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Sexy Studs Find Each Other In The Woods
This sexy, masculine, dark haired hunk is on his way home from the beach when he decides to stop and masturbate. He doesn't expect to see anything else on the path, but a really hot blonde guy walks by just a few minutes later, and spots his big, hard dick. The blonde hunk immediately pulls down his own pants, and these two start sucking each other off, beginning a hot fuck that will take them all the back the dark-haired hottie's living room!

26:24 min
2 days ago

Muscular Soldiers Fuck Raw In The Barracks
These two really hot and horny soldiers love getting nasty and sucking down cock. Watch them fuck hard and raw in the barracks, the bottom begging for more until his ass is filled with a huge load of spunk!

26:06 min
3 weeks ago

Hot Plumber Gets Paid With A Cock In His Ass
This really hot plumber has just completed some work for a sexy client who, conveniently, has run out of cheques. His client offers him something much better than money for his work however, and the two are quickly naked and fucking on the kitchen counter

25:41 min
2 months ago

Young Stud Sucks Daddys Big Dick
Watch as this really hot daddy gets deep into a young hunk's tight ass. As he sits and reads pantless, his young hunk approaches him for sex, and the two start getting hot and heavy!

25:10 min
6 weeks ago

Horny Brazilian Eats A Huge Load Of Cum
This really hot Brazilian stud loves getting filled with really hot and huge cocks. In this hot scene he gets stuffed with his partner's massive cock and goes for a ride, working it hard and long with his tight ass before shooting a huge load

25:01 min
2 months ago

Muscular Tattooed Hunks Go Wild
Watch as these two really hot and muscular tattooed studs go wild. They love fucking long and hard, and getting really nasty with each other until they are both covered in cum

24:55 min
6 weeks ago

Horny Boy Spreads His Ass For A Tongue And Cock
This really hot young stud is lying in the grass practically begging for his ass to get filled. When his hot friend comes by, he gets on all fours and spreads his hole wide, and gets his wish when his friend starts tongue fucking him to get him ready for his huge cock!

24:54 min
4 months ago

Horny Boy Fucked With A Huge Cock In The Morning
Watch as this really hot and hairy stud gets a sexy good morning surprise from his hot partner. He gets his big cock rubbed while he wakes up, and then his tight ass pounded and stretched wide before he cums hard!

24:40 min
6 weeks ago

Horny Stud Gets Nailed By Two Giant Cocks
This really horny guy loves getting stuffed with massive cocks. His two horny friends have gigantic cocks for their pig friend today, and shove them deep into his asshole until the cum is fucked out of him

24:38 min
4 days ago

Two Cute Boys Fuck In The Kitchen
This hot young stud has just arrived home, and the sight of his boyfriend's hot ass makes him very horny. He immediately wants to get deep into it, and these two wild hotties fuck bareback all over the kitchen!

24:26 min
5 days ago

Sexy Muscular Studs Fuck On Vacation
These two really hot and horny muscular hunks love getting nasty on vacation. The view is wasted on them however, as they can't keep their eyes off of each while they fuck in the pool!

24:12 min
4 weeks ago

German Hottie Gets Nailed With A Giant Cock
These two really hot and sexy German hotties can't get enough of each other. Watch as they start off with some hot kissing, before the bottom gets his tight ass absolutely railed by the top's massive cock

23:52 min
3 weeks ago

Muscular Hunk Nailed By A Huge Dick
These two really hot and horny muscular hunks love getting nasty with each other. Watch as they meet up in an abandoned warehouse, and then nail each other with their huge cocks until they are both covered in jizz!

23:49 min
4 weeks ago

Muscular Hunks Get Nasty In A Warehouse
This hot young warehouse worker has an amazing body and tight, round ass that hasn't gone unnoticed by his horny boss. Today after a shift the boss is finally making a move, and before you know it, these two are going wild and fucking each other all over the warehouse!

23:15 min
14 days ago

Amazing Hung Body Builder Drills A Tight Ass
This really, really muscular and hot bodybuilder loves filling hot asses with his big, powerful cock. In this scene he goes deep into the ass of his sexy partner, really railing him hard and making sure his ass is sore by the time he cums

23:11 min
3 months ago

Hairy Hunks Have A Hot Fuck
This really hot and hairy stud gets nasty with his hot friend. He gets deep into his tight ass, really railing him hard and rough until they both cum hard

23:05 min
4 weeks ago

Hot Muscular Stud Gets Covered In Cum In The Car
These two really hot and muscular studs are taking a limo ride together, and are getting bored and horny sitting still. Finally, they decide to get nasty with each other and start sucking cock, going wild and eventually fucking the in the back seat, both of them getting sweaty and covered in jizz

23:04 min
3 weeks ago

Horny Muscular Latino Men Get Wild
This really hot and horny Latino hunk is about to get nasty with his horny partner. They are both ripped and hung, and quickly get into cock sucking and fucking long and hard

22:58 min
5 weeks ago

Horny Studs In Tuxedos Fuck
These two really hot and muscular studs are getting dressed up for a fancy even tonight. When one sees his hot partner in his tuxedo, all he wants to do is rip it off of him, and the two hotties get into an amazingly hot fuck!

