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Getting Him Hard
For some anal fucking
04:12 min
41 months ago
By: randyblue
Golden Gate
an uptight city health inspector, gets way more than he bargained for when he goes to check on a seedy bar run by hot, hunky bartender Dominic.
02:05 min
38 months ago
Another Tune Up
After the duo swap blowjobs, it's straight into that hard ass-pounding action we've come to love seeing Derrek receive.
02:00 min
38 months ago
Angelo,david And Austin
David Dirdam and Angelo Marconi launch into a ferocious fuck in this video (no time for oral apparently).
02:00 min
38 months ago
Suck Out Every Drop
jocks blowing nice dick
03:00 min
33 months ago
Big Strong Masculing Gay
Big strong masculine gay stud in leather pants tortures slave in ropes in front of the public outdoor preparing him for the nasty fuck he shall get next
03:59 min
36 months ago
Dodger Sucking Preston
Preston Steel gets his dick sucked by Dodger Wolf and then Dolger gets his cock sucked
05:31 min
34 months ago
By: suite703
Brad Star And Cliff Jensen
Brad is spotting Cliff and being his own little cheering section at the same time. Cliff has really been trying to lean down and bulk up in all the right places, and he could really use the encouragement. Of course, Cliff compares himself to everyone, including Brad.
04:03 min
34 months ago
By: suite703
Banging Nate's Ass
Adam is in town visiting for a few days. He's bisexual but has never been with another man. However, with dick sucking skills like his we have our doubts. Adam finds Nate on an online hookup site and demands that he comes over so that Adam can drill his ass. This is just what happens. These both really got into each other and loved the hot fuck down session.
02:58 min
34 months ago
Connor Patricks & Matthew King Live
Filmed in Washington DC
02:22 min
32 months ago
Dylan Likes It Hard
After losening up Dylan's ass with some pounding in the kitchen, Joey carries Dylan to the livingroom floor on a mat, while Dylan is still mounted on Joey's hard Asian twink cock. Joey loves Dylan's tight twink ass and continues fucking Dylan in several different positions while Dylan moans with sexual pleasure. Dylan is sucking Joey's cock deep up into his ass as he rides Joey's cock enthusiastically. Finally the two wear each other out and Joey shoots out a blob of creamy white cum.
01:30 min
31 months ago
Arabian Fantasy Fuckers
Fantasy and role-playing is fun. Our studz continue with the fun, but most importantly the hot hard action. Nur can't seem to keep his hands off himself. When we cut back to him he's dropping his pants and pulling on his boner. He's one of the guys who clearly gets off being watched while he pleasures himself and takes a good long time with his dick. When the camera gets right up under his nuts, though, it makes you wonder how Alexander doesn't just throw the video equipment down and grab Nur's equipment for a little off the clock fun. Alas, though, Nur walks into a luxurious bathroom, lights some candles and gets himself ready by the tub. While we join Muzzafar and Rasul Ramadan laid back on a big bed in a tight liplock. After the boys exchange some head that moves into a 69, Muzzafar gets on his back for some ass licking, cock sucking and finger fucking. Rasul is working a couple of fingers up Muzzafar's ass between licking it out like a hot cunt. When he gets up on his knees and starts fucking Muzzafar it's hard and fast from the start. Muzzafar, of course, takes it like the world class bottom that he is. Not to be shown up, though, he gets Rasul on his knees, gives his hole a lick and climbs in to show that he can top with the best of them as well. Rasul is smiling and laughing the whole time. Seems he'd been waiting for this fuck for quite a while and he really enjoys the ride. These guys cum a bucket load on a glass top table. This shot will leave your mouth watering and when you hear Muzzafar's cum hitting that glass you may lose your load!
01:30 min
31 months ago
Lockeroom Plow
Jock gets his all plowed bent over a bench in the locker room. Clip from All Worlds Video PLAYING WITH FIRE 1.
01:00 min
30 months ago
Hor Jocks Soaked In Cum
Heads up! Mick and Alec are playing a little game of pitcher and catcher today out on the baseball diamond near the FratHouse and one of them is...
05:58 min
30 months ago
Boyz In The Raw Bonus
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02:57 min
29 months ago
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slamming hung jcks here
06:10 min
29 months ago
By: gayroom
Muscle Men Threeway Orgy
The night shift brings Renzo and Junior Carioca, two tops who double penetrate power bottom Alexandre Senna. Just another day of guys looking for anonymous sex, and finding it at the Brazilian Sex House. Get full scenes at*****topmansite.com. More free xxx gay clips at xxxmantube.com
01:12 min
28 months ago
Introducing Straight Guy Jason
Jason is a bit of an adventurous guy, sporty and sexy. He's come over from the USA just for the experience of meeting new people. This is definitely a new experience for the straight guy too, getting out his cut 7
05:01 min
28 months ago
Nasty Guy Toys His Ass
hung jock stuffs his hole and gets real hard
05:34 min
28 months ago
By: m2mclub
Deep Fucking Otters
 Seth and Lance have amazing sex
03:30 min
28 months ago
By: dirtytony
Hot Guy Jerking Off
The whole reason I am uploading this video is because this guy is one of my favorites. I'd really like to find out if hes done any other videos....
01:34 min
25 months ago
Gavin Jayden Gets Hot Massage
Fratmen Jayden and Gavin give each other a hot sexy massage that will never be forgotten in the Fratpad.
03:23 min
24 months ago
By: fratpad
My Slutty Hot Jock Boyfriend
Watch this and other hot scenes in The Darkroom! A place where all men can come, release some stress and get their fuck on!
