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Description: Interracial ass fucking
Duration: 02:01
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Date: 82 months ago
Tags: Interracial
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Big Dick In Mouth And Ass

05:00 min
45 months ago

Dug Out 1

01:42 min
75 months ago

Cuban Cock In White Ass

15:09 min
45 months ago

Thug Top

00:43 min
80 months ago

Me And My Bf

01:00 min
80 months ago

Jungle Sucking

02:26 min
73 months ago

Ripped Black On Slim White

08:41 min
51 months ago

Interracial Hunky Guys

04:00 min
66 months ago

Big Cock Makes His Eyes Water

04:07 min
45 months ago

Interracial Ass

05:26 min
74 months ago

Blacks On Tommy Lima

03:02 min
33 months ago


05:28 min
72 months ago

Pounded White Ass

05:04 min
72 months ago

Looking For More Interracial Stuff

05:36 min
5 months ago

Bisexual Mitch

03:00 min
78 months ago

Big Dick Interracial Threeway

03:00 min
26 months ago

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Fucked Body In Body Shop

04:48 min
44 months ago

Black Cock

06:03 min
77 months ago

Swallowing Black Cum

03:00 min
22 months ago

Ganged Up On

05:04 min
72 months ago

Interracial Cumshot

02:36 min
90 months ago

Interracial Fuck

12:12 min
89 months ago

Interracial Boyfriends

03:26 min
36 months ago

Bobby B

01:37 min
65 months ago

Mixed Relations

05:02 min
76 months ago

Stretch My White Bf

05:51 min
43 months ago

Fuck That White Ass

00:59 min
35 months ago

Chocolate Daddies

01:23 min
59 months ago

Hard Fuck

00:58 min
74 months ago

Black And White

03:12 min
75 months ago

Perfect Interracial Sex On The Sofa

05:06 min
49 months ago


00:17 min
74 months ago

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blankuser ak - 51 months ago love to fuck black ass 6 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

