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Where's The Diamonds?
Vahn is a diamond thief who got caught and captured by the diamond store owners, but not before he was able to hide the diamonds. He is taken to an undisclosed location to be interrogated. His captors strip him naked and strap him down on a rack fully exposed and ready to be poked, prodded, and tickled senseless. He refuses to reveal the location of the diamonds, so Ricky starts tickling his ribs and armpits, forcing out laughter from the thief. Still he refuses to talk.
03:13 min
25 months ago
Japanese Twink Jerks Off
beatting hios meat in the stidio
01:30 min
22 months ago
By: japanboyz
Hot Asian Boys From Jetwang.com
All hot Asian boys, all gay sex, all original content at Jetwang.com, Young hot Asian hunks and cute Asian boys sucking cocks and having hot gay sex. Get the full scenes at http://www.jetwang.com
01:02 min
22 months ago
By: jetwang
Asian Cock Sucked At Home
My sexy boyfriend being recorded sucking my cock. I love his mouth
01:29 min
17 months ago
Zee's Uncut Asian Cock Will Cum
Remember Zee? I'm sure you do as his finely featured, clean, cute face is hard to forget. Plus he has a memorably solid, sexy body and delicious looking uncut Asian cock that he loves to play with. We were up to him lovingly stroking his cock and fingering his steamy hole. Well, in part 2 of Morning Boner this amateur gay porn star keeps digitally probing his hole and going at his cock until it erupts, firing a few volleys of cum up in the air and onto his tanned, yellow belly. And, he looks so cute and happy with himself with his sweet, innocent smile he flashes after he cums!
01:04 min
13 months ago
New Asian Boy Nok Is Cute & Into Gay Porn
Meet new gay Asian porn amateur, Nok. He's so sweet and cute looking with a twink's body to sin against. Before he jumps onto the bed to strip off his clothes and reveal that lustrous body and big Thai cock of his, he flirts with us via the camera and reveals he's a 20yo college boy who wants to have fun with gay porn. His salami/banana like Asian cock rapidly grows and curls up to his stomach in only a few tugs and strokes from his hand. His interviewer can't resist lending Nok a helping hand and get his hands on Nok's big uncut cock too. This is where the flirting stops and the fun gets under way....
03:18 min
13 months ago
Cute Asian Boy Getting Fucked Hard
This really hot young Asian guy is crashing at his friend's house, sleeping on the floor. When his friend sees that he's cold, he invites him into bed with him, and the clothes begin to come off...
18:50 min
4 months ago
Hermis Tickled And Milked
Gay Asian hottie Hermis is strapped down to the tickle rack and Warren starts off by tickling and playing with his hot cock. Then it's Ricky's turn to finish him off with his tickle talented fingers, then he hand jobs him until he explodes his cum.
04:43 min
26 months ago
Changing My Asian Lovers
Two naughty Asian winks fucking in a bed that ins't theirs get caught on a nanny cam.
06:59 min
4 weeks ago
Benjamin On The Tickle Rack
Asian tickle boy Benjamin is back, and this time on the rack nice and stretched out for some serious tickling by the gang of ticklers. Everyone takes turns inflicting serious tickle torment on this slim cutie.
04:35 min
25 months ago
Asian Piss Lovers Getting Kinky
After the al fresco exercise, Jacop is soon led back to wild Oliver's room for more kinky piss and watersports action.
01:00 min
15 months ago
Because of his godly muscle bound Asian body, Rock gets invited back for some extra shots of his his superb body and cock. He is asked to done Muay Thai boxers and strike some boxing poses before he has his muscles oiled and his cock teased. Soon the head of his delicious Thai dick is poking from the top of his boxers - ready to be fondled with...
03:01 min
13 months ago
Gay Porn Outside With Some Asians
Amateur Asian couple share an intimate moment out in the jungle on a random chair.
05:27 min
6 weeks ago
Daddy And Vahn Bareback
Gorgeous, sexy, and cute Asian boy Vahn is back for some bareback sex. I started off by tickling his Asian boy feet then stripped him of his clothes for some upper body tickling. Then I sucked his beautiful straight cock and he sucked mine. It was now time to go inside his tight Asian ass and fuck this boy bareback. He wanted it, and loved the pleasurable pain.
04:50 min
26 months ago
Asian Boy's Piss Spray Afternoon
An afternoon of spray and play starts out with two cute and sexy lads kissing each other. The boys mark their territory with copious loads of fresh hot piss
01:00 min
16 months ago
Soft, Cuddly And Cute - Golf The Panda Twink
23yo Golf has a smooth soft tanned body covered with enough cuddly flesh to ensure his bones wont poke you. In this clip from 'The Panda Twink' our Thai panda lays himself out on the bed, spreads his legs wide and lovingly starts to stroke his delicious looking cock for your viewing and wanking pleasure. Imagine cum splashing on that soft brown skin....
01:28 min
13 months ago
Dick Tug A War
Gay Asian boy gets his virgin ass handed to him by another Asian pro.
05:45 min
3 months ago
Adorable Diego Tickled
Diego has to be about the cutest, sexiest Asian boy I've ever seen (I know, I always say that!), but take a look for yourself! My god, he is amazingly hot! Diego is straight, but broke, so he decided to let us tickle the hell out of him for pay.
05:00 min
26 months ago
18 Year Old Asian Twink Rides A Massive Dildo
Meet our newest heart throb, Mos. Hailing from the northern mountains of Chang Mai, this dazzling twink is the best find! Hiding behind that sweet boyish face, smooth tender body and innocent smile is a bad boy just waiting to break out of his shell! He is a talented dancer, but he wasn't shy to tell us he has many other 'talents.' It didn't take long for him to show us what a nice big Asian cock he has, and his love for taking cocks up his ass...the bigger the better...which is why he was soon sitting on a giant dildo while stroking his big uncut cock!