02:00 min
24 months ago
Beefy Amateur Stud Jerking Off
This sexy guy has a body I'd love to take over! He strokes his cock until shooting a nice creamy load onto his naval.
01:40 min
24 months ago
Latin Bodybuilder Muscle
Sexy Latin Bodybuilder Michael of saggers gone wild....like hot boys in saggy pants? they like to show themselves off!
00:47 min
23 months ago
Hot Muscle Men Suck Each Other Off
Sexy euro hunks having sex. Just a bunch of working guys who know how to relax when the day is done! They're all so hungry for cock!
02:04 min
23 months ago
Suck My Cock, Make Him Cry
Wuts up guys, this is Jackson. I've been wanting to get Jacob all to myself since the first day he moved in. His ass so fuckable.
00:38 min
22 months ago
Gavin Tate Toying In The Gym
Gavin Tate is back and doing his first toy video.  Exercise is tough work, especially when your ass is twitching for some action.  Gavin finds that the key to enjoying his workout is a good fuck session!
00:50 min
22 months ago
Duo Sucks Off Ultra Hung Hottie
The ultra-hung hottie who ended up fucking both these bottom sluts into a pleasure coma!
03:00 min
22 months ago
Blue Gets Bred
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03:00 min
20 months ago
Swallowing Joe's Cum
Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
03:00 min
19 months ago
Matheus Axel And Roberto Gaucho
During military service you can make very close friends!
04:04 min
19 months ago
Francisco Live
Latino stud Francisco is on live and chatting with his crowd about his hobbies and what it's like to work in gay porn as a straight guy. He has a lot of fun with the guys he gets to meet and he likes the extra cash he is making too! The tides change once Francisco peels his shirt off to reveal his ripped body. Wow! He makes his smooth pecs bounce up and down, which his viewers love, and starts rubbing on the crotch of his tightening jeans. As he starts to heat up, his jeans are next to come off. Francisco lays back in his underwear and talks about a time when he experimented with a guy in his personal life. He was at a club and his friend and he got drunk and messed around together. Francisco gets up off the couch and shows a close up of his huge boner trying to poke its way out of its cotton prison. Then he turns around and shows his bare ass and it is just absolutely lovely. The two huge firm and smooth cheeks with a tight lightly haired hole in the middle of it all seems all too inviting! He sits back down and starts jerking his uncut member and pulling on his foreskin in all directions. Francisco gets on all fours and spreads apart his ass, showing off his hole once more while using his free hand to fondle his balls. He lays back and cups his hands together and begins thrusting into his handhole vigorously while his balls bounce around happily against his taint. Francisco's breathing picks up and he starts to moan and grunt out loud. With a few last strokes, his engorged dick starts spewing out milky white cum all down his leg and down his ball-sack.
03:00 min
18 months ago
Max Morgan and Clayton Archer really wanted to get to know each other better today, so they brought out an icebreaker card game. The boys asked each other some sweet, innocent questions, as well as some dirty ones too, of course. After talking about what body parts turn them on the most, the boys had to act out the cards. They started kissing and groping, and Max's shorts came down. Clayton started blowing him, loving his giant dick and balls. Who knew a guy with such a small frame could have that monster in his pants? Max wanted to return the favor, so he took Clayton's pants down and started licking his dick through his underwear. You could see the pre cum on Clayton's underwear, and Max loved the taste. Then his underwear came off and Max started licking his dick all over. Max was ready to get fucked then for sure, so he let Clayton ease into him. He was in a great position too, with his dick and balls flopping up and down as he rides Clayton reverse cowboy style. Next Clayton starts fucking Max on the couch. Max loves every second of it, he couldn't stop moaning and touching himself (and Clayton). Then the boys got into the last position for a final railing. Clayton went to town on Max, and Max had to shoot all over himself. It was quite a big load, very sticky. After several massive squirts of white go onto his taut abs, it began to drip down his side and onto the couch; leaving trails of glue. It was Clayton's turn after, and he wanted to shoot in Max's face. Max eagerly opened his mouth, awaiting his final reward for a game well played. He loved it and swallowed it up as the streams left the tip of Clayton's cock just a few inches from his lips. It made the couch pretty messy too. After they were done the boys took a shower, wondering what kinds of games they could play next.
02:40 min
15 months ago
Hot Stud Fucking After A Work
These two really hot gym hunks have just finished an intense workout and want nothing more than to get nasty! Watch them fuck long and hard, until they both cum!
04:27 min
8 months ago
By: suite703
Buzz Cocks
Getting your hair cut means a lot to a man, it makes you feel confident, complete and ready to take on the world. Theres something about a regular visit to the barbers that keeps you in check, on top of your appearance and prepared for any action. Jonny and Jace at Buzzcocks, take good care of their clients, wether that’s getting them ready for a date at a moments notice or taking special care of them by other means, they keep them happy! It’s no wonder they have so many regulars. Scissors rattle, Barbacide trembles and spunk goes flying at Buzzcocks.
05:51 min
15 months ago
Highschool Boy Gets Ridden In The Locker Room
A horny football coach can't help but give his star player a nice ass full of creamy spunk
05:25 min
14 months ago
By: men
Horny Stud Wants A Cock In His Mouth And Ass
This really hot young stud desperately wants his ass broken in. Watch as his horny partner reveals his big cock, making this young stud want nothing more than to take it deep
22:07 min
9 months ago
Muscle Guys Have Hot Anal
Two sexy tattooed jocks sit in a chair and have deep and rough anal.
05:18 min
8 months ago
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