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Getting It In
Guys having some bareback fun
06:29 min
65 months ago
Luke Desmond
Sebastian had poor Luke Desmond securely restrained and was teasing his cock before remembering how many members wanted to see this stunning teen shaved. Loving the humiliation behind shaving a boy until he's naked, Sebastian sets to work carefully removing every hair from Luke's pubic area, cock, balls and ass. Luke's huge dick is rock hard, his balls are tight, his breathing is fast and laboured, but he's made enough videos to know that he's not allowed to cum without permission ever if his cock is leaking pre-cum all through the shaving! Once Luke's arse is hairless, Sebastian moves on to fuck the moaning boy's hole. Luke takes a 12-inch dildo and begs three times before Sebastian takes the boys throbbing dick and takes him over the edge to climax.
02:01 min
53 months ago
By: boynapped
Machine Fucked By Enormous Dildos
This guy was so horny and his was so hungry for cock that he attached his biggest dildos to his fucking machine. Watch as he is stretched wide and able to take the giant dildos all the way up his ass.
05:29 min
11 months ago
In The Car....
12:22 min
67 months ago
His Love Machine
in his ass
05:05 min
67 months ago
Beefy Bear Fucks Twink
BB Maty and Julian Bear met at my building's gym for a quick blowjob but they ended up fucking on my flat driven by hornines. This is Julian Bears's first sex video. Enjoy the BIG show!
01:10 min
54 months ago
By: m2mclub
Huge Hard Fuck
Young boy roughly fucked by huge dildo, attached on powerfull fucking machine.
03:25 min
53 months ago
Fucking Machine
Me enjoying my deluxe model fucking machine
09:18 min
84 months ago
Ryan Patrick & James Aaron
It may be winter, but it's certainly rosebud season here at Fisting Central, especially for the very talented James Aaron. Here he teams up with Ryan Patrick - another skilled fist-taker - and both use each other's holes in a reciprocal fistfest that'll have you sweating up a storm in lust.
01:57 min
54 months ago
Anal Machine Fuck
AMATEUR DILATATION ANAL MACHINE - watch this cross dressing amateur homo getting his ass smashed hard by this weird machine
03:09 min
53 months ago
Daddy Used & Abused 4
One more time Fisterman is ready to be used and abused by any men. This time Bigger Bear, Felix Anaconda and Julian Bear use him as a cum dump.
01:00 min
56 months ago
By: m2mclub
Playful Asian Fuckers
Gay Asian Gil submits to the very handsome, smooth, and sexy Benjie in this 1 part scene of hot asian twink erotic action. Gil finds it hard to keep his hands off of Benjie's smooth face and body. Gil knows how ticklish Benjie is all over and before sucking his cock, he enjoys tickling his beefy thighs to get Benjie giggling. Benjie tries to hide it but fails miserably. What a playful beginning. Then the hot fuck action begins and hearing Gil's moans is music to the ears! The scene finishes with Benjie shooting his cum all over Gil.
01:30 min
27 months ago
Taming The Wild Twinks
Cody Parker is out and about taming the local wildlife with his dick. Brad Michaels & Sebastian Blaque take turns servicing Cody Parker's seriously curved cock in a field! The three waste no time, stripping down and getting good suck-hole training in the grass! Brad takes a serious pounding from Cody & Sebastian, taking it like a pro. He lets the tag team know how much he is enjoying it with plenty of eye contact and moans.
01:30 min
27 months ago
You Fuck Me Fuck
Finally, all the boys Antonio Pinto, Bruno Santos, and Marco Santos that were watching through the jungle brush decide to join in for a game of
01:30 min
29 months ago
Daddy And Vahn Bareback
Gorgeous, sexy, and cute Asian boy Vahn is back for some bareback sex. I started off by tickling his Asian boy feet then stripped him of his clothes for some upper body tickling. Then I sucked his beautiful straight cock and he sucked mine. It was now time to go inside his tight Asian ass and fuck this boy bareback. He wanted it, and loved the pleasurable pain.
04:50 min
28 months ago
Me Riding Love Machine
It fucks me hard until I cum
02:25 min
87 months ago
Anal Fuck Machine
00:54 min
70 months ago
Machine Fuck 2
Machine Fuck 2 - horny amateur homemade dude takes a huge dildo in his asshole
01:51 min
59 months ago
Drenched In Piss County
The hot solar rays, beat down on a sun-drenched vineyard in wine country. Overheated, Damien Crosse takes a well-deserved break from plowing, and needs to unleash his swollen bladder filled with piss. Working nearby,
01:48 min
54 months ago
The Brothers
“The Brothers” is a twisted flick which explores raw masculine energy in it’s full aggression. Two young men, Maikel and Jonas, stand before each other in an open field. The violent tension is more than evident as they challenge each other’s space, moving their face into the other’s face as if daring their rival to strike first. As their faces get closer and closer, sexual tension begins to mingle with the aggression until Jonas gives Maikel a kiss. Maikel, who is shocked, shoves Jonas off of him. Jonas then slams Maikel to the ground and force-feeds his fat and heavy cock into that cute little mouth of his that keeps screaming “No! I don’t like this, faggot!”. What ensues is an ongoing battle for sexual dominance, or simply put, two boys struggling to fuck each other. This is hands down the hottest brawl you’ll ever witness. Pure sexual palpable energy! And the laurels go to…
02:00 min
51 months ago
By: staghomme
Fistpack 31
Caedon Chase, the ripped tattooed piggy wearing his red jock, is on all fours ready and eager in the dark pleasure dungeon.  The striking master Michael Brandon clad in a jock and cup gets right into the action by slipping his soaking hand into Caedon.  Skillfully pleasing his stud puppet with constant strokes, Michael twists and punches as his boy pushes back wanting more.  The intensity in Michael’s eyes grows as his subject writhes in ecstasy and exposes his enlarged, rosy sphincter.  Caedon stands providing Michael with an eye level view of his hairy ass, and serves the stud with quick, rapid-fire mini punches that hit Caedon’s target causing him to let out loud approving moans.  On his back and holding his combat boots in the air, Caedon thanks Michael with a perfect view of his gaping hole and allows Michael to reach in deeper with quick forearm thrusts, that send inspire grunts of pleasure from the approving Caedon.
