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Handsome Marine Jerks Off
This really handsome marine hasn't had a chance to wank for weeks, and is really excited to shoot some cum. He quickly strips off his shirt and pulls out his nice long cock, stroking it until he gets a huge load of cum to shoot out
03:00 min
14 months ago
Hot Sailor Rims A Horny Army Specialist
This really hot army weapons specialist starts out by giving his navy friend a few pointers on gun use, but it quickly becomes apparent that they are much more interested in each other's weapons. After going down on the sailor, the army specialist demands some attention for his asshole, and gets an amazing rimjob!
01:10 min
13 months ago
Young Military Stud Jerking His Huge Cock
This really hot and hung army recruit loves to show off his really huge cock. He pulls out his mighty cock for the world to see, and begins jerking it long and hard
00:47 min
13 months ago
Army Hunk Gets His First Gay Blowjob
This hot and straight military stud has a big cock, but no experience with men. On of the very horny privates under his command has been lusting after a taste of his cock, and in this steamy clip finally gets to swallow it
03:00 min
12 months ago
Sexy Nerd Jock
Hot military nerd with a tight little bod and geek glasses puts his hand down his Adidas shorts to play with his dick as he watches lezzie porn. Then he strips naked and starts to jerk, at which point Bobby comes in to do it for him. Then he stands up and Bobby sucks on his dick for a while. Finally, he lays down again and jerks himself off. The grisly part happens a spit second after he comes. I literally shuddered as Bobby swoped in like a cum vulture to cu the tip of the guy's dick and catch the cum. then he scurried off into the shadows with it, to do we know not what. Sometimes it's better not to ask. Enjoy.
02:06 min
18 months ago
Baird Blows Three Day Load
Ooh-rah! 19 y/o Baird is a transplant from the east coast, coming to San Diego courtesy of the Marine Corps. And what a pocket-sized hottie he is!

Standing just barely at 5' 6
01:21 min
18 months ago
Str8 Marine Struggles Not To Cum
After his massage video, Baird seemed ready to roll with getting another blowjob. When he showed up, though, the reality of it must have set in because he was about as nervous as I've seen. Ever.

At least that's what his body language was saying. His dick, on the other hand, was telling a completely different story. From the moment the cameras were fired up, I could see the tent he was pitching behind his cargo shorts. By the time his clothes were off and my mouth was wrapped around him, Baird looked like he was trying hard to not to cum too soon.

Remembering how turned on he got by having his furry ass played with, I pushed his legs back and buried my tongue in his hole. Baird tried to remain stone-faced, but his throbbing cock betrayed him. This str8 Marine's ass was begging for attention.

After sucking on Baird's cock for a few more minutes, it was clear that his cumshot was on the way. As I worked him up to the edge, Baird's balls tightened up and he rolled his head back, just before one last gasp announcing,
01:09 min
16 months ago
Hot Redhead Gets Jerked Off
This hot ginger marine has no experience with men, but is open to new possibilities. Today, he's getting a massage, but is also excited to get his very first happy ending!
01:37 min
13 months ago
Horny Studs In Prison Pass The Time By Fucking
These two really hot and horny prisoners of war are stuck in a small cell together for days, both extremely horny and bored. Finally, they decide to fuck to relieve the tension and have some fun!
17:40 min
10 months ago
Military Cock
Getting laid in the barracks.
01:31 min
86 months ago
Military Fuck
Outdoors Latino
00:20 min
81 months ago
Huge Hard Cocks
Sucking Huge Hard Cocks
00:58 min
55 months ago
Cadet And Superior Officer
Before he's on the team he needs to be all he can be
17:30 min
42 months ago
Working Out Soldiers
Sucking in the base weight room
16:09 min
42 months ago
Cadets Love Ass
Fucking his boys scrawny butt
05:00 min
42 months ago
Military Muscles Masturbates
Stroking his meat
01:09 min
42 months ago
Military Handjob
Handsome dragon boy mastubating his hard dick in here !
02:00 min
41 months ago
Call To Arms
Frank Reaches Around, Plays With His Hole With A Fat Dildo
02:01 min
39 months ago
5 horny soldiers in the barracks relieve each other at night
02:00 min
31 months ago
Grunts Brothers In Arms
Private Victor reports for fucking orders from his sergrant
02:00 min
30 months ago
Uniformed Men Fucking
We have this lovely uniformed navy and a cop getting nasty and fiesty on this clip. Watch as they enjoy cock sucking each others cock in each of their mouths. Watch as they also explore each others tight butthole in this nasty scene
06:38 min
30 months ago
Military Stud Wanks
latino cock wanking bear cub
06:40 min
30 months ago
By: dirtytony
Hairy Navy Tattooed Hero With 9
navy cock gets worked hard
04:38 min
29 months ago
By: aah
Hot Marine Seargent Shows Off His...
shaved and ripped
03:02 min
29 months ago
Salior Shows Marine....
drilling your drill sgt
04:13 min
29 months ago
Buff Military Stud
This guys could be a major underwear model. He's got a gorgeous face, an amazingly stacked body, and he jerks off while he's still...
