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Horny Boy Makes Himself Cum Hands Free
This horny amateur wants to show off how he can cum without stroking his dick. Watch him fuck himself with his huge black dildo in this scene, getting harder and hornier until he shoots out a huge load of cum
06:26 min
8 months ago
Hot Black Thug Fucked With A Thick Dildo
This really hot black thug loves getting his tight asshole stretched wide. Watch his horny partner have some fun, stretching him with a fat dildo until he cums!
05:16 min
4 months ago
Get Outside Gay Men
These two twinks have a different idea about how to camp.  These boys camp naked and fucking everywhere.
05:02 min
2 months ago
Gumming Their Way Through A Blow Job
Old bears may not have much hair on their head but they sure know how to give head!
04:10 min
10 days ago
Hot Dildo Fucking Compilation
This hot compilation shows a bunch of horny guys and their very favourite dildos. Watch as they go wild with their dildos, fucking themselves from all angles, one stud even stuffing himself with two!
06:33 min
7 months ago
By: menbucket
Hot Papis Fuck Bareback Outside
This really hot young Latino boy loves to take big, raw dicks. Watch as he is fucked long and hard by his partner's massive cock, outside in the public park!
05:39 min
4 months ago
Dolan Wolf And Bruno Fox
Opening up with hairy muscle man Dolan Wolf playing with his stiff dick, he loves stroking his lubed up dick for us, pushing it towards the camera, letting us see his throbbing shaft pulse harder and harder as we take in his pale skin, dark hair sprouting from his chest and abs as he rubs his hand through his fur. Dolan’s got a hungry hole and pulls the nearby thick dildo closer and closer until it’s slamming against his ass, his hairy hole taking it in easily as he works himself in preparation for the hunky Bruno Fox to come and take control. Working the dildo deeper into his fellow man, pulling it back and forth, it’s an ass workout of the like not seen in Alphamales before! Getting more and more turned on, nothing can hide the growing bulge from Bruno’s pants, and Dolan is the first to catch sight. Devouring this thick dark meat right to the balls, our bearded bottom stud can suck for England, and it’s not just his mouth that gets filled, Bruno lifts his hairy legs into the air and rams his exposed hole hard, that thick dick slamming harder and deeper than any dildo could, working up a hot sweat beading between Bruno’s hard tense pecs.
03:59 min
12 months ago
The Dildo Experiment
In this solo jerk off scene, young Shane takes a bath to relax and try something different. After spreading his butt cheeks, so we can get a good look, Shane gets comfortable in the tub and shoves a purple dildo deep inside. It takes a bit for him to get the hang of it, but once he does, the cum starts to flow.
05:00 min
12 months ago
Horny Guy Has Three Dildos To Choose From
This horny guy is going to fill his ass with a long thick dildo if he can choose which one to use first!
00:33 min
9 months ago
Lusty Guy Pumps Himself With A Long Dildo
This horny guy has been craving a dick up his ass, but settles for one of his giant dildos. He lubes it up and then goes wild shoving it all the way up his gaping ass, making himself messy with lube and cum.
03:07 min
9 months ago
Leaving A Trail Of Dildo Juice
Fit amateur college guy buys a nice new small dildo to shove up his tight ass on webcam.
07:48 min
5 weeks ago
New Wave Ass Sex
Two buff dudes get together to fuck ass and suck lots of cock working up to the cum shot.
05:28 min
4 days ago
I Want To Be The Dildo
It is hard to believe that this handsome fit stud would ever be alone but even he can't keep his hands off himself.
06:00 min
3 weeks ago
No Way To Love Yourself Better
It seems we are here for more than just jerking off.  When he breaks out the dildo things get really good.
03:24 min
8 days ago
Willing To Go The Extra Mile
Young professionally gay stud is back again jerking off his nice cock but this time he has brought his dildo friend to help out.
05:29 min
2 weeks ago
Collin Backes
This week TR brings you a brand new model who's never done a scene before. Collin is just 18 and just coming into discovering his sexuality through use of toys and a few encounters he's met on the internet. Through his furry community connections he recently found himself drawn to men for the first time and thought, after practicing with his extensive butt plug collection, he would try bottoming. He's found is to be very satisfying and loves being a slave. Check out this scene and watch Collin play with his toys and blow a wad into his own mouth for the grand finale!
02:00 min
12 months ago
There's No Dildos In Gay Porn
Soft core amateur doesn't need anybody's else cock to get off he has a great dildo for that stuff.
04:35 min
8 weeks ago
Collecting Dildo's For Fun
Cute gay teen gets a nice dildo deep inside his pretty perked up butt hole.
03:03 min
9 days ago
By: mike18
Beefy Latino Hunk Gets Stuffed Outside
This really hot and horny Latino hunks is muscular and really sexy. Watch him get his tight asshole absolutely ravaged raw outside in this amazing scene!
