. Not content with slamming against his tonsils, Matt flips the punk onto his back and probes his butt deep, getting as much thick meat inside as possible. Letting him jerk himself off, Matt is still way inside when Tommy dumps his load, shortly followed by Matt, mixing both lots together!

04:19 min
12 months ago

By: bulldogpit
Timmy Treasure And Joseph Araya
Timmy Treasure is hungry for dick and aching for a stiff one pounding away at his ass. He wanders around through the dark area of the bathhouse, groping and getting groped while jerking off and looking for the right one to cum with. He drops for a moment, sucking a huge anonymous cock while someone behind him jerks off and shoves his head down onto the big piece of meat. But it doesn't feel right. So Timmy goes off in search of another. That's when he finds Joseph Araya, a tall, slender young man who soon finds himself with his cock in Timmy's mouth. After sucking on the fat, uncut dick with the upward curve, Timmy finds himself on the receiving end of a blowjob before getting spun around getting his ass rimmed. And judging by the way Joseph eats manhole, he's obviously quite the ass whore! He's soon buried balls deep inside Timmy and discovers there's a reason why the eager, hungry bottom has the porn name that he does. You see, Timmy IS quite a treasure; especially if you're a hung top who needs to sink a meaty cock inside a tight, moist, warm hole! Joseph pounds Timmy, stretching him open and pounding him full of meat before rewarding the cock whore with a hefty load, then taking on a huge cum facial himself.

04:04 min
11 months ago

By: worldofmen
Gay Orgy With Loving Hunks
Gay orgy with loving hunks

06:00 min
7 months ago

By: men
Muscled Cock Rub
Muscled amateur hunk stroking his hard cock in his bedroom on webcam

00:15 min
44 months ago

By: maledigital
Tough Types
Two hot and tough guys in fetish having sex in a big mansion

02:00 min
22 months ago

By: ragingstallion
Rock Hard Cumshot
Griffin begins stroking his cock vigorously and firmly, letting lose with a huge load of cum and a big smile!

02:00 min
19 months ago

By: badpuppy
Swallowing Brett's Cum
DJ Rock is back with us and on the hunt for his next load. DJ is one hell of a cocksucker. He's also a hot cum pig. DJ brings in one of the guys he wanted to suck and swallow who is now his real life fuck buddy. Of course DJ pulled through and showed how much he loves cum straight from the tap. Not a drop went wasted.

02:57 min
19 months ago

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