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Logan, Bruno And Cole
Logan walks to the back of a bar where a slave tied to a St. Andrew’s cross is being dominated by his leather master, Bruno Bond. The master uses tit clamps and pulls on the chain, elongating the pain/pleasure. Logan comes closer to watch. Bruno fondles and teases the slave under his control and allows Logan to join into the role-play of pain and pleasure. The three men enter into an ever-evolving fuckfest you'll not want to miss.
01:59 min
51 months ago
Fucked From Behind By A Machine
horny slut taking a fucking machine from behind. watch this bottom get abused!
03:14 min
21 months ago
Hot Sex Gaymes
Easily one of the hottest duos we've had here at SexGaymes in a long time, Pedro and Nico have the most incredibly well-sculpted and lightly hairy bodies. Put together, it makes for an incomparably hot one-on-one encounter that's not to be missed.
01:59 min
55 months ago
Latino Guys Fucking And Sucking Verga
Watch this hot latino guy as he strokes his verga and plays with it until he cums. want more.? visit bilatinmen.com
01:32 min
18 months ago
Fucking Machine
He stuffs a big dildo in his ass with the help of this machine.
02:44 min
39 months ago
Hairy Threesome
Hairy threesome
01:08 min
18 months ago
By: m2mclub
Fucked By My Machine
superb round bum gets drilled by a home made fuck machine
01:33 min
34 months ago
Homemade Fucking Machine
Human power dildo fucking machine.
09:50 min
46 months ago
Hung Dudes Barebacking
Hung dudes barebacking
01:11 min
17 months ago
By: m2mclub
Daddies Barebacking
daddies barebacking
01:19 min
18 months ago
Tickle Fun With Jesse
Everybody's favorite hot Asian tickle boy twink Jesse Rivera is back again by popular demand. This tickle video request has the incredibly hot Jesse in bondage with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky tickles his sexy smooth body with feathers. Then he starts poking and tickling with his fingers. Then we strapped him to the tickle rack for a while. During a break, we take you behind the scenes with a bit of conversation and messing around in between. But then it's right back to the tickle fun. Daddy Mike has his shot a tickling cute Jesse, then we end up with an endurance test. Jesse must voluntarily hold his arms up while Ricky tickles his armpits and smooth sides and ass making Jesse squirm like a ticklish worm. What an incredibly tickle-erotic scene!
04:21 min
31 months ago
Cyruz Gang Tickled
Cute Asian boy Cyruz is back after two years, and he is more ticklish than ever! We had a room full of cute boys so we strapped cute Cyruz down and let them each have a turn tickling the hell out of his ticklish feet and body. Then they all ganged up on him, one on each foot and one tickling his smooth upper body until he was totally exhausted.
04:16 min
31 months ago
Hermis Gets Fucked
Meet hot, sexy gay Asian foot fetish boy Hermis. He takes off his shoes and socks and puts them right in your face in clear, sharp glorious HD filming. He strips down to reveal his hotness and begins to get hard. He jerks off for a while, but decided he needed a little help to get him to cum. He took a fondness to Ricky, so he asked if Ricky could join him. But that wasn't quite enough! He wanted Ricky to fuck him, and Ricky was happy to
04:45 min
31 months ago
Javey Jerks Off
Cute, thin, sexy gay Asian tickle boy Javey does a striptease and foot tease with close-ups of his hot Asian boy feet. Then he lays back and jerks off until he manages to give a little pearl of cum.
03:05 min
31 months ago
Tickled Blu
Fair skinned gay Asian boy
04:55 min
31 months ago
Horny Working Men
Horny working men
01:15 min
18 months ago
By: m2mclub
Ronny Is Feather Ticklish
Oh so cute and oh so ticklish gay Asian twink Ronny makes his debut appearance on Laughing Asians in the usual fashion. This adorable 19 year old Asian boy is so delightfully ticklish. You're going to love his laughter as Ricky tickles him all over with feathers and fingers.