02:13 min
13 months ago
Hermis And Willy-boy
Willy-Boy is a straight Asian boy, but a super cute, super sexy one who agreed to be tied down and tickled. So we got our super hot, super cute gay Asian boy Hermis to do most of the tickling. It turned out to be an extremely erotic gay tickle fetish scene, and Hermis begins a hand job, and eventually a blow job after a very erotic sensual tickling session.
05:07 min
26 months ago
Fat Cock Cums Everywhere
Short fat cock wants his face to stay out of the gay porn industry but allows his cock to roam free.
04:44 min
3 weeks ago
Warren Racked And Tickled
Our super cute, super sexy gay asian tickle boy twink Warren returns to Laughing Asians to get tickled on our new tickle rack. First up, Benjamin. Benjamin warms him up with some light feather and finger tickling. Then he introduces our brand new
04:32 min
25 months ago
Buttfuck Artillery 2
Buttfuck Artillery 2
05:09 min
21 months ago
What Does An Asian Nerd Do After His Studies?
Bang is a nerd. He's a Thai twink with a square exterior, but once he exchanges his school books for some gay porn mags his true self comes out and his clothes come off! He grabs his juicy Thai cock in his hands and strums up his big dick so its pink head starts bursting out from his foreskin. His slender body has that real brown Thai shade and he's a little bit hairy too, sprouting a thin layer of chest hair and a broad snail trail down his slender waist.
02:04 min
13 months ago
Tickling Hermis
Simply put, Hermis is hot. I mean smokin' hot. This gay Asian hottie wasn't as ticklish as others we've had on Laughing Asians, but it was still so worth it to see him tied spreadeagled and played with. Ricky works his tickle magic on him, and teases him with some cock sucking and when he gets a hard on, starts tickling again. Hermis will be back for more, probably as a tickler.
05:05 min
26 months ago
Watch This Sweet Asian Boy Piss
Its time for some gay Asian pee porn with Bang. He's a slim gay Thai twink with with a cute impish face and a long thin cock. Watch him pull his dick out and pee in the toilet before he gets comfortable and strokes his long shaft. The sexual energy builds and I just know he has a lot more pee that he needs to piss somewhere (or on some body)?
02:03 min
13 months ago
Hot Asian Twinks Have A Hardcore Fuck
These hot young Asian twinks love getting wild and nasty with each other. In this steamy scene they fuck hardcore, really going at each other until they both cum hard
27:35 min
7 months ago
Three Straight Guys Getting Crazy
Three little Asian twinks sitting in a row using fingers, dildos and even their mouths to try and get off the only on that is straight.
07:30 min
9 days ago
Hot Asian Pornstar
 This asian stud gets sucked off on his own bed.
05:00 min
32 months ago
Tickling Sexy Dave
Starring Dave, Cyruz, Ricky, and Javey. Wow, what a cute hottie gay Asian tickle boy Dave is! Once we have Dave tied down on the bed, we all took turns tickling the hell out of this very ticklish Asian boy! His Asian boy feet are perfect and cute, smooth soles, and wow, what a fantastic ticklish laugh! When his buddy Javey tickled him, his laughter was divine. This one will really get you off!
03:22 min
25 months ago
Asian Twink Fucked From Behind
Farrut decides scrubbing Ahn is more fun than washing the truck and the two end up wrestling each other out of their clothes and into much pawing and fucking!
00:42 min
15 months ago
Sweet Asian Boy Plays With A Fuck Toy
Sexy new 23 yo Thai twink, Dew has been freshly recruited into gay Asian porn and is sure to please gay guys who admire sweet Asian boys. In this intro scene for Fuck Toy he gets to fuck a toy fish. That's after he's introduced himself, stripped off his clothes, grabbed his big Thai cock and had a good wank. Watch the close-ups of his Asian dick glide through the mouth of the fuck toy as he rocks his tight hips back and forth in a fucking motion.
02:21 min
13 months ago
Ton Cums On The Table
Meet Ton, our sexy gay Asian artist turned porn star! Here we catch him the act, masturbating his juicy Thai cock while watching his favorite gay Asian porn. We stationed our cameras under a glass table and got an amazing view point while he squirted out one of the biggest loads of cum I've ever seen! Now as for the table, guess who got to lick it clean?
03:00 min
12 months ago
Foot Fetish Solo - Benjamin
Adorably cute and sexy, Benjamin shows of his cute smile while stripping off his clothes and teasing you with his Asian boy feet. Then he lays back and wanks out a load of cum for you.
03:00 min
25 months ago
Zach Tied And Triple Tickled
We got our three previous models Enrique (after a 14 month absence), Matty, and Zach back and all in one room for some triple tickle action!
03:00 min
17 months ago
Tanapat Jacking Off
Tanapat is one of my college dorm mates. He is one of those really sweet straight men that I have always fantasized about. I felt excited when he accepted my offer to film for GayAsianAmateurs, especially since it meant I got to have fun with him! In this audition video, he strokes his big uncut cock with a little help from the lucky camera man (me!)
03:00 min
12 months ago
Moist Dreams
After a jog, piss, shower and wank he feels ready to explode.
02:32 min
35 months ago
Foot Fetish Solo - Coco
Meet Coco. He's one of a small hand full of gay Asian boys who found out he really gets turned on by feet and tickling. He had a natural knack for foot fetish and it shows in this super hot solo jerk off video. Coco sports a rock-hard boner throughout this scene, occasionally showing off his pre-cum as well as his beautiful Asian boy feet with soft yummy smooth soles while he's stroking his cock. It took a lot of effort for him to hold back from exploding his load until the end, but when it was time, he delivered a juicy eruption of pearly white jizz.
02:56 min
25 months ago
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