02:13 min
50 months ago
‘live Sex’
Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take you behind the scenes as they film sexual encounters for their live cam show. They pair up hot guys who are very into each other and let the sex flow naturally. Real chemistry and the intensity of a live shoot make for exciting action as these sexy guys show off for an audience. All of the energy of the live shoot is there matched with the intense close-ups, and higher production values that are usually missing from the live stream. This is the best parts of a studio production matched with the immediacy of a live show for a new, erotic experience.
02:25 min
50 months ago
Wet Storage
Tony Buff runs into Doc Benway on the street and lures the punk down to an abandoned storage area under the street. Buff, in the mood for some heavy punching and impact play, has a willing candidate in Benway as the pain pig happily and with great pleasure takes everything Buff has to give, including heavy punching, spit, deep kissing and pit smelling.
02:00 min
50 months ago
Toys Forced On Boy
Guy gets multiple dildos shoved in his mouth and his penis pumped up.
05:15 min
44 months ago
Balls Squeezed And Penis Pumped
Whipped and mistreated
18:54 min
40 months ago
Flesh Jack Machine Fuck
that looks kinda fun
05:17 min
30 months ago
Roger And Jimmy Hook Up
Roger meets up with his chat mate Jimmy at the bus terminal and they are both are too horny to wait! They go behind the terminal, in an alley where they blow job each other before checking into a nearby motel to finish the date with a hot session of bareback fucking and twink sex and spewing hot cum!
01:30 min
28 months ago
Blowjobs And Boating
Farther down the river, three more jr. hotties are boating buck-naked! The kinky trio school each other with blowjobs and kisses. Jr. Hotties' Brad Michaels and newcummer Michael Cresthill spit shine Ajs cock. Then they deep throat! AJ brings these hotties to their knees with his massive cock and ripped physique before he drills all their asses on a picnic table! AJ mounts his buddies in some astounding positions, making his buddies beg for mercy. And that's just the beginning! Michael impresses his buddies with multiple orgasms. They all lick it up like thirsty stud pups!
01:30 min
27 months ago
Omar's Load Down My Throat
He can't wait a week for the next session, so the next day he comes by, gets naked and assumes the position... Instantly hard, Omar lets me stroke him up and lick him down... His cock gets so hard in my mouth! Omar finally shoots a tasty load down my throat... Mm! Mm! Good!
01:30 min
27 months ago
Enrique's Throbbing Cock
Enrique's having a bad week: in jail for not paying fines, kids taken away by social services -? all the trappings of being a thug! Relax! Vinnie can make you forget your troubles! Enrique strips naked and a few light-weight strokes starts the match. When I kneel between his legs and start to suck his 9
01:30 min
27 months ago
This absolutely gorgeous man (along with his brother) has been hustling the streets, parks, and bars of Atlanta for years (when they are not in prison). Personable, handsome, hairy, big-dicked, willing - what else could you ask in a man - except don't turn your back on him. Best to worship this guy from afar!
01:30 min
29 months ago
Germancum For You
Threesome is the game for these guys having fun with each other hard and horny cock.
01:50 min
29 months ago
John Cruz - Round 3
Third time's a charm with this Latino stud John Cruz as he goes for his third jerk off solo, and as always, delivers a massive wad of cum in the end!
01:30 min
29 months ago
Small Beefy Gay Dude Got Fucked By Big Black Dick
Two gay beefy muscular man make hard licking hard sucking cock in each other and make best dogie and top postion for fucking anal sex.cumshot on his whole body.
05:01 min
19 months ago
By: beefy
Ass Drilling
02:06 min
69 months ago
When Men Fuck
Sexy,Tristan Jaxx has an appointment… with hot blond, Ryan Raz. While Tristan busies himself, leafing through a magazine in the waiting room, Ryan Raz comes in and sits down on the leather couch.
03:13 min
54 months ago
Exposed Assholes
On all fours, Cameron Wilson has his balls roped and tied with his legs spread apart, leaving his ass exposed and vulnerable. Crew member Kieron Knight can't take his eyes of this hot teen's hole and starts in with toys and a good hard fucking. Kieron opens the lad's hole and molests him. Unable to protest, Cameron takes his abuse like a man, head pressed into the floor; quietly begging under his breath that this will all come to an end before his  hole is unable to take any more.
02:01 min
53 months ago
By: boynapped
Hot Euro Studs
In the operating room, there's a Euro stud in desperate need of examination by two muscled doctors. Lucky, they know exactly what this horny young fellow needs, and go about inserting it in both his ends at the same time. That's quite the cure.
02:00 min
53 months ago
Sexcyone & Kidd
We just love the Kidd here at Dark Thunder, mainly because he just takes black cock so good. This video is no exception, as he teams up with Sexcyone for a hot fuck. He starts off by sucking on that hot tool before being bent over and slammed by it. To cap things off they jerk-off together side-by-side.
02:00 min
52 months ago
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