blankuser ak - 51 months ago nice black ass 2 thumbsdown 4 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' - 62 months ago "C'mon, babeh," I says, when me an' Rube gits nekkid.. "Ooohh, babeh, c'mon..!" "Doll..! Oh, you doll..!", said Rube, when we's kissin', while we's slow dancin' in the nude.. "Yer my bitch, ain't ya, babe..?", he say, when we's kissin'; "Yea, yer my big, sweet an' nellie, black bitch..!" "Ooohh, Daddeh, yea..!", I sez, 'cuz I really am hot for him, babeh.. I gits all wild an' girlie, 'cuz I knows tha's what he likes.. We kisses again, an' I turns over, an' I gives him some booty..! "Yea..! Ahh, yea, babeh, yea..!" "Ooohh..! Ooohh, Daddeh..!" "Fuck that ass, babe..Fuck that black ass..!" "Ooohh..! Ooohh..! Use me, Daddeh..!" Oooh, yea..! We was doin' it, Rube an' me.. He was on top, screwin' me in th' booty, honeh.. Fuckin' me in th' ass..! An' I'm jus 2 thumbsdown 3 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 62 months ago I put my arms around 'Tiger' when we kissed.. 'Tiger' had on just his shorts, and I had on a nitie, all frilly and femme.. My big. long, black dick sprung a big hard on, when 'Tiger' stripped me nekkid.. I laid on th' bed, an' spreads my legs, an' 'Tiger' screws me wit' his biig, hard, Polack dick.. "Ooohh..! Ooohh..!", I moans; "Ooohh, Daddeh..!" "Mmm, yea..," he say, screwiin' me; "Im gonna love ya, y' big bitch..!" I kin' see us, 'Tiger' an' me, in th' mirror, wit' him on top, fuckin' me in th' ass.. Later, we's in th' shower, an' he mouth-fucks me.. So, here we is, 'Tiger' an' me, both of us together.. Honeh, 'Tiger' jus' feelin' me up.. I'm wearin' somethin' femme an' girlie, chile..We's kissin', jus' like we was really married, chile.. 2 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 62 months ago This was really crazy! A man, named 'Kemedov', had gotten me, and several of my friends, who were real 'screamin' queens, and had us 'performing' for him, and a number of other gay European men, who loved doing it with dark-skinned gay men, like me.. Oh, I love it, since I am black.. Well, 'Kemeddov' is extremely wealthy, and, not only does he love 'African Queens', he loves watching us being fucked..! Among his 'secret' staff, he has this Japanese Photographer, a little guy, who's queer, and horny as hell.. A few times, 'Toki' came after me! And, a couple of times, I jus' let him, baby..! "I love a big bitch!", he said, when he fucked me.. A voyuer, 'kemedov', with a little half naked he-bitch, sitting on his lap, he watched, while 'Mustafa' kinda 'raped 2 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 62 months ago "Ooohh, honee..!" 'Flowers' was wigglin' an' gigglin' wearing just a red jersey, and a pair of thongs.. I asked what was with him, and, he said, 'Oh, 'Tiger' an' 'Butch', honee..!" "Both of them?', I asked.. "OOOHHH..!!" I could see him, getting hard, and if he goes on, we'll both be in bed together.. "You could at least, tell me about it," and he said,"Git naked, an' I'll tell ya all about it..!!" 'Kissie..! 'Kissie'..! Ooohh, 'Kissie'..!" I was in bed, fuckin' this skinny lil' redheaded h-bitch.. An', it was good..! 'Flowers' had the mirror, a big picture one, near the bed, where we could see ourselves, fuckin' each other.. Damn, that white boy had a pretty ass..! I reached around, jacked him off, while I fucked that cute, girlie white ass, bit' my bi 2 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 62 months ago "C'mere, ya big bitch..!" sez'Aldo', when he be pullin' off my clothes.. An', honeh, Ijus' let 'im..! Ooohh, yea, babeh..! I dances nekkid, right on there in the hall, while he's puttin' the key in.. He sho' 'nuff know I wanna git dicked..! Jus' like 'Bonita', I wasn't long out th' service, when I let 'Aldo' jus' git me, honeh chile.. He jus' love fuckin' that black ass.. He was on top of me, huggin' an' kissin' an' fuckin' me in th' ass..! In a week, he had me wiigglin' an' gigglin' up an' down, now.. He didn't jus' turn me out; 'Aldo' done sho' 'nuff turned me 'bitch', honeh.. I was now, 'Afro He-bitch'..! Yea, an' 'Aldo' liked to watch, when lil' 'Louie' an' me sit, watchin' tv.. I was wearin' a robe, an' 'Louie''d slide his hand in, an' I'd be nekk 3 thumbsdown 2 flag reply Reply

