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Topher Dimaggio Bound And Tortured
Cute guy manages to masturbate his cock even when tied-up !

02:00 min
16 months ago

By: boundjocks
Gay Pool Boys
Splashing and sucking

03:59 min
34 months ago

By: speedosnextdoor
Man Power
Casey tastes Marc's hole before sliding his hard dong in it!

02:00 min
30 months ago

By: coltstudiogroup
College Jocks Analled
With two fucking Ls

04:07 min
34 months ago

By: hazehim
Kirk And Casey Sucking
priest kirk cummings and a member of his church Casey williams switch off sucking each others dicks in confessional

06:15 min
27 months ago

By: phoenixxx
Kinky Asian Boy Ass Games
Slim Malaysian boy named Rein taking a large glass butt-plug up his little ass. The he shoots it out! :) See more at*****privateboymovie.com

01:22 min
17 months ago

By: privateboymovie
Blonde Jock Jerking In The Locker Room
Kristan inhales that cock and ball aroma and strokes himself. He couldn't wait to grab his dick as soon as he was done with football practice!

02:00 min
16 months ago

69 Munch Time
These studs can't decide who should be sucking cock first so the answer is always the 69.

05:07 min
3 weeks ago

Jocks Giving Anal Pushing
Plunging in and out of his buddy's tight ass

04:07 min
35 months ago

By: suite703
Can You Fuck A Stud?
Start ass fucking a stud as hard as you can and try to hold on.  Whoever cums first wins it all.

05:26 min
8 days ago

Tigg's Throbbing Cock
Tigg'r finishes his cigarette as he strips and when I dive down on his big black bat it comes to life in my mouth. He throws his head back and enjoys the rush as I bury his 9 inches down my throat. Tigg'r grabs my head and starts to guide it up-n-down his shaft and after a while I take out Mr. Bill and stroke it as I go to town. Soon I can feel his cock throbbing and exploding in my mouth as I bury my face in his crotch. Shit! We both needed a cigarette after that session! BTW: I dumped a huge load in my hand during this whole ordeal.

01:30 min
22 months ago

By: str8boyzseduced
Outdoor Sucking
blowing fat jock dick outdoors

06:20 min
22 months ago

By: bigdaddy
Water Jocks Part 4
13 well endowed hard-bodied sex charged water polo players what it takes to win, and then some. Stiff competition makes their competitive coach...

01:50 min
17 months ago

By: mancheck
Skater Boy Tied And Fucked
Dave can hardly realize what is happening to him. He gets humiliated and beaten for almost one hour now. The guy from the metro station tied him to...

01:06 min
17 months ago

By: gangsterfuck
Amateur Pissing All Over Bathtub
me pissing at home. don't let my wife know about these videos if you know who I am

00:57 min
17 months ago

Suck That Skater Boy
Adam has spent the day skateboarding and now he wants to spend some

01:31 min
24 months ago

By: str8boyzseduced
Muscular Hunks Get Nasty In A Warehouse
This hot young warehouse worker has an amazing body and tight, round ass that hasn't gone unnoticed by his horny boss. Today after a shift the boss is finally making a move, and before you know it, these two are going wild and fucking each other all over the warehouse!

23:15 min
8 weeks ago

Broke Straight Boys - Dylan
Dylan is another new broke straight boy. We have to get him warmed up in his solo but be sure he will be back to make a lot more money.

08:03 min
19 months ago

By: brokestraightboys
Loving Shots
these shots are all out of love

05:01 min
18 months ago

By: dickdorm
Basketballs In Your Face
Sucking in the locker room after shooting some hoops.

04:15 min
39 months ago

By: suite703
Can Really Suck Cock
Office cocks wild hot blowjob in the copier room with dude from accounting who has a wife but he wants some hot gay cock on the side

03:50 min
35 months ago

Dark Alley Media
Guys with huge meat fucking horny bottoms who can't get enough.

02:08 min
31 months ago

By: nakedsword
Adam Champ And Derek Parker
 The bold attitude and brawny masculinity of Raging Stallion Exclusive Derek Parker serve him well when he gives it up--and we mean, GIVES IT UP--to sturdy Adam Champ. Their lip lock is more like tongue fusion, and Derek doesn't care about breathing when Adam's tea-bagging him. Adam's tight, full balls are the best gag ever devised. But Derek's yelling for a fuck, and the sight from overhead of the burly dude taking everything his stud master throws into him is porn masterwork. Derek hisses repeated commands for Adam to fuck even harder, and the rump-ruining top churns his massive gut-stretcher with frenzied might. When the overheated pair can't take it anymore, they jack their giant cocks, and the steaming lava erupts.

05:06 min
28 months ago

By: ragingstallion
Pig Fucking Orgy Hunks
4 fit dudes fucking raw sloppy ass

27:17 min
25 months ago

Latin Twinks Play
Today's guests on the bed of *********ly love are Andy and Neal. Sexy and Hispanic guys that just can't wait to get their paws on each other. Neal...

