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Bisex Latino Dudes Fucking A Queer
Bisex latino dudes fucking a queer
02:09 min
12 months ago
Anal Pounding
These two young guys are pounding each others butts.
04:01 min
55 months ago
Machine Fucked
Hot stud Patrick bends over and gets machine fucked hardcore.
05:01 min
31 months ago
The Trap - Scene 5
What a collection of kinky cuties we have here. Led by ripped, muscular Spencer Reed, he commands Austin Wilde and Tristan Jaxx to service his large cock before doing the same to Junior Stellano. Ready for more, Junior gets a rambunctious hard fuck from each stud. First Austin, then Tristan, and finally Spencer all filling Junior’s hole with their giant cocks.
02:00 min
53 months ago
Fucking Machine
He stuffs a big dildo in his ass with the help of this machine.
02:44 min
33 months ago
His Love Machine
in his ass
05:05 min
64 months ago
Italians Barebacking
Italians barebacking
03:23 min
11 months ago
By: m2mclub
Golden Gate
It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to enter the land of impulse and desire with NakedSword’s first-ever Original Production, Golden Gate, from Raging Stallion Releasing. For over ten years, NakedSword has been known for having the largest library of premium full-length movies from the biggest and best gay porn studios.  Now, as we finally offer up our first original series, you know we had to pull out all the stops.
The 2-disc set is jam-packed with over five hours of hardcore content. Disc 1 contains all five episodes from Golden Gate Season 1 and clocks in at over two-and-a-half-hours of hardcore content. Disc 2 is packed with over 2.5 hours of solos, interviews, trailers, and behind-the-scenes!
03:07 min
51 months ago
‘live Sex’
Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take you behind the scenes as they film sexual encounters for their live cam show. They pair up hot guys who are very into each other and let the sex flow naturally. Real chemistry and the intensity of a live shoot make for exciting action as these sexy guys show off for an audience. All of the energy of the live shoot is there matched with the intense close-ups, and higher production values that are usually missing from the live stream. This is the best parts of a studio production matched with the immediacy of a live show for a new, erotic experience.
02:25 min
48 months ago
Fistpack 31
Caedon Chase, the ripped tattooed piggy wearing his red jock, is on all fours ready and eager in the dark pleasure dungeon.  The striking master Michael Brandon clad in a jock and cup gets right into the action by slipping his soaking hand into Caedon.  Skillfully pleasing his stud puppet with constant strokes, Michael twists and punches as his boy pushes back wanting more.  The intensity in Michael’s eyes grows as his subject writhes in ecstasy and exposes his enlarged, rosy sphincter.  Caedon stands providing Michael with an eye level view of his hairy ass, and serves the stud with quick, rapid-fire mini punches that hit Caedon’s target causing him to let out loud approving moans.  On his back and holding his combat boots in the air, Caedon thanks Michael with a perfect view of his gaping hole and allows Michael to reach in deeper with quick forearm thrusts, that send inspire grunts of pleasure from the approving Caedon.
02:13 min
48 months ago
Dude Fucked By Hung Latinos
Dude fucked by hung latinos
01:13 min
10 months ago
By: m2mclub
Fucking Machine
Me enjoying my deluxe model fucking machine
09:18 min
82 months ago
Bisex Bear Using Fuck Machine To Ram Fleshlight On Cock
About a 5 minute clip of me using my fuck machine to fuck my cock with my fleshlight. So intense could almost not take it. Legs and balls really...
05:06 min
21 months ago
Amateur Anal Fucking Machine
My machine, check it out....More to cum!
02:56 min
22 months ago
Hotties Fucking
Hotties fucking
01:06 min
21 months ago
By: m2mclub
Spanish Daddies Barerbacking
Spanish daddies barerbacking
01:14 min
13 months ago
Ripped Muscled Men
Galen and Justin find a quiet corner of their sleazy bar to fuck each other rotten. Those ripped and muscled bodies look so good in the shadowy light as they hammer into each other, surrounded by steel bars - which come in handy when they get into some hardcore riding action.
02:00 min
48 months ago
Huge Hard Fuck
Young boy roughly fucked by huge dildo, attached on powerfull fucking machine.
03:25 min
51 months ago
Twinks On Set
Scene 1 – Logan Drake and Noah Springs
Cute aspiring photographer, Logan Drake is shooting his new model, Noah Springs, a sweet Hawaiian boy with sumptuous lips. As Logan asks his subject to reveal his subjects beautifully rounded, smooth ass, our photographer can’t hold back, making out with his model and landing on his knees to swallow his cock. Noah returns the favor, then sits on Logan’s thick dick, wrapping his tight hole around the nicely veined pole, then our model poses in puppy position for a pounding.  Ending up on his back, Noah spreads his legs and gives a shoot of his own
02:12 min
48 months ago
Muscular Hunks Have An Intense Bareback Threeway
Three muscular and horny studs meet up on the weekend to hang out, but things quickly take a turn and before you know it, they are all naked! Watch this amazingly intense threeway, the three hunks going absolutely wild and fucking each other raw and hard until everyone is covered in cum
20:43 min
4 months ago
Expectations Are Met
After wowing us in his debut set earlier in the month, Alexander Green is back for his first video and our first chance to see that massive uncut tool in some real action. I was so excited to see him shove it in Micah that I can only tell you how much this new twink lives up to expectations.
