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Classic Causa 242 Toby
I decided to bring Toby in for a shoot even though I had reservations due to him self identifying as bisexual. And all I have to say is thank gawd that I did bring him in!
Firstly, Toby is as cute as a teddy bear, and secondly, he was aroused from the moment he dropped his britches! Seriously, he got naked; I zoomed in to get a closeup & had him face away to get a shot of his ass; and when he turned back around to face me, his cock was sticking straight out (without him having even touched it)!
07:40 min
6 days ago
Causa 509 Trey
When editing this video, I almost inserted “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” as background music while watching strand after strand of Trey’s precum slowly ooze down to the CAUSA massage table while I was giving his prostate its first-ever intensive workout. As one point there’s a six-inch strand with three pearls on it that found its own rhythmic pattern during the stimulation. It’s a sight to behold!
07:27 min
4 days ago
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