blankuser BONITA NEGRA' - 63 months ago I met 'Aldo' when I was 19, just out the service.. Yea, honeh, he was lookin' at me, an' I smiled at him, makin' a kissin' gesture.. It was kinda crowded, but, 'Aldo' saw it, baby! He was stocky, really sronr lookin', an' jus' a little shorter than me.. Lawd! Hreally had my number! He knew how to get to me, and, get at me.. I jus' knew I was gonna let him git me..! "'Aldo' Stop that!", I'd say, when he'd put a cold glass on my shirt, gittin' nipples hard.. Lawd, he took my 6-foot ass an' made a lil' 'girl' outa me, honeh chile..! Sometimes, I think 'aldo' made 'Rube', my 'hubby', suck his big dick..! The did meet, after 'Aldo' took me upstairs, an' got me nekkid, honeh.. Ooohh..! Honeh, 'Aldo' came up to where I was stayin', an' jus' sexually used me, 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 63 months ago While I was in the Navy, the ship I was on near a Turkish militart facility in that country.. Where, I won't tell you.. I and several others were detatched to a Turkish military unit, and, that's how I got to be attracted to Turks who were gay.. They seemed to spot me, and seven other guys, right away..! I didn't get to see much of that country, but, I had fun, just the same.. "Your skin, it is so smooth," this guy, an officer, said, with his hand in my shirt.. Our uniforms seemed to consist of our dungarees, with nos skivvie shirt, and sneakers without socks.. This one American sailor, a redhaired Texan, dressed the way I was, said, "There's this guy, who looks like a wrestler, who's comin' on to me..!" This kid, "Flowers', was about my age, tittered, wh 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 63 months ago The music was playin., an', me an' 'Tiger' had on jus' our bathrobes, dancin' slow, honeh.. I'm taller, but, Lawd, 'Tiger' is jus' so strong..! Chile, we gits nekkid, after we's huggin' an' kissin'.. "I jus' want you, baby," 'Tiger' says; an' says, "Le's git on th' bed, honeh chile.. Le's git on th' bed..!" Chile, 'Tiger' gits me on that bed, and fucks me in th' ass..Honeh, I seen how we looks in th' mirror, wiit' him on top, fuckin' my girlie black ass.. It look so good, him on top, an' lovin' me good.. White-on-black sex.. I loves it, baby..! Ooohh, I loves it..! I done turned queer, when I was eleven, when this man took me off in his car, to what was a motel.. We took off all our clothes, an' he do it to me.. It hurt, yea, but, I liked it.. He was a wh 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 63 months ago I was acting black an' bitchy, telling 'Hadji' that I might be in love with another guy.. He's big, strong, and queer for me..! I was swishing and sashaying, wearing this robe 'Yousef' had given me.. 'Hadji' got mad'real mad..! I almost forgot how strong he is..! He waswearin' just a pair of shorts, and, even if he's short, he literally ripped that robe off me, stripping me naked..! I was scared, but. I had a big, hard dick, baby..! OOOHHH..! "You're not gonna dream of 'Yousef'..!", he raged.. And that's when 'Hadji' took my long, tall, black, girlie ass, in a room with big mirrors, an' jus' kissed me, an' fucked me.. "Yer mine, ya nellie bitch..!" he said, while he fucked me in the ass.. "Y'like it now, y'big bitch..!" Yes..! I loved it..! Ooohh, Lawd.. 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' - 63 months ago 'RUBE' had some kind of business deal going with 'Aldo', who's part-owner of a queer joint we love going to.. Since I was a kid in the service, 'Aldo''s been coming on to me, and, after a few weeks, I jus' let him, chile..! Mmm, yea..! There's picture over the bar, showing 'Aldo''s big, strong an' hairy hands, grabbin' on my black ass.. Anyway, 'Aldo' comes over, an' while he an' 'Rube' is talkin', I comes in, an' comes swishin' in, wearin' real tight jeans, an' sayin', "Hello, boys.." I'm one hot, black, he-bitch, honeh.. Yea, an' 'Aldo', honeh..; he flicks that big tongue out, when 'Rube' ain't lookin' Ol' 'Rube', he talkin' 'bout fuckin' a sheep