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Raped My Machines
Hard fucking into his mouth and anus but piston driven dildos.
02:06 min
42 months ago
Felix Slovacek & Max Pirner
Young Euro skaters Felix and Max find a run-down graffitied warehouse space to suck, fuck and jerk-off with each other in this video. They have great little bodies on them, which they seem equally keen to explore on camera and end with an explosion of young cum.
01:57 min
52 months ago
By: sexgaymes
Hot Euro Studs
In the operating room, there's a Euro stud in desperate need of examination by two muscled doctors. Lucky, they know exactly what this horny young fellow needs, and go about inserting it in both his ends at the same time. That's quite the cure.
02:00 min
50 months ago
Brutal 2 - Scene 4
Rusty Stevens likes rough sex, and Tommy Defendi is happy to fulfill his needs. Tommy grabs the back of Rusty’s head forcing his cock down hiss throat. Rusty then pulls Tommy’s ass up in the air and switches between sucking his cock, his ass and fingering his hole. He gets Tommy's hole open and ready then he stands up and burries his cock deep. Tommy’s thick cock then plows in and out of Rusty's tight hole in a flip-flop fuck not to be missed.
01:59 min
49 months ago
Athletic Flogging
Sebastian has a real cutie on his hands with 19-year-old Cameron Wilson. Looking weak and helpless, Sebastian brings the pathetic lad back to life with a powerful flogging which soon has Cameron pleading for it to end. Sebastian strokes the lads hard cock until he starts to thrust his hips trying to take himself to climax. Sebastian demands that Cameron keep control and hold back his cum. Returning to the lad's dick, Sebastian once again brings Cameron to the brink, finally stroking the lad past the point of no return. Cameron screams out as his hard, heavy load is released.
02:00 min
49 months ago
By: boynapped
Race To The Edge
As the world spins at a break-neck speed, Race Cooper introduces you to his world of hot guys, hot wheels, and hot gay sex! Working as a personal driver for executives at
02:26 min
50 months ago
Hot Sailor Fuck
Sailor Sam tops Jason Nikas in the latrines for not squealing on him about an incriminating letter from Kevin. Watch the whole sordid story at www.topmansite.com. More free xxx gay clips at xxxmantube.com
01:10 min
45 months ago
Mature Bears Have A Hot Barebacking Threesome
Three mature bears get nasty in a rough bareback threesome. They pound ass and suck cock until all three are ready to shoot massive loads of cum
01:14 min
9 months ago
By: m2mclub
Horny Daddies Barebacking
Horny daddies barebacking
01:11 min
15 months ago
Horny Bears Fucking
Horny bears fucking
01:22 min
15 months ago
By: m2mclub
Sissy Guy Fucked By Hung Guys
sissy guy fucked by hung guys
01:49 min
15 months ago
By: m2mclub
Horny sporty twinks in hardcore action
04:30 min
47 months ago
In The Car....
12:22 min
64 months ago
Italian Dudes Barebacking
Italian dudes barebacking
01:12 min
14 months ago
By: m2mclub
Suspended Hottie Is Fed Two Big Cocks
These two really hot blonde twins love tag teaming hot studs. A really gorgeous hunk suspended in a hammock has asked them to use and abuse his mouth and ass in this hot scene, and they are only too happy to comply!
02:00 min
7 months ago
Big Cock Fucking Fleshlight
02:24 min
27 months ago
Carey Lexes, Colin Reeves And Ruslan Brodovich
If there's the Tour de France, then this video has got to be a part of the Tour de Fuck. Three hot Euro cyclists stop off from their circuit to engage in an outdoor threeway that'll have at least one of them too sore to hope back on that bike seat.
01:54 min
47 months ago
Their Love For Cock
It's back to the gym with out horny homeboys, where their love of rod has evolved to some ass-play too. Check this crew out as they bury their heads in each others asses and skewer their throats on some bulging black cock.
02:02 min
46 months ago
By: thugorgy
Muscled Gay Pounds A Masculine Boys Butt
Beefy gay in the garden make horny make the deepest hardcore fucking position.  Anal sex and enjoying hardcore fucking sex to their beefy partner.
05:02 min
17 months ago
By: beefy
Muscle Hunk Sucks Cock Before Ass Fucking
Cowboy beefy gay anal licking and fingering his ass.Hardcore fucking in the top of muscular gay enjoy anal fucking with body cumshot in the end.
10:02 min
17 months ago
By: beefy
Hotties Fucking
Hotties fucking
01:06 min
21 months ago
By: m2mclub
His Love Machine
in his ass
05:05 min
64 months ago
You’ve seen Basque hottie Xavi go down on Damien Crosse in a cable car in Stag Homme’s “Thugs in Public” series. Now we bring back this hot fucker for his debut fuck flick “Polvo” starring Francesco D’Macho. Xavi not only knows how to swallow all of Francesco’s big fat cock, but also has quite the hunger for his ass…slipping his fingers in that pink hole and devouring intensely with his tongue until he pounds that ass relentlessly and gets all of Francesco’s fat load all over his face.
02:00 min
50 months ago
By: staghomme
Hunk Is Gagged And Fucked Hard
This really kinky couple like to mix things up and do risque things once in awhile! Today the muscular bottom has been gagged, and his partner works hard to really give it to him, slamming his asshole full of cock and stretching it to its limit!