04:21 min
31 months ago
Hot Prisoner Of War Gets Nailed
This really hot and muscular captive is so alluring that the guard just can't resist him! He whips out his big dick and starts fucking his tight ass, hammering it long and hard!
16:27 min
9 months ago
Javey's Tickle Torment
Javey is back for more Asian boy tickling fun in this first of it's kind video. This tickling video has all the elements of tickling anyone could want. Sensual feather tickling, bellybutton tickling, feathered feet, tickled feet with fingers close up, and for the first time ever, a fully animated feather seems to be
04:13 min
31 months ago
Tickle Heaven
Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asian twink Warren and our expert tickler Ricky. Jesse is truly one of the most ticklish Asian boys we've had here on Laughing Asians. His ticklish laughter is delightful and infectious to say the least. Warren starts it off with tickling Jesse's armpits with the feathers causing delightful giggling from Jesse. After Warren has had his fill, Ricky steps in and really gets Jesse hysterical. Ricky tickles his armpits, feet, crotch and his very ticklish rib cage until Jesse is completely exhausted and tickled out. And to finish him off, both Ricky and Warren attack him with 20 scribbling, poking, wiggling fingers all over his hot sexy ticklish naked body. Now this is tickle heaven!
04:47 min
31 months ago
Tickle Boy Trio
Two str8 boys team tickle gay boy! Hot Asian hunk Jesse Rivera returns after 3 years to join up with our new little Asian boy hottie Niko to release a tickle typhoon on the adorable gay boy Warren. There's just something extra appealing about seeing a couple of hot masculine straight boys teaming up on a defenseless gay boy, tying him down on a bed and tickling the hell out of him. Warren has a great laugh and level of real ticklishness. Download the full 12 minute video in 1920x1080 Full HD
03:31 min
31 months ago
Ricky Tickles Julius
Laughing Asians Co-founder and very first Asian twink tickle boy Ricky is all goo goo over this new cutie Julius, and couldn't wait to put him through some expert tickle treatment. Julius turned out to be as delightfully ticklish as we had hoped, and Ricky took full advantage of his bound and helpless smooth Asian boy body, making Julius giggle, laugh, and scream for this entire session!
02:22 min
30 months ago
Kaiser Tickle Tricks Vahn
Kaiser invites Vahn over for a sex date, and the two cute gay Asian boys head upstairs to the bedroom and the action begins with kissing and stripping off each other's clothes. They suck each other's cocks for a while then Kaiser asks Vahn if he can tie him down on the bed. Vahn says,
04:16 min
31 months ago
Giving Myself A Good Fuckin'
Young little twink is having a great time with his new fucking machine.  He can't get that machine any deeper yet but he will work on that.
05:25 min
4 months ago
Bareback Party 2
Hot amateur bareback sex party
06:29 min
59 months ago
By: m2mclub
Male Tickling - Mateo
Ricky and Gil convince cute sexy gay Asian boy Mateo to let them tie him down to the bed to see if he can escape. But Ricky decides he wants to see how ticklish his feet are. So he sits down by his feet hanging over the edge, and takes off his shoe. He gives some tickles on his socked foot and gets a nice ticklish reaction. So Ricky peels off his sock to reveal his super soft soles. A few flicks of his fingers and recoil of Mateo's foot indicates ticklishness. This get's Ricky's tickle urge fired up, and begins to scribble and flick his talented tickling fingers delightfully up and down his sole, sending Mateo into fits of laughter. Ricky picks up the pace, and begins his evil sadistic laughter and begins to taunt Mateo with,
02:54 min
31 months ago
Tickling Lorenzo
This handsome gay Asian devil turned out to be so much fun to tickle. His laughter was infectious and his feet were so smooth and soft and ticklish. You'll love the way he wiggles and flails his feet around when we're tickling his feet. Even when Mike brought out the feathers, he shows them to him, and he gets this frightened dreadful expression on his face, then Mike starts feather tickling his soles and he goes into fits of hysterical laughter. There is really nothing more fun than when you get a guy with really ticklish feet!