back home, an' 'Aldo', he jus' feelin' my ass, now.. Once, he brought his main man, 'Betrano',over.. Well, 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 63 months ago Was trying to be faithful to 'Hadji', who I, like, 'married'.. But, me and 'Yousef' can't seem to stay away from each other! "Stop it, 'Yousef'..!", I tell him; "Stop it..!" I'm in a gay bar 'Hadji' told me not to go to, and 'Yousef' is got, honey..! Ever since I got fucked in the ass, when I was real young, it's been that way.. I can't resist 'yousef', and he knows it, too.. "Yer comin' wit' me," he says, an' I says, "I won't..! I won't..!" By now, we're at his place, and by the time we step out of the elevator, I'm butt naked, honey..! I'mdancing down the hall with a big, raging hard on, wiggling my black ass, baby..! I don't care, now.. Once we're inside, 'Yousef' puts on some harem music, and gets undressed.. Lawd, I'm really hot for 'Yousef', and he's 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 64 months ago I really am a cheatin' bitch, babeh.. But, I did catch my sweet man, 'Tiger', fuckin' 'Bonita Negra'.. Yea, I caught 'em, nekkid in th' bed, an' 'Tiger', he jus' fuckin' that black ass, chile..! There was this Russian' named 'ivan', who 'Kissie' told me about.. Well, I met him, an' he's a real bull of a man, honeh..! We's at his place, an' we on th' couch, an' he's kissin' me. an' tonguin' me..! I try to stop him, but, he's so strong..! An', I'm laughin', 'cause he's almost go my clothes off.. "Le's dance, you an' me", he says. Lawd! H done got my pants off, an', soon enough, we's dancin', butt nekkid together, chile.. I'm a big ol' screamin' queen, so's I runs in th' bedroom, an' he's got me on that bed, an' we's fuckin', honeh..! Yea, there we is, nekki 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser KISSIE' - 64 months ago As much as I love 'Hadji', whom I've 'married', because of 'Yousef', I'm a cheatin', black he-bitch.. Yousef, he gits me to come and go to his place, where we make out.. I try and tell Yousef that I'm 'Hadji's 'wife'.. But thatdidn't stop him from pullin' off my clothes, an' honeh, I jus' let him.. 'Yousef' who's strong and hairy-chested, like 'Hadji', got me on that bed, an' jus' fucked my black ass.. There we was, nakde in the bed an' 'Yousef' is on top, just loving me, an' fuckin' me in the ass.. Well, they got me, now.. I live with 'Hadji', whom I love.. But, 'Yousef', my 'husband''s business partner, I lust for.. Both of 'em get me negligees, that are white, black, pink, and red.. Oh, once I get behind closed doors, I become a big, nellie, black, 'scr 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'KISSIE' - 64 months ago His name was'Hadji', from somewhere in Turkey..It was love& lust at 1st sight, at a gay bar in town.. 'Hadji' was of medium height, a broad, hairy cest and arms, but immensely powerful, and, very, very attracted to me.. I'm a long, tall, black 'African queen', over six feet, and I love sex with males, especially European, gay men.. We danced together, and, if can say so, 'Hadji' was really aggressive, sexually.. After over 3 months, 'Hadji' and me was in love..!We went home together, and got naked, and made some love, dearie..!Every other weekend, since wee started living together, I do a striptease, and I dance, butt naked, for 'Hadji', my love, and some of his friends from the old country, who're gay.. Oh, I jus' love dancin' up an' down, butt naked, wit 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'BONITA NEGRA' - 64 months ago 'Ruben', my 'hubby', had put on some funky soul music, while we danced around, both of us, butt nekkid, honeh..A' 'Ruben' had a skinny switch, whuppin' my ass..! "How ya like it, baby..!", he said, with his big dick on the hard, an' jus' whuppin' my black ass..! "It hurt so good, 'Daddeh'..!", I was sayin', wit' my big, long, black dick on th' bone; "OOOHH,'DADDEH..! IT HURT SO GOOD..!" Yea, I was a long, tall, submissive, black, nellie bitch, honeh.. 