02:01 min
26 months ago
Marine Recruit Gets His First Gay Blowjob
Lean and ripped Marine Recruit Barrett has returned to get his first blow job from a guy! And we have a cute and willing civilian named Jake, who...
04:40 min
26 months ago
Evil Shore Leave Bullying
Sex starved sailors Nick and Derek are on shore leave and like most horny seamen they plan on getting pissed, causing a little mayhem and getting fucked!
00:32 min
24 months ago
Two Soliders Wanking Together
Two amateur military dudes stripping down and get off. They have to shower together all the time, so they might as well jerk off too!
00:59 min
23 months ago
By: c1r
Military Studs Jacking Off Together
Two military guys stroking their cocks. They're standing at attention and giving it all to their big thick members!
00:59 min
23 months ago
By: c1r
Pleasing The Horny Police Officers
When you are in trouble with the police, you will do anything to escape. Unless it's an oral, cock-in-the-face trouble, of course. Turned on by the situation, the guys had nothing else to do but whip out their dripping dicks and let the police have their way with them. Having your shaft stroked by a strong, gloved fist of a cop feels terrific. Soon the muscled authorities were relaxing in a post-orgasmic bliss.
01:43 min
18 months ago
Ebony Cop's Dick In Action
Busted, the guy had a limited set of options. Judging by the black cop's filthy look, the white robber will have to suck his way out of the situation. The black fuck stick was rock hard, so he grabbed the choco buns and buried the tool deep in his horny throat. The white guy got hot as hell, and the cop could sense that. Willing to keep going, he knelt down and swallowed the dude's stiffening shaft. In the end the muscled cop wrecked this white ass for good.
01:35 min
18 months ago
Smoking Cops Suck, Fuck And Shoot Cum
After their shift was over, these two officers shared a cigar together, celebrating a job well done. But what better way to celebrate then to hook up with each other and suck some cock.. They both took turns bobbing their heads up and down each other's meat poles, and then one opened up his tight asshole for his stiff fucking. He stroked himself while getting fucked, and they both shot cum.
01:32 min
17 months ago
Lifeguard Pharrel
Pharrel got his lifeguard certification in high school and he is proud to have helped save lives multiple times. Studying to be a lifeguard required him to study a book that was bible thick
00:51 min
19 months ago
Sergeant Miles And Airman First Class Paolo
Sergeant Miles is taking Paolo back to basic training. Paolo has forgotten the rudiments of physical training. So Miles is happy to remind him. Miles is playing the typical mind games of a drill instructor, as well as working Paolo's body. Miles is towering over Paolo, with his crotch right at eye level. When he offers to let Paolo suck his dick, the airman is eager to oblige. As Paolo services his cock, Miles rips the rest his clothes off. His muscular physique is adorned with several tattoos and a modest amount of chest hair. Paolo, still fully clothed deep throats the sergeant's meat, grabbing his ass to pull the cock closer to his tonsils. Miles decides to lay back and enjoy the service with his arms behind his head, in true rest and relaxation mode. He's really enjoying himself, but he wants something more. He stands and pushes Paolo against the wall, stripping his clothes off. Now the sergeant drops to his knees and swallows Paolo's uncut stiffy. Hungry for some ass, Miles spins Paolo around and buries his face deep in his crack, grabbing his cheeks and spreading them for better access. Once his asshole is covered in spit, Paolo pushes the sergeant onto his back and face fucks him. Miles gags on the giant uncircumcised piece while his own rock hard cock lays on his rippled stomach. Paolo unloads a thick wad of goo into Miles' throat, covering his cheek and beard. Paolo leans down and snowballs his own jiz, spitting it back into Miles' mouth. They swap the cum back and forth several more times and Miles grins up at his partner.
00:42 min
19 months ago
Army Specialist Brad And Private Max
Sexy Army Specialist Brad is getting a military grilling from the fresh enlistee Max. Max wants to know what to expect when he gets out on the battlefield and Brad is showing him the ropes. After a bit of military calisthenics, the guys start measuring each others' muscles. Max starts admiring Brad's biceps and gives it a quick squeeze. Brad is also a fan of Max's smaller, cuter muscles. Brad comes up behind Private Max to get a measurement around his chest. He practically hugs Max as he gets the circumference. Next Max wants to measure a little lower. He gets down on his knees and offers to measure Brad's cock. Self-consciously, Brad exclaims, I'm not hard!