02:14 min
30 months ago
Niko Is Ticklish
This gay-4-pay straight Asian tickle boy has about the most perfect body I've ever seen on an Asian twink. His confidence and presence in front of the camera is a total turn-on as he shows off a bit before we strap him down to the tickle rack and tickle the living hell out of him. His feet and soles are absolutely as gorgeous as the rest of him. Ricky and I really enjoyed tickling him silly. We finished off with flipping him over on his back to tickle that super hot bubble butt of his. This is 20 minutes of Asian tickle boy video you DON'T WANT TO MISS! FUCKING HOT!
04:37 min
31 months ago
Beefy Muscle Gays Doing Hardcore Anal Sex
Horny beefy touching his partner body and sucking his cock. Enjoying hardcore bareback ass fucking with nasty cumshot in his face.
10:01 min
22 months ago
By: beefy
Where's The Diamonds?
Vahn is a diamond thief who got caught and captured by the diamond store owners, but not before he was able to hide the diamonds. He is taken to an undisclosed location to be interrogated. His captors strip him naked and strap him down on a rack fully exposed and ready to be poked, prodded, and tickled senseless. He refuses to reveal the location of the diamonds, so Ricky starts tickling his ribs and armpits, forcing out laughter from the thief. Still he refuses to talk.
03:13 min
31 months ago
Hermis Tickled And Milked
Gay Asian hottie Hermis is strapped down to the tickle rack and Warren starts off by tickling and playing with his hot cock. Then it's Ricky's turn to finish him off with his tickle talented fingers, then he hand jobs him until he explodes his cum.
04:43 min
31 months ago
Benjamin On The Tickle Rack
Asian tickle boy Benjamin is back, and this time on the rack nice and stretched out for some serious tickling by the gang of ticklers. Everyone takes turns inflicting serious tickle torment on this slim cutie.
04:35 min
31 months ago
Doctor Tickle's Depression Clinic
Gay Asian boy Alex has been feeling very depressed, and is seeking help to overcome his feelings of sadness. He comes to Doctor Tickle for treatment. Doctor Tickle has a revolutionary new treatment which brings instant laughter, smiles, and happiness into his patient's lives again. So the good Doctor prescribes his tickle treatment. He calls in his tickle technician who tightly straps Alex down to the tickle rack and the tickling begins. The kind Doctor assists in the tickling and before you know it, Alex is laughing hysterically, and for the first time in months, he's smiling so much it hurts! This is a very erotic yet comical tickle video, and a must see!
04:46 min
31 months ago
Daddy And Vahn Bareback
Gorgeous, sexy, and cute Asian boy Vahn is back for some bareback sex. I started off by tickling his Asian boy feet then stripped him of his clothes for some upper body tickling. Then I sucked his beautiful straight cock and he sucked mine. It was now time to go inside his tight Asian ass and fuck this boy bareback. He wanted it, and loved the pleasurable pain.
04:50 min
31 months ago
Huge Muscled Gay Stud Getting Sucked Gay Sex
Beefy gay neighbor was looking for some beefy gay sex and look around on the other house near his own house, and then he found out the gay alone in his house and he offered his self to have a muscular fucking.
10:01 min
22 months ago
By: beefy
Str8 Jock Serviced
Str8 jock serviced
01:13 min
15 months ago
By: m2mclub
Hard Tools
black guy using a fuck machine
01:53 min
34 months ago
Hermis And Willy-boy
Willy-Boy is a straight Asian boy, but a super cute, super sexy one who agreed to be tied down and tickled. So we got our super hot, super cute gay Asian boy Hermis to do most of the tickling. It turned out to be an extremely erotic gay tickle fetish scene, and Hermis begins a hand job, and eventually a blow job after a very erotic sensual tickling session.
05:07 min
32 months ago
Warren Racked And Tickled
Our super cute, super sexy gay asian tickle boy twink Warren returns to Laughing Asians to get tickled on our new tickle rack. First up, Benjamin. Benjamin warms him up with some light feather and finger tickling. Then he introduces our brand new
04:32 min
31 months ago
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