'Rube' found out 'bout me an' Tiger' gittin' down.. Now, he was 'punishing' nellie black ass.. Iwas wearin' a blue fishtail shirt-nuthin' else! 'Cuz 'Ruben', he done locked up all my clothing, so I couldn't go out, and be a cheatin' 'wife', honeh.. 1 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser THE 'CONQUERED' - 64 months ago I was 18, home on leave from the Navy, when this guy, 'Honesto', took me to his place, and we got to know each other.. He started rubbing my knee, and, strangely, I liked it..! 'Ya ever wanna be a girk..?' he said, and I started giggling' just like a teenage girl..! 'here', he said, handing me, what looked like a woman's housecoat.. 'C'mon, put it on..' Well, I did.. Isat next to him, crossed my legs, feeling my dick getting really hard...! "Say, you got a big dick..!", Honesto says, pinching my nipples, and, playing with my big, long, black dick.. "I MAKE YOU MY 'GIRL'," he said, when we were making out.. "Le's git nekkid..!" I said, 'cause I was gettin' hot; "Ohh, I wanna git nekkid..!" 'Honesto' was on top of me, fuckin' me in th' ass, for the first tim 1 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'THE CONQUERED' - 64 months ago I was living with this guy, called 'Boswell', or 'Bosey', as his 'little queer shack job', an' lovin' it, honey..! 'bosey', who I was in the Navy with, found me out.. Looked me up when I got out, and we started 'shackin' up' together.. Strong, big, hairy arms, hairy-chested, and, a big thick, hairy dick.. Hbought me some undies, and said, 'Yer gonna be my 'she-boy', baby,,!' Sometimes, 'Bosey' an' me, would go dancing at some gay bar, or he'd take me for a drive, and that'd be fun.. We'd get naked, and he'd fuck me, while cars, buses, and trucks whzzed by.. And, you know they saw us, butt naked, with him on top, fuckin' me in th' ass..! 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'AFRO HE-BITCH' - 64 months ago Me an' some friends, Bonita Negra', 'Miz Barry', an' some others, was runnin' 'round the house, jus' queenin' it up, honeh chile..! Yea, me an' 'Bonita' was gon' do 'lesbian' sex, when these guys came over.. One of us 'African Queens', 'Miz Tillie', had them come over an' 'invade' us.. I kne 'Pedro' an' 'Tigre', honeh.. Oh, we 'resisted', as much as we could, sayin', 'oohh, stop..!', when hey danced with us, an' started takin' off our clothes.. 'Ooohh, stop..!, 'Miz Tillie' said, when 'Pedro' stripped him, butt nekkid..! As for me an' 'Tigre', well, honeh, I jus' let 'im..! We was kissin' while we was dancin' nekkid; and, then, 'Pedro' started fuckin' 'Miz Tillie' in th' ass, right there, in th' middle of th' livin' room, all of us, watchin', honeh.. Ooo 1 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'THE CONQUERED' - 64 months ago Even if I am over 6 feet, and did a lot of martial arts, I'm a big, nellie femme, and some men do have a sexy hold on me.. There was that 'Russian', who 'raped' me, at a party, some time ago.. Well, he caught up with me, andjust took me to his place.. I was scared, but, I wanted to go.. We got inside, I kicked off my sandals, and he took off his shirt, coming towards me.. I started backing up, and taking off my clothes.. I was scared, really scared..! But, my big, black dick was so hard..! We were butt nekkid, when he chased me into the bedroom, shut the door, honeh, he jus' put all that big, Russkie dick to me..! Once again, he was raping' me, an' I jus' let him, baby..! Mmm, yea..! I could see us in the mirror; him on top, jus' fuckin' me in th' ass, an' 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser THE 'CONQUERED' - 64 months ago At first, I didn't quite like him.. Yet, I go with him, 'cause he's got this video, a gay porn video, where this sexy black guy's gettin' fucked, after the guy sucks his big dick.. 'C'mon,' he says, after we make out a little. Well, he can sure kiss, man.. On the bed, 'Ivan', that's his name, puts these ladies' undergarments on the bed, and steps away.. Oh, damn..! That gets to me..! Ooohhh..! I go crazy, when I see that stuff.. 