05:29 min
4 months ago
Lan & Jay Fucking
Lan Andrews is a cute-faced lad with a sweet ass and Jay Allan is very happy to take care of with his long dick in this video. Lan services it orally to get it really hard and then gets bent over a couch for a fuck session that leaves their cum tanks well and truly empty.
02:00 min
48 months ago
Tickle Fun With Jesse
Everybody's favorite hot Asian tickle boy twink Jesse Rivera is back again by popular demand. This tickle video request has the incredibly hot Jesse in bondage with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky tickles his sexy smooth body with feathers. Then he starts poking and tickling with his fingers. Then we strapped him to the tickle rack for a while. During a break, we take you behind the scenes with a bit of conversation and messing around in between. But then it's right back to the tickle fun. Daddy Mike has his shot a tickling cute Jesse, then we end up with an endurance test. Jesse must voluntarily hold his arms up while Ricky tickles his armpits and smooth sides and ass making Jesse squirm like a ticklish worm. What an incredibly tickle-erotic scene!
04:21 min
25 months ago
Cyruz Gang Tickled
Cute Asian boy Cyruz is back after two years, and he is more ticklish than ever! We had a room full of cute boys so we strapped cute Cyruz down and let them each have a turn tickling the hell out of his ticklish feet and body. Then they all ganged up on him, one on each foot and one tickling his smooth upper body until he was totally exhausted.
04:16 min
25 months ago
Hermis Gets Fucked
Meet hot, sexy gay Asian foot fetish boy Hermis. He takes off his shoes and socks and puts them right in your face in clear, sharp glorious HD filming. He strips down to reveal his hotness and begins to get hard. He jerks off for a while, but decided he needed a little help to get him to cum. He took a fondness to Ricky, so he asked if Ricky could join him. But that wasn't quite enough! He wanted Ricky to fuck him, and Ricky was happy to
04:45 min
26 months ago
Javey Jerks Off
Cute, thin, sexy gay Asian tickle boy Javey does a striptease and foot tease with close-ups of his hot Asian boy feet. Then he lays back and jerks off until he manages to give a little pearl of cum.
03:05 min
25 months ago
Tickled Blu
Fair skinned gay Asian boy
04:55 min
26 months ago
Geared To The Max
this old man has it all
07:34 min
27 months ago
Bad Ass Cliff Jensen Is Bound In Leather Straps
As the beating becomes harder and harder, the bound stud gets an attitude adjustment and yells as he reaches his limits
04:00 min
21 months ago
By: boundgods
Sisy Guy Fucked By Hung Guys
sisy guy fucked by hung guys
01:20 min
15 months ago
By: m2mclub
Horny Twink Nailed By The Delivery Guy
This really hot twink got a delivery, and the delivery guy was too delicious to turn away! He begs to be fucked hard and deep, and the sexy deliveryman is only too happy to do so!
05:29 min
3 months ago
Ronny Is Feather Ticklish
Oh so cute and oh so ticklish gay Asian twink Ronny makes his debut appearance on Laughing Asians in the usual fashion. This adorable 19 year old Asian boy is so delightfully ticklish. You're going to love his laughter as Ricky tickles him all over with feathers and fingers.
04:21 min
25 months ago
Hot Rough Fuck For A Group Of Studs
This greedy hunk loves to get nailed and fucked by huge groups of studs. Watch as his tight ass is slapped, beaten and fucked by these three hunks while he sucks a huge dick!
05:59 min
4 months ago
Javey's Tickle Torment
Javey is back for more Asian boy tickling fun in this first of it's kind video. This tickling video has all the elements of tickling anyone could want. Sensual feather tickling, bellybutton tickling, feathered feet, tickled feet with fingers close up, and for the first time ever, a fully animated feather seems to be
04:13 min
25 months ago
Tickle Heaven
Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asian twink Warren and our expert tickler Ricky. Jesse is truly one of the most ticklish Asian boys we've had here on Laughing Asians. His ticklish laughter is delightful and infectious to say the least. Warren starts it off with tickling Jesse's armpits with the feathers causing delightful giggling from Jesse. After Warren has had his fill, Ricky steps in and really gets Jesse hysterical. Ricky tickles his armpits, feet, crotch and his very ticklish rib cage until Jesse is completely exhausted and tickled out. And to finish him off, both Ricky and Warren attack him with 20 scribbling, poking, wiggling fingers all over his hot sexy ticklish naked body. Now this is tickle heaven!
04:47 min
26 months ago
Tickle Boy Trio
Two str8 boys team tickle gay boy! Hot Asian hunk Jesse Rivera returns after 3 years to join up with our new little Asian boy hottie Niko to release a tickle typhoon on the adorable gay boy Warren. There's just something extra appealing about seeing a couple of hot masculine straight boys teaming up on a defenseless gay boy, tying him down on a bed and tickling the hell out of him. Warren has a great laugh and level of real ticklishness. Download the full 12 minute video in 1920x1080 Full HD
03:31 min
25 months ago
Ricky Tickles Julius
Laughing Asians Co-founder and very first Asian twink tickle boy Ricky is all goo goo over this new cutie Julius, and couldn't wait to put him through some expert tickle treatment. Julius turned out to be as delightfully ticklish as we had hoped, and Ricky took full advantage of his bound and helpless smooth Asian boy body, making Julius giggle, laugh, and scream for this entire session!
02:22 min
25 months ago
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