05:04 min
4 months ago
I'm Fine Using A Toy
Skinny boy loves to have a big ole dildo up his ass whenever he is alone but he really just needs a cock.
05:25 min
4 days ago
Alone With My Dildo
One day Travis just snapped and realized if he was going to get off he was going to have to do it all by himself.
06:06 min
2 weeks ago
Horny Guy Shows Off His Hole
This horny guy wants to show off and play with his asshole and his fucking machine
00:57 min
9 months ago
Dildo Gets Some Action
When the boyfriend is away, Kyle will play.  He will play with his dildo and ass.
05:29 min
3 months ago
Being locked in chastity was such a hot idea in his mind but now it's the middle of the night and sleep is not coming till the load starts cumming. Too bad the device offers no pleasant stroke sensations. Our inmate finds himself fumbling for something satisfying but alas is left with nothing worth obtaining despite his vain strokes. Overwhelmed with the futility of his efforts the bitch resorts to dong ramming but what if the dildos provided are too large for a smooth entry?
02:06 min
12 months ago
He Is The King Of The Dildo
Mature man makes his own homemade video of him fucking his dildo on the bathroom counter.
04:12 min
4 weeks ago
Hungry For Cum
Jace and Jayden are lying in bed petting each other. They're both horny but Jace is hungry and needs to eat before they can mess around. They head to the kitchen to get Jace a snack but when Jace opens the refrigerator he reveals a surprise for Jayden with two giant dildos and some lube being chilled and ready for Jayden's tight ass! 

Jace plops all his props on the counter and turns around to get Jayden in the mood for some hot kitchen sex. They make out and Jace works his magic as they rub their growing cocks through their jeans. The shirts come off, and horny Jayden gets on his knees to free Jace's dick. Jayden loves sucking Jace's curvy cock and from the looks of Jace's reaction, he's pretty damn good at it too. When Jace is good and hard, he hops off the kitchen counter and bends Jayden over to work his asshole with his tongue. 
Jayden moans loud as Jace rims and fingers him, taking his time to not miss an inch of Jayden's tight, throbbing hole. Jace turns around and grabs one of the giant dildos and has Jayden get on all fours on the kitchen floor. He shoves it deep into Jayden's little hole, going all the way to the suction cup base of the thick fake cock. Jayden screams out and begs for Jace to fuck him. Jace is ready to go and quickly bends the blonde hottie over the sink to do his thing. 
Jace mounts up and fucks Jayden, pounding deeper with each thrust of his hard, toned body. Jace's balls flop as he fucks and makes Jayden squeal as he goes further inside of him. Just when Jayden thinks he can't take any more, Jace gets on the floor and has his sexy blonde ride him like a cowboy. Jace once again pounds Jayden's hole like it's the last ass he'll ever see. With groans of
02:12 min
10 months ago
Horny Private Tyler Plays With Himself
This really hot army private in uniform loves to stroke his big cock, and is really eager to get fucked hard! Watch as he grabs a toy to jerk off with, before showing the camera how he stretches out his ass, just begging to be fucked!
03:23 min
4 months ago
Careful When Taking A Huge Dildo
This dude has some guts to take on this huge dildo up the ass in front of his webcam.
03:38 min
5 weeks ago
Mature Hunks Playing With Dildos
These really hot studs loves stuffing their asses with huge dildos. Watch as they sit down on massive dildos and stretch themselves wide, taking the big toys deep into their asses!
05:31 min
5 months ago
By: menbucket
Blaze, Brian Younger & Kody
Kody and Blaze are already enjoying themselves with some tasty cock sucking and ass fucking when Brian arrives to watch the show and jerk out his own cum. The guys raw dicks are swapped with some really hot frotting to get Kody into it, but soon all three have unloaded their juice and satisfied their needs - for the time being
05:03 min
11 months ago
Mature Dude Toying Himself Really Good
Video of a mature dude toying himself really good, posted by
04:36 min
7 months ago
By: menbucket
Hot Amateurs Fuck Themselves With Dildos
These horny amateurs loves stuffing and stretching themselves with the biggest dildos they can. In this hot video a number of them shove themselves deep with a variety of dildos, all of them loving the feeling of being filled
05:35 min
7 months ago
By: menbucket
Horny Guy Fucks Himself With A Hammer
This horny guy uses a hammer as a dildo and fucks himself deep
00:27 min
9 months ago
Benjamin Riley
Benjamin needs some anal action, but even though he doesn't have a buddy on hand to give him what he wants he does have a very sexy glass dildo to slide up into his own tight little ass! Jacking his cock and riding that toy the boy sends himself into a frenzy of pleasure, bouncing on his toy and jacking his dick until his balls are spewing out their contents and satisfying his hunger!
05:30 min
11 months ago
By: boycrush
Nervous Watching That Dildo
This black gay man may impress you with the siz of dildo he shoves up his ass and the cream that goes with it.
06:55 min
15 mins ago
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