'Ivan' shuts the bedroom door, I strip, and, I can't wait to put it on.. Ohh..! I got on these black thongs, to hold my big, long, black dick.. Now, I'm really turned on, cuz I feel so nellie an' girlie.. So, right there in front of 'Ivan', I start strippin' an' dancin' around, butt naked, honey.. Soon, me and 'Ivan' are naked in th 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser 'THE CONQUERED' - 64 months ago It was a wild weekend, an' I was dancin' up a storm, baby.. Me, and 2 other 'African' queens were dancin' an' 'queenin' ' it up, when these 3 guys, I'll call, Pedro', 'Tigre', an' 'Nacho', started coming on to us 3.. After dancin' with us, one of them, 'Nacho', said,'Wot j'ou do f' kicks..?' We started gigglin', 'cause we knew we were gonna give it up, baby.. They were hot..! Later, we paired off, and I went home with 'Nacho', baby..! Ooohh, daddy..! What a man! 'Nacho' had me suckin' his big dick, after I did a sext striptease for him. Soon enough, he was on top, fuckin' my hot, black ass.. Yea, he had me in that bed, calling me 'Lolita' and 'Dulcita Negra', while he fucked me in the ass.. That next weekend, 'Nacho' turned my ass out, honey..! 'Nacho' ha 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser AFRO HE-BTCH - 64 months ago My lil' Spanish pimp an' me gits nekkid, an', my 'husband' watched while he was fuckin' me in th' ass, using me like a woman.. My 'hubby' was jackin' off like mad, while that lil' pimp fucked my hot, black ass, after I'd sucked his big dick.. After my lil' pimp left, me and my 'hubby' was dancin' nekkid, while he spanked me, 'cuz I was a big, naughty, black, he-bitch..! It hurt so good..! My big, long, black'd git hard, when he whupped me.. Then, we'd git in th' bed, an' he fuck me hard, an' lovin' me good..! 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser THE 'CONQUERED' - 64 months ago My 'husband' and me was loking at this video, and he had me suckin' his big, hairy dick, and then, he fucked me in the ass.. Sometimes, he call me 'Lola Falana', honey..! Yea, I'm a big, sexy, black he-bitch, who loves to be conquered sexually.. 1 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser AFRO HE-BITCH.. - 65 months ago I loved it..! Tha's how me and my lovah man git down, honeh..! Oh, we hug 'n' kiss.. Then we gits nekkid, an' he jus' mouth-fucks me, with his big, thick, Russian dick..! An' he fucks me, babeh..Jus' like on that video.. We's 'married', but, his skinny, Spanish friend made me his 'ho, babeh.. An', I love it, honeh..! Yea, I gives it up, jus' like he's doin.. After my lil' Spanish 'pimp' fucks me, I goes home to my lovah man, 'cause I'm his 'wife', now babeh.. Oh he 'spanks' me 'cause I'm a naughty, black he-bitch..! Ooohh..! I got 2 lovers and I'm 'married', too, honeh..! Yea, I puts on some tight jeans, or some white, tight shorts, some make-up, an' a turban, an' my lil' 'pimp' took me over to this lil' Japanese guy's place, an' watch him fuck me.. An' 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply

blankuser the conquered.. - 65 months ago It reminds me of my accepting that Ilove sex with males.. I love interracial gay sex.. I'd love to've been on the receiving end; I'm a big, 6-foot, nellie femme, just lovin' it, when a hot, sexy white guy's fuckin' me..! I was just 18, home on leave from the Navy, when this Mexican guy and me got naked, and he fucked me in my hot young black ass..! AFter the 3rd time, I loved it, just like the black guy, getting fucked.. That's me, big strong, black, and totally submissive..I love being conquered, sexually.. My lover's friend, a Russian, I think, tore my nitie off and 'raped' me.. Well, sorta.. My lover was butt naked, jacking off, while his friend was fucking me in the ass,,And, I loved it..! Later, he and I 'divorced', when he came home, and caught me, a 0 thumbsdown 1 flag reply Reply

blankuser jrod_bc - 21 months ago White on Black is so hot! It's hot to see the roles reversed ;-)~ 0 thumbsdown 0 flag reply Reply