22:55 min
4 weeks ago

Stud With Glasses Gets Nailed In A Public Bathroom
These two really hot studs have just met in a public washroom. They both want a taste of the others' dick, so it's not too long before they are both naked and sucking and fucking on the bathroom floor!

22:55 min
10 days ago

Hotties Photocopy Their Cocks And Fuck
These two really hot and muscular hotties were having a bit of fun in the office after everyone else had left for the day. They started photocopying their dicks, but once they saw what each other were packing, they couldn't resist getting nasty, one getting his tight asshole absolutely blasted by the hot cock of his friend

22:12 min
3 months ago

Str8 Muscle Flesh
My fresh faced str8 guy is a tall, dark, handsome, smooth, muscled stud who loves blond girls with BIG fake boobs. He

22:03 min
31 months ago

By: baitbuddies
Hung Horny Bears Fuck Raw
This really hot and beefy bear duo love fucking raw. Watch as the top gets deep into the bottom's ass, plowing him long and deep until both studs shoot a load

21:40 min
2 months ago

Muscular Hotties In The Shower Get Nasty
These two really hot and horny studs are the last people in the gym showers for the evening. They are both muscular and hot, and as they watch each other lather up, can't help but get rock hard in their cocks. It isn't long until the two of them are fucking long and hard!

21:36 min
3 weeks ago

Gay Dream Sequence
Is this really happening or is it all some gay erotic nightmare?

21:34 min
37 months ago

Muscular Black Stripper Shows Off His Massive Dick
This really hot and muscular black stripper is packing a massive surprise. Watch him slowly strip down, before taking out his giant dick and beginning to rub it. It is an absolutely monster, and he gets really hard rubbing it for the camera!

21:27 min
10 days ago

Sexy British Guys Fuck On A Car In A Warehouse
This really hot British twink and his bear boyfriend like to mix things up and fuck in random places. Today, they've found an abandoned warehouse, so they park their expensive car in it and get nasty on the hood, only to be interrupted by a horny homeless man!

21:25 min
2 days ago

Electroshock Torture
Passing electricity through his nipples and his balls in my electro shock dungeon.

21:24 min
34 months ago

By: shotgunvideo
Vintage Black Orgy
Great classic video of black hunks fucking after getting hot and sweaty from working out.

21:19 min
36 months ago

Huge Black Stripper Backstage
Pumping himself before he goes out there

21:18 min
33 months ago

By: hornymodelboys
Hotties Have Ana Amazing Threesome Outside
These three really horny Latino boys love getting nasty and fucking outside. Watch as they go wild, playing with dildos, fucking and sucking each other until all of them are covered in jizz

21:17 min
14 days ago

Sexy Soccer Players Fuck In Their Uniforms
These two really hot British football hunks love getting nasty with each other. They are relaxing after a game, and decide to start fucking, stripping off their uniforms and getting really wild!

21:12 min
3 weeks ago

Big Muscle Bear Den
Screwing right in the main room of the trailer

21:04 min
35 months ago

By: 429videos
Horny Boy Scout Bathes In The River And Gets Fucked
This muscular boy scout has gotten up early and gone to a secluded spot in the forest to bathe in the river. Unbeknownst to him, one of his leaders has followed him, and wants to fuck his tight ass!

21:04 min
3 weeks ago

Time To Fuck
Behind closed doors he loves the cock.

21:00 min
29 months ago

By: collegedudes
Biker Buys A House
Dude gets some ass fucking at the same time he looks at an open house.

20:59 min
39 months ago

Relaxing Gay Sex
These guys have the permissions down

20:57 min
35 months ago

Military Squad Sucking And Fucking
Giving each other some good R & R

20:56 min
35 months ago

Stud Bangs His Gardener By The Pool
This hot stud is relaxing in his pool on a weekend afternoon, but really all he wants to do is watch his hot gardener work. He sees his gardener begin to play with himself, and immediately calls him over. Rather than getting upset, he demands the gardener get on his knees and suck him off, both of them getting hornier until they have a long hard fuck right by the pool

20:56 min
4 months ago

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