01:15 min
19 months ago
Private Colt And Private Keegan
Private Colt knows his way around the base, and wants to know his new bunkmate Private Keegan even better. Getting acquainted, they talk deployments and work-out regimens. After discussing technique, Private Keegan teaches Colt the finer points of the upside-down push-up. Private Colt, in return, shows Keegan an exercise to increase his balance. For all their awkwardness, there is clearly an underlying tension at work here, encouraging these two to find other excuses to touch one another. Arm wrestling steps up the intimacy a notch or two, and gives the guys a moment of strenuous activity. Just enough to break a sweat, giving Private Colt the perfect opportunity to touch Keegan's glistening brow. Private Colt encourages Private Keegan to take off his shirt. Keegan complies and finds that Colt is excited to see his tattoos. Private Colt slowly unbuttons his shirt, revealing his own tatted musculature. Both men take each other in, as the intensity of their attraction grows. Breaking the silence, Private Colt asks Keegan if he wants to do something... Moving to the bunk, the guys sit back to watch some straight porn. Their banter about the hot girl morphs quickly into admiration of the hung guy on the screen, and his huge cock! Suddenly, Private Keegan speaks up, saying that he's never done anything like this before. Private Colt reassures Keegan by taking Keegan's dick into his mouth. Private Colt sucks cock with tenacity, and Keegan cannot help but murmur with pleasure. Private Keegan is overcome with the desire to reciprocate, and sliding off the bunk, takes Private Colt's member in between his salivating lips. Colt moans loudly over the sound of Keegan's slurps, suddenly telling Keegan to jump up on the bed. The Privates are now sucking each other's privates! It's an all you can eat, endless cock to mouth buffet! Private Colt tickles the tip of Keegan's meattube with his tongue, while torquing his shaft. Private Keegan, dizzy and fluttery eyed, says, I think I'm gonna cum!
01:12 min
19 months ago
Specialist Ben
Ben was so eager to serve his country, he signed up and went through basic training during his junior year of high school. After high school he immediately went into the service and became an exemplary soldier. His fair skin, blue eyes, and modest demeanor illustrate his midwestern upbringing. As he grabs his cock through the camouflage, his gaze is fixed upon the television screen. When he unbuttons his pants, a stiff cock springs to life, surrounded by a thick black bush. The hair around his cock leads upward to a large patch on his stomach and an even smaller patch on his chest. His chest is adorned with a tattoo of the mascot from his favorite college football team. He rises to his knees and continues stroking, giving a perfect view of his rounded, fur covered ass cheeks. As he arches his back, he reaches behind and begins to finger his hole, circling his middle finger around the hair lined entrance. Every so often, as he strokes his cock, he lets go, allowing it to spring to full attention. As he flops onto his stomach, his chest becomes flush. He begins to sigh and a glob of white jizz wells up at the tip of his dick. His stomach heaves and several more puddles of semen well up on the fur patch below.
00:44 min
17 months ago
Staff Sergeant James Toro
Hunky Staff Sergeant James Toro is exactly what they're talking about when they say they're looking for a few good men. Hot men in uniform like this never fail to get my cock to stand at attention. He's got a nice fat uncut dick and a furry covered chest and stomach that I find irresistible. He's been serving in the Marines for over 9 years, and had so many stories that we didn't have enough time for him to tell them. James, eager to perform for the camera, starts to massage his tender meat through his desert cammies until the unmistakable bulge of his raging hard-on can't be contained any longer. He unbuttons himself and slides his textured chubby in and out of his beautiful veined foreskin with his one strong masculine hand. Before long he's exceptionally hard and wringing precum from the piss slit of his glistening pleasure scepter. Finally, James lies back on the floor and frantically works his cum-slinger till huge loads of white sprays his stomach like machine gun fire. I hope I can convince this smoldering hot soldier to return for a different kind of man-to-man combat training.
03:07 min
18 months ago
Enlistee Joey And Emt Trainee Holden
The future of America shines bright today. Two young hero hopefuls meet today to tell of their aspirations to join the respected ranks of civil servants. Latino stud Joey has completed his EMT training and is headed for the military to serve his fellow man. Holden is on his way to becoming a member of the noble profession of firefighting. These two straight guys crave action and excitement, half the reason for joining the ranks is for the thrill of the job. Holden breezed through his training with flying colors and is willing to share a thing or two with Joey on the art of the full body inspection of a trauma patient. Being very observant and thorough is absolutely necessary for a first responder, and Holden pays close attention to Joey's swelling in his pants. Pleased with the results, Holden pulls Joey's uncut thick cock from his zipper and completes his final inspection with his mouth. Holden draws the thick latin flavored cock to rock hard status obviously enjoying the exercise while Joey leans back and enjoys the ride. Holden then stands to give Joey a taste of his ginger meat. Joey takes a throat fucking when the boys swing into a sultry 69. Joey teeters on the brink and springs up to feed Holden a big load of 21 year old straight stud cum. Holden laps up the load and swallows it whole. So hot and bothered by the sweet mouthful, Holden rises to the occasion and dumps his spunk on Joey's smooth brown cheek.
00:42 min
17 months ago
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