04:16 min
18 months ago

By: nakedfrathouse
English Knob Jockeys Office Desk Bum Sex
English knob jockeys office desk bum sex

05:28 min
7 months ago

By: men
Kyle King And Spencer Reed
 Spencer Reed straddles his motorcycle, jacking off, in a secret place surrounded by rough wood slats and corrugated siding. He thinks he's alone, but there's another tribute to manhood, Kyle King, watching from a distance. The siding reflects the light as shiny and unyielding as the spit covered cocks of the two bearded men eying each other. Kyle knows he's going to give it up to this rough-looking, meaty man with the almost frighteningly hard cock. Spencer pushes Kyle's head onto his cock with such rude strength that lips bash into groin again and again. The ramming tool rattles deep in Kyle's throat. He pulls off only to slaver more spit on Spencer's massive pole. Kyle wants it real slick when Spencer shoves it brutally up his ass. Kyle's never been so ferocious in his demand to be fucked, and Spencer takes every advantage. Spencer's broad highway of a cock stretches Kyle's ass as wide as a tunnel through a mountain and you'll be amazed to see it staying open when Reed pulls out. Only to plunge deep and hard back inside, jabbing and grinding until the guy's engines are so overheated their hot cum sprays across their bodies.

05:06 min
28 months ago

By: ragingstallion
How I Help My Boyfriend Heal
super sexy jock with a broken arm gets to fuck a hairy bareback ass

05:58 min
25 months ago

Hunk Jerking Off After Shower
Renalto is a sexy stud you won't want to miss! He gets out of the shower and up onto the couch to start showing you his magic. Pumping his cock like there's no tomorrow, he's sure to turn you on

01:29 min
14 months ago

By: butchdixon
Angelo Marconi And Mitch Vaughn
 The ferocious cock whore Angelo Marconi is at it again, showing off his deepthroating skills and he spraying a spider web of spittle over Mitch Vaughn's glossy cock so he can force more and more of the stiff bright tool down his throat. Mitch sucks Angelo's uncut, cock-ringed meat down his throat, buries his face in the power bottom's warm ass crack and worms his tongue into the hairless, tasty hole. He's got Angelo heated up and anticipating a rabid fuck. Mitch knows his willing partner is ready for a slamming. Mitch delivers his cock into Angelo's buttered and now battered cavern. He grinds deep, hitting on all cylinders while Angelo gives his own cock a mean jacking before cumming hard. Mitch spews his man-load over Marconi's torso and past his head, then rubs the thick juice into Marconi's chest as he leans forward to kiss the saturated, and now satiated dude.

05:06 min
28 months ago

By: ragingstallion
Amazing Foreplay With Two Horny Studs
This really hot tattooed hunk has a horny neighbour who absolutely worships his body. Watch him go wild, licking the tattooed hunk's tight asshole and sucking down his big cock!

05:24 min
5 weeks ago

Blonde Boy Sucks Daddy's Cock
This really hot and horny blonde jock love sucking down huge dicks. Watch as he gets nasty with this horny bear, choking down his massive cock in the backyard!

06:10 min
11 days ago

Derek Parker And Damien Stone
 Derek Parker and Damien Stone, two hairy and sexy bearded beasts, are right into the thick of things: naked and fiercely making out. Heavy rub downs, man kisses and hard cocks are the order of the moment, until Derek gets things interesting by going down on Damien and rimming his furry hole, teasing it with his cock head. Damien's pucker is quivering, anticipating the drilling that Derek is about the deliver. Working his sexy hips with a rhythmic jamming that sends moans out of Damien, Derek shows his topping prowess stoke by more intense stroke. The action takes a flip and Derek's ass is in the air taking a crazed pounding from Damien's huge cock. Once on his back, Derek is taking every stroke with extended moans as Damien ups the ante and slams even harder. Derek comes and then gets on his knees for a facial cum spray from Damien that he rubs all over his beard and then licks the cock clean.

05:06 min
28 months ago

By: ragingstallion
Smooth Seeded Jocks
hunky young hairless jocks sliding deep raw dicks in hungry holes

07:58 min
25 months ago

Muscle Hunks Going Wild
These really hot and muscular body builders are going wild and fucking! Watch as they get nasty and fuck hard!

05:30 min
3 weeks ago

Suck And Fuck Da Boss
Thanking him for his job in this depressed economy

03:11 min
37 months ago

By: gayroom
Alexander Garrett And Franco Ferrari
 Two dark-skinned, uncut, passionate and intense Latin men making out like this is enough to get anyone stirred in the loins. But when they are two fiery guys with perfect physiques and striking faces like Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari, the making out alone will have you edging. These two beacons of sexuality are so into each other from the moment they set eyes on each other and the attraction builds and intensifies with every touch and stroke until Alexander is on his knees swallowing Franco's uncut meat. Franco can tell there is a huge cock in Alexander's pants, and he wants to get a taste of this behemoth. After servicing Alexander's cock, Franco moves to his hot hairy hole. Franco's dark meat is slamming into Alexander's hot Latin hole and his fervor grows until he shoots a load all over Alexander's balls. Then Alexander tops that as he shoots a creamy load into that Franco catches in his mouth sure to get every last drop.

05:06 min
28 months ago

By: ragingstallion
Outdoor Soccer Sex
cute soccer buds fuck after the game

03:13 min
22 months ago

Cabin Fever Part 1
 What to do when you're stuck inside with nothing else to do - shoot some pool or play dominoes or cards? That's not enough to keep these sexy, all-American jocks occupied. They're horned up and burning up with Cabin Fever. The sexual tension and excitement they're feeling cannot be contained, and they're thinking about much naughtier games to play with their hot friends. Eventually, their Cabin Fever pushes them over the edge into heated exchanges that end in explosive action that will have you jerking right along with them.

02:12 min
28 months ago

By: nakedsword
Three Jocks Fucking And Jerking
toned jocks guys jerk wads onto abs

04:57 min
22 months ago

By: malespectrum
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