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He Is Kind Of A Selfish Person
I've never seen a person more relaxed masturbating.  I guess when you are at the cottage you are one relaxed person.
05:32 min
4 days ago
Pissing In My Mouth
The handyman was expecting just to fix the pipes instead he was able to empty is bladder in this guys mouth.
10:18 min
3 months ago
I Liket Opiss On Something Black
Black African boys get into having dirty ass sex and don't even stop when one of them has to piss.
06:00 min
6 weeks ago
Places You Will Love
I can handle a lot in gay porn but when a guy wants to get pissed on I just can't watch it.  I know a lot of you crazy guys love this shit though.
20:13 min
6 days ago
Rough Fuck For Horny Asians
These two really hot young Asian twinks love fucking! Watch them go at it long and hard, the bottom getting his ass pounded until they both explode!
05:30 min
4 months ago
Gay Men And Pissing
A couple of straight men are really into getting pissed on and gay men are the only one that can piss on someone properly.
05:30 min
4 weeks ago
Asian Boys Suck Cock And Drink Piss
Watch as these two really horny Asian twinks go wild, and suck each other off! They love drinking not only cum, but piss!
05:30 min
5 months ago
This Asian Gay Porn Gets Weird
Asian twinks have pretty normal anal sex but it gets weird when one Asian ends up crying on the floor being pissed on.
05:07 min
3 months ago
Kayden Gray
Lighting a cigarette and leaning back on the roof, having escaped the clutches of the games room Kayden thinks about what could have happened, and soon regrets getting out. His balls are giant dick are starting to feel heavy at the thought of being to subjected to Ashley's demands. Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see his shaft visibly bigger, thicker and juicer, damn hot when dripping with piss. As it's already out of his sweatpants, he continues his sordid thoughts at what goes on downstairs and strokes his even bigger slab of meat, getting fatter and fuller with each stroke. Given great close-ups of every moment of action, Kayden's dick is slamming in our faces, as he peels off his sports gear, showing a slightly hairy body, buff pecs and abs fitting perfectly with his huge dick. Leaning between the rooftops of London, he works his meat harder and faster until we can see he's ready to shoot, his body tensing, his muscled body bulging and shafting twitching on its own accord. The jets of spunk falling onto the camera from above, we see Kayden climax and the spunk stream from him as he then flips it back inside and continues his escape.
03:44 min
11 months ago
My Mouth Is A Pee Catcher
When Kyle jerks off he needs to do it in a bath tub and not just to catch his cum also to catch his piss.
05:30 min
4 months ago
Horny Military Asian Twinks Fuck Hard
These two really hot Asian soldier love getting nasty and fucking hard. Watch as the bottom boy get his ass absolutely hammered by the powerful tops!
05:04 min
5 months ago
You Will Be Done In A Minute
Twink is ready to do anything to get him the job including giving all the men head.  How much does he have to do to get the job.
05:04 min
4 months ago
Using A Straight Guy W/ Roman Rivers Part 3
No one loves banging out a hot straight guy more than me haha.  This dude may look familiar to you some of you, he goes by Roman Rivers. I met him while helping out with a shoot for OnTheHunt a few years back and we've been buddies since. I find it so hot when shooting with some straight guys who do porn because they try their best to act like they're into man sex even though they are hating it more and more with every thrust of cock...There's just something really gratifying knowing that I'm the only one getting pleasure out of the situation :) My favorite part of filming with this straight dude was when he asked if he could
03:12 min
12 months ago
Vicious Muscular Hunk Teaching Anal Session Mmmm
Vicious muscular hunk teaching anal session with nice tanned skin
05:02 min
5 months ago
Fertilized Grounds
Kameron Frost is back this week with another newcummer, Sofiane; the lucky guy! The scene starts off with what would normally be called a
02:00 min
11 months ago
Poppers, Piss & Perverts


I've had a major porn crush on Bravo Delta since I started following/stalking his Vine last fall. A couple months ago I worked up the balls to finally hit him up on Twitter and to my surprise he actually responded and was into me! As fate has it he lives right outside Boston so I was able to get him to hang out one weekend on his way to a Cosplay convention (or something like that...I was kinda bummed he didn't show up in a costume haha). I was wicked excited to fuck around, I'd fantasized about that big dick so many times and I was pumped to see how he fucked in real life without all the studio bells and whistles. Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected which is always fucking awesome. I'm used to seeing him in a more
05:49 min
12 months ago
I Hate All This Piss Stuff
My cock only gets hard when it pisses.  So if I am going to piss I jerk it off at the same time.
03:35 min
5 days ago
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