01:58 min
51 months ago
By: twinks
Hot Hunk Blowjob Muscle Cock Big Hardcore Fucking
Muscle Gay wants to relax in the midle of the forest with his good gay friend, they try to do a sparing session but when they see each other toples, they desided to have a beefy sex.
05:01 min
17 months ago
By: beefy
European Fucker
Peto Coast has earned a reputation as the number one ass fucker in Europe today. He's a handsome guy with a seriously big and ever-hard cock, but what makes Peto special isn't just what he's got - it's how he uses it. This man fucks with an innate skill and intensity that perfectly balances human intelligence against pure, virile animal prowess. Witnessing him in action is enough to give any man's asshole an appetite. 
Keywords: suck, oral, amateur, cum, bareback, hunk, foreign
02:05 min
49 months ago
Hot Sex Gaymes
Easily one of the hottest duos we've had here at SexGaymes in a long time, Pedro and Nico have the most incredibly well-sculpted and lightly hairy bodies. Put together, it makes for an incomparably hot one-on-one encounter that's not to be missed.
01:59 min
50 months ago
Straight Man Fucks
Stag Homme is back with another scorching hot episode of “Straight Man Fucks Me”! Once again Francesco D’Macho is on the hunt for hot and horny young straight men that are willing to give him a good pounding with their fat hetero cocks for some money! This time D’Macho was able to strike a deal with an incredibly beautiful cable-guy. This is one blindfolded hunk that you’d give anything to for an assful of his fat piece! Watch it all come to a warm and gooey chaotic climax all over Francesco’s face!
01:58 min
46 months ago
By: staghomme
Dark Meat Bangs Gay Beefy Asshole
Two gay beefy muscular man make hard licking hard sucking cock in each other and make best dogie and top postion for fucking anal sex.cumshot on his whole body.
05:01 min
17 months ago
By: beefy
Ryan Patrick & James Aaron
It may be winter, but it's certainly rosebud season here at Fisting Central, especially for the very talented James Aaron. Here he teams up with Ryan Patrick - another skilled fist-taker - and both use each other's holes in a reciprocal fistfest that'll have you sweating up a storm in lust.
01:57 min
52 months ago
Beefy Muscle Hunk Gay Sex
Beefy muscle hunk fuck this skinny gay and let him suck his cock and have he give a ass pounding until he cant stop and end it up with cumshot
05:01 min
17 months ago
By: beefy
Vicious Muscular Hunk Teaching Anal Session Mmmm
Vicious muscular hunk teaching anal session with nice tanned skin
05:02 min
3 months ago
Drenched In Piss County
The hot solar rays, beat down on a sun-drenched vineyard in wine country. Overheated, Damien Crosse takes a well-deserved break from plowing, and needs to unleash his swollen bladder filled with piss. Working nearby,
01:48 min
52 months ago
Daddy Gangbanged Raw
daddy gangbanged raw
01:16 min
18 months ago
By: m2mclub
Big Cock Fucking Fleshlight
02:24 min
27 months ago
Tickle Fun With Jesse
Everybody's favorite hot Asian tickle boy twink Jesse Rivera is back again by popular demand. This tickle video request has the incredibly hot Jesse in bondage with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky tickles his sexy smooth body with feathers. Then he starts poking and tickling with his fingers. Then we strapped him to the tickle rack for a while. During a break, we take you behind the scenes with a bit of conversation and messing around in between. But then it's right back to the tickle fun. Daddy Mike has his shot a tickling cute Jesse, then we end up with an endurance test. Jesse must voluntarily hold his arms up while Ricky tickles his armpits and smooth sides and ass making Jesse squirm like a ticklish worm. What an incredibly tickle-erotic scene!
04:21 min
25 months ago
Cyruz Gang Tickled
Cute Asian boy Cyruz is back after two years, and he is more ticklish than ever! We had a room full of cute boys so we strapped cute Cyruz down and let them each have a turn tickling the hell out of his ticklish feet and body. Then they all ganged up on him, one on each foot and one tickling his smooth upper body until he was totally exhausted.
04:16 min
25 months ago
Hermis Gets Fucked
Meet hot, sexy gay Asian foot fetish boy Hermis. He takes off his shoes and socks and puts them right in your face in clear, sharp glorious HD filming. He strips down to reveal his hotness and begins to get hard. He jerks off for a while, but decided he needed a little help to get him to cum. He took a fondness to Ricky, so he asked if Ricky could join him. But that wasn't quite enough! He wanted Ricky to fuck him, and Ricky was happy to
04:45 min
26 months ago
Hairy Sex Party
Hairy sex party
01:02 min
18 months ago
By: m2mclub
Javey Jerks Off
Cute, thin, sexy gay Asian tickle boy Javey does a striptease and foot tease with close-ups of his hot Asian boy feet. Then he lays back and jerks off until he manages to give a little pearl of cum.
03:05 min
25 months ago
Tickled Blu
Fair skinned gay Asian boy
04:55 min
26 months ago
Ronny Is Feather Ticklish
Oh so cute and oh so ticklish gay Asian twink Ronny makes his debut appearance on Laughing Asians in the usual fashion. This adorable 19 year old Asian boy is so delightfully ticklish. You're going to love his laughter as Ricky tickles him all over with feathers and fingers.
04